Style Secrets: Making an Impact With Unique Floor Tiles

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Whether you’re redecorating in preparation for the festive period or putting your personal stamp on a new property, interior design choices should always reflect your creative flair. From choosing colour schemes that suit your personality to opting for a distinctive floor that commands attention, it couldn’t be easier to be bold in a home of your own.

In today’s post, we’re celebrating the latest style secrets in interior design as we highlight some of the most unique and creative flooring options out there. From adding a vibrant twist on shabby-chic flooring to using intricately detailed tiles in the home, we’re bringing you an array of exclusive ideas for creating an iconic feature on your floor.

Make old meet new

A primary colour palette may not be the obvious choice for interior designers who are looking to make an impact, but opting for these key colours alongside distressed wood will create the perfect combination of antique elegance in a contemporary home. Brightly coloured wood effect floor tiles will make a bold statement in any room, and are an ideal choice for those busy domestic areas. For bright floors, let the colour do the talking and opt for an anti-slip, matt finish to ensure practicality.

Inject glitz and glamour

If you’re looking for ways to add a touch of luxury to your home, experiment with luxurious quartz tiles. Whether you opt for bright white, bold black or royal blue, style and sophistication will always go hand in hand with these classy kitchen floor tiles – and they’re a guaranteed talking point for when guests come to visit.

Create a work of art


When it comes to decorating your interior, designers argue that art should be incorporated into a room, rather than being limited to the wall space. From embellishing the floor with a brightly coloured mosaic to opting for intricately patterned ceramics, creating a work of art on the floor is sure to make your home stand out – and won’t take up any valuable space. The extensive range of intricate designs make porcelain floor tiles an eye-catching choice for the most opulent homes, and the subtle tones are sure to complement an array of iconic aesthetics.

Are you ready to make an impact in your interior design project? Whether you opt for an iconic mosaic or the elegance of hexagonal white floor tiles, adding drama to your room couldn’t be easier with decorative floor tiles.

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