Mosaic Tiles


Mosaics are very small tiles, usually less than 35cm2. Mosaics can be glazed or unglazed and made from porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone.

A popular way of adding the wow factor to any room is to add a feature wall. Whilst people usually opt for a stylish wallpaper, or just a different colour and some form of decoration, a more unique and eye-catching design can be created using tile mosaics.

Creating a design with tiles is a great way of making a room look original and artistic, as well as giving it that personal touch. Tiles-Direct stock a huge range of mosaic tiles in many different colours and materials. Make your room shine with a mosaic of coloured glass tiles, be glamorous and stylish with stunning pearls and pebbles. The quartz range will put stars in your eyes with tiles that sparkle, and the selection of strip mosaic tiles will show off your eye for contemporary design.

Tiles-Direct can provide you with all the tiles you need to create your own unique design and make your room, whichever room it may be, unique, stylish and truly your own.

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