July 2016

Wall Tiles on a Budget

Whether you’re updating your home this summer or refitting a buy-to-let, redecorating shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. With a surge of dab-handed DIYers heading to the hardware store, the nation is realising that a little bit of TLC goes a long way. Avoid those hefty handyman fees and try out a spot of home improvement for yourself. From doing the work yourself to sourcing competitively-priced kitchen wall tiles, it couldn’t be easier to save some pennies on your interior design project. There’s no need to compromise on quality either,... Read More

Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Hacks, Courtesy of Reddit

Interior design can be an expensive business. From complementary furniture sets to lighting solutions and durable flooring, the costs of creating your dream home can really stack up. Thankfully, online communities across the globe are helping homeowners design and decorate their property on a shoestring by getting creative and cutting corners – all without compromising on quality. Resourceful as ever, Reddit has a bundle of budget-friendly home improvement ideas – covering everything from walls and floors to upcycled furniture and economical paint jobs. We’re sharing some of our favourite tips... Read More

Laura Ashley at Tiles-Direct

We are pleased to announce that we are stockists of the Laura Ashley tiles at Tiles-Direct. Laura Ashley have recently come out with beautiful designs that are certain to complement any floor. Laura Ashley tiles by BCT are a great way to finish off your tile projects as they add class, character and elegance to one’s room. We currently have a new range which has been introduced. The tiles have been an extremely popular choice amongst our customers. Mr Jones collection Wicker collection These tiles come in a range of... Read More

Interior Inspiration: Breathe Life Back into Your Bathroom Design

Whether you’re a first time buyer or just looking for some design inspiration, today’s blog post has you covered. Often one of the most neglected rooms in the house, we’re going to take you through why showing your bathroom a touch of TLC can make all the difference to the ambience in your home. From making the most of small spaces to putting safety first, we’re armed with an array of bathroom design ideas to help you create a space you’ll love – as well as tips for ways to... Read More

Treating Your Bathroom to Travertine Tiles

The decadent charm of the subtle mottled look you get with natural stone makes travertine tiles an idyllic option for interior decor. This limestone based tile is formed in geothermal pools and hot springs across the globe – but predominantly in South America and Asia. Italy has also been a principle supplier of travertine stone throughout history – where travertine was used in the ancient world for the construction of Rome’s world-famous Colosseum. The origin of the stone and the warm beiges of the minerals gives travertine warm and rural... Read More

Go Glossy With Polished Porcelain Tiles

For a home that’s glamorous and gleaming, polished floor tiles can add a touch of sparkle. From dramatic piano-black porcelain to contemporary crisp white, going glossy is as stylish as it gets. The reflective properties of a glossed sheen creates the illusion of space in any room – transforming your home into a lavish paradise. Whatever your decor, the immaculate shine of gloss tiles is sure to brighten up any kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Opting for polished porcelain floor tiles is often recommended in busy homes, due to its versatility... Read More

Slate, Ceramic and Anti-Slip: Finding Kitchen Floor Tiles

A beautiful home is high on many people’s agendas – but while a visually appealing interior can be attractive, what about practicality? The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has reported that most accidents within the home occur when under 5s and over 65s are vulnerable to trips and falls. In hectic households, it’s easy to see how these accidents can happen – meaning that putting preventative steps in place is more than worthwhile. But can we really have a safe home without compromising the interior aesthetic? In today’s... Read More