Home is Where the Art is: Brits’ Lockdown Interior Renovations Revealed

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a strange year, but it hasn’t stopped us from getting stuck into some home renovations. In fact, the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have seen many homeowners taking on DIY projects across the globe.

But we wanted to look a little closer to home and share insights on some of the priority renovation projects UK homeowners have taken on in 2020 – along with some of the most popular tile shapes, colours, materials and finishes that have dominated this year.

To do this, we donned our investigative hats and dived head-first into our very own site search data to reveal which tile searches were top of the list. We also carried out an independent survey with over 400 respondents across the UK to discover which areas of the home have been the focus of interior design updates throughout 2020. The results are in, and it’s time for the big reveal…

The great outdoors prevails

lockdown house renovations

With (the first) nationwide lockdown lasting from 16th March to 1st June, it will come as little surprise to know that garden updates were top of the list for cooped-up homeowners. From embracing the ‘grow your own’ vibe to creating stylish outdoor spaces for working, relaxing and exercising, it seems that making the most of time outdoors has been a significant priority in 2020.

Living room renovations came in a close second, though, with living room related searches also being among the most commonly searched interior-based keywords in Google this year. This could be down to people wanting to revamp their relaxation space or to create a more flexible living space for work and play. Striking this balance isn’t always easy, but we have a few living room design tips if you need a nudge in the right direction.

Next on the DIY agenda were bedrooms and kitchens, followed by bathrooms and dining rooms. While these may not be top of the list, this data suggests we’ve been placing less focus on social hubs like dining rooms in favour of rooms that emphasise hygiene or have the ability to double up as home working spaces.

Pink is the new black

searches for tile colour

We also delved into our site search data for 2020 to identify what the Tiles Direct community have been looking for when it comes to tile colours, shapes and materials, and the results are revealing to say the least.
Colours threw up some surprises, with homeowners opting for bright and vibrant over timeless and traditional, with pink tiles topping the list. Having become a hot kitchen interior trend in 2020, it seems many of you weren’t afraid to explore how pink hues can work in your own kitchen.

Whipping interiors into shape

tile shape searches

As far as shapes go, it appears you have a lust for less conventional options like herringbone tile patterns and hexagonal designs, although the trusty retro metro tile is still a solid contender in third place. To find out how to use these quirky shapes to create different looks and perspectives with your walls and floors, check out this blog post.

Finishing touches

tile material and finish searches

Finally, we took a look at which materials and finishes were at the top of your 2020 wish list. The results are in, showing that luxurious longevity was the name of the game when it came to materials and finishes – with marble tiles taking the number one spot.

Followed by terrazzo, quarry, slate and wood, these results show you were on the hunt for classic interiors able to add a sense of luxury and natural beauty to your living space.

So, there you have it – the top home renovation areas of 2020 and a breakdown of the most in-demand tile options of the year. If you need any more inspiration, our blog is packed full of helpful update ideas, the latest tiles trends, installation tips and so much more.

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