How to: Welcome Spring With a Garden Update

As the daffodils begin to bloom and the sun begins to sneak out, one of the first places you should look to offer a welcome design update to is your garden. The place you’re most likely to visit in the coming months as the weather gets warmer, your outdoor space can often be one of two things; a beautiful paradise of calm, or a living nightmare of unfinished jobs and clutter.

To help you enjoy your garden by treating it to a well-deserved makeover this spring, we’ve brought together a selection of tips and easy garden ideas sure to spruce up your space. From tidying techniques to plant and paving coordination, with our help, you’ll have an outdoor area you can find solace in – providing you with a beautiful and peaceful place to relax.

flower bed of daffodils in garden
Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

Tidy your space

Inevitably, a tidy space will translate to a tidy and peaceful mental attitude. Therefore, one of the first things you should look to consider when updating your garden is to create a clean and organised area that will allow you to decorate it as you like.

This can be done by trimming down any overhanging branches from trees or nearby bushes, and using moulded plastic edging (available to buy from most garden stores) to help create a clean streamlined frame for your garden. Additionally, for those of you working with a slightly smaller area, consider laying large floor tiles specifically made for the outdoors, that’s sure to create an increased sense of space while remaining neat and requiring little upkeep.

Create a seated area

Ahead of the summer months, a seated area outside will provide you with a place to relax and reflect while soaking up some sun. Whether you’re looking to revamp existing furniture or are thinking of acquiring some for the first time, creating a seated area suited to your individual needs should definitely be on your agenda.

To do this, think about how much space you’ll need to use, prepping your foundations ready for furniture to sit on top. For example, for those of you wanting to build a small snug area by using a hanging chair or bean bags, you might consider warm-toned terracotta tiles that will create a cosy atmosphere in your garden. Contrastingly, for larger areas where space isn’t a problem, don’t hesitate to go all out with seating – using benches, tables and food preparation areas sat on top of busier, more decorative tiles to add a fun touch to your garden design. You could even carve our your own cosy covered seated area with a quirky garden cabin that’s beautifully finished with tiled floors, armchairs and soft furnishings galore.

Coordinate your plant pots and ornaments

Your garden design shouldn’t lack imagination – quite the opposite in fact. Instead, you should look to coordinate any smaller decorative items in your garden with each other, to tie in your streamlined, spring aesthetic. This can be done with plant pots, lighting features and garden ornaments either made from similar materials or in complementary colours, to add a thought-through element of design into every corner of your garden.

Ensure, therefore, that you make use of old jam jars, planting white flowers in them and coordinating this with solar-powered glass lights that will look gorgeous in spring and summer evenings. Contrastingly, why not lay naturally coloured tiles like those in our Slate Natural range that will match both the earthy colours in your garden and the clay plant pots dotted around your space?

Spring means it’s one step closer to summer – giving you the opportunity to make the most out of your garden. So, with a bit of preparation and appropriate levels of TLC, we’re sure you’ll be able to create a garden made for lounging in. For more information on how we could help you create the garden you’ve always dreamed of with our vast selection of tiles, get in touch with us today!

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