November 2014

Some of our Natural Stone Tile Ranges

For many of our customers, there’s really nothing that ticks all the right boxes quite like classic stone tiling with little to no embellishment. Some prefer a wooden effect and for others it’s about going as sparkly as possible – there is however always a place for understated beauty and a generally stripped-back overall design aesthetic. Of course, at the same time there’s also much to be said for bright colours, bold finishes and creative design elements. That’s precisely why we’ve assembled a genuinely diverse collection of natural stone floor... Read More

Our Expanding Range of Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

We’ve assembled a truly outstanding range of anti-slip floor tiles designed to enhance the aesthetic dynamic of any room while reducing slips and trips. Each product across the range has been designed to minimise unwanted movement of furniture, fixtures and all soft furnishings, while providing maximum grip underfoot. Kosmos Matt Tiles   One of the most popular ranges of all within our anti-slip collection is our Kosmos Matt Tiles range. Interior design trends have been shifting towards a minimalist, raw and generally unspoilt vibe for years – industrial Kosmos Matt... Read More