4 Bright and Airy Kitchen Updates

Arguably, the most important component of a warm and well-decorated home is the light available in the space – ultimately, the more of this there is, the more comfortable and enjoyable your home becomes as a result. As the room in your home you’re likely to spend long periods of time in – either preparing food for your family or making warm, consoling drinks for friends – when it comes to creating a bright atmosphere in your home, your kitchen shouldn’t be neglected. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to inject a burst of brightness into your cramped space or you’re thinking about adding some light to your gloomy room at the back of your house to create an airy aesthetic, in this blog post, we’ll help you tackle dark and dismal kitchen spaces with 4 easy interior updates.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Consider your lighting

Lighting has the ability to create a comforting and happy atmosphere in your home and by emphasising the natural lighting in your kitchen, you’ll be able to make your entire room look brighter and more airy as a result. To do this, first look to reorganise your furniture – ensuring there is nothing obstructing your source of natural light, allowing it to reach all corners of your kitchen.

For those kitchen areas that suffer from a lack of natural light, consider adding artificial light sources throughout your room where possible. Whether this means adding LED strips under your cabinets to bounce light off your polished worktop, or requires you to place wall lights against white wall tiles such as these gorgeous Gloss White Wall Tiles to direct your attention to the brightness at eye-level, there are plenty of things you can do to add light to your kitchen.

Incorporate shiny surfaces throughout

Following on from our above point, when it comes to creating a beautiful sense of brightness in your kitchen, choose shiny surfaces that will reflect any light and open up your spaces – creating an airy feel as a result. It’s crucial you pay attention to all types of surfaces – from your kitchen accessories to your floors. Firstly, start with your floors, where we’d recommend using beautifully polished floor tiles to really maximise the light and brightness in your room – this is particularly important in smaller kitchen areas where reflective surfaces have the ability to create an illusion of space.

Once you’ve considered your foundations, it’s time to look to the finer details by swapping out your existing matte taps, cupboard door handles and light switches in favour of shiny, metallic copper styles. These types of little changes will serve as a reflective focal point and design statement that will immediately create touches of brightness in your room.

Keep it simple and streamlined

When it comes to creating an airy, open space (no matter the size of the room you’re working with!) removing clutter and keeping your kitchen as simple as possible is key. This might require you to get rid of clunky cabinets that make your space appear smaller than it is – instead, swapping them for streamlined floor-to-ceiling fitted units that create a tidy, more spacious look.

In addition to this, consider using open shelving to really create an element of space in your kitchen. Paired with classic metro wall tiles, open shelving will negate the need for chunky storage units and will create a brighter more open aesthetic as a result. 

Refresh your colour palette

Lastly, but arguably most obviously, is refreshing your colour pallette – after all, the colour you choose will have the ability to alter your mood each time you step foot into your room. For small spaces, concentrate on cool white walls and ice white ceilings that are sure to enhance the overall feeling of height and space in your room, lifting your mood as a result.

For larger kitchen spaces, don’t be afraid to get creative – using yellows and oranges in chalky, matte finishes to create a more relaxed and summery feel to your room. To complement these striking tones, opt for timeless wood effect tiles in a lighter colour that will blend the warm yellow and oranges together to create an overall bright, summer aesthetic.
When it comes to redesigning your kitchen for a light, bright and airy atmosphere, creating a timeless interior that will make you enjoy using one of the most practical rooms in your home is essential. So, by using the above 4 tips we hope you’ll be able to achieve your ideal kitchen design. For more information about how we can help you with your tiling in your kitchen renovation, get in touch with us today!

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