December 2014

A Few of Our Natural Stone Tile Ranges

We’ve invested a serious amount of time and effort in the creation of a Natural Stone Tiles range that’s uniquely rich, varied and diverse. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated to underscore a classic interior décor theme or something altogether more outrageous, we’ve got the floor and wall tiles to suit. Of course, the very best effects of all can often be achieved by getting creative with a combination of the two – nothing sets off our brightest and boldest stone tile collections quite like a careful contrasting... Read More

Our Latest Wood Effect Tile Ranges

We’re often asked which makes the better flooring choice – wood or tiles. Unsurprisingly, we’re somewhat biased toward the tiling but at the same time do fully appreciate the incredible natural beauty of wood. That’s precisely why we’ve put together one of the UK’s most exquisite collections of wood effect tiles which are fully suitable anywhere across the home for flooring and walls alike. The timeless beauty of wood with the unrivalled strength and ease of maintenance only high-quality tiles allow for – it really is a combination that’s hard... Read More

Our Colourful Quartz Tiles

There are certain types of tiles which when used as floor and wall coverings simply scream good taste. Some tiles are timeless, while others come and go as trends dictate – it is of course the former group that’s always the more desirable. As far as we’re concerned, there are few types of tiles ever produced that are quite as magnificent as Quartz Tiles. Although quartz tiles are still a relatively new product, they bring genuine luxury in the 21st century, and are a centrepiece for any room in their... Read More