Caring for Outdoor Tiles: A Guide to Cleaning, Re-Grouting & More

Tiled outdoor hallway and archway with plants

Hardwearing, versatile and durable are just a few adjectives you could use to explain why you should choose porcelain outdoor tiles for beautifying outdoor spaces – be that a patio, barbecue area or pathway. But, if you want to be sure your investment stands the test of time, it pays to show them a little TLC once in a while – and luckily for you, we’ll be sharing our top tips in this compact care guide for outdoor tiles.

From cleaning outdoor tiles to regrouting tiles and more, with our top insights, you’ll know exactly how to keep your outdoor tiles looking pristine for longer.

The easy, everyday clean

The good news is that tiled areas are typically quicker and easier to clean than other porous paving slabs and you don’t need to use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners or even a pressure washer to achieve a stunning finish.

Most outdoor tiles are treated with a porcelain tile sealer that boosts their already low-water-absorption, frost-resistant and stain resistant properties – delivering a durable and long-lasting outdoor flooring or wall solution. However, the wrong cleaning practices and products can affect the longevity of your tiles.

When it comes to cleaning outdoor tiles, make sure to regularly sweep up dirt and debris, following up with a mop and warm water which will work wonders.

The deep clean

Naturally, over time, some dirt can become difficult to remove with just water, so we’d always recommend a periodic deep outdoor tile cleaning, just as you’d do indoors.

For more stubborn grime, adding some vinegar to your warm water mix should do the trick. The natural acidity of the vinegar should remove anything the mop left behind, without damaging the integrity of the tile’s sealed upper layer.

Another trick for cleaning outdoor tiles is to use a soft-bristle brush to gently dislodge deeply entrenched dirt and grime. With this technique, you should always be careful not to apply too much pressure as you don’t want to scrape or damage the tiles and grout.

Grout care and cleaning

Grout is an essential component for any tiled area – protecting and sealing the tiles from dirt and moisture. But, it’s also a trouble spot for dirt build-up if you’re not careful – leaving tiled outdoor areas with a lacklustre finish.

One of the best ways to clean grout is with a natural cleaning mixture using baking soda, water and vinegar. Gently rubbing the solution in with a toothbrush will get into all the nooks and crannies and once you’ve wiped it away with a sponge and water, you’ll be left with noticeably cleaner grout lines.

Regrouting outdoor tiles

Of course, if your grout appears beyond saving, you can easily give your tiled spaces a new lease of life with a simple regrout! Regrouting tiles is not only visually effective but also a cheaper alternative to relaying the entire space with new tiles – a win-win scenario!

With a few specialist tools and tiling accessories including a grout remover and grout float you can regrout tiles in no time to give them a fresh seal and a striking new look. To ensure you don’t have to regrout tiled areas again any time soon, always make sure you’re using a product that’s designed for outdoor use. You can also prolong their new look further by applying a grout sealer if you want added peace of mind.

City-centre balcony with tiled seating area

There’s no doubt that outdoor tiles bring style and sophistication to outside areas, but with these outdoor tile cleaning and care tips, you can be sure that your tiles are well-equipped to cope with whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

From urban and contemporary to rustic chic, take a look at our complete collection today and let your imagination run wild when it comes to creating the perfect alfresco space using outdoor tiles.

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