Ceramic Tiles

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Floor Tiles For The Festive Season

  Whether you’re redecorating in preparation for the festive period or putting your personal stamp on a new property, interior design choices should always reflect your creative flair. From choosing colour schemes that suit your personality to opting for a distinctive floor that commands attention, it couldn’t be easier to be bold in a home of your own. In today’s post, we’re celebrating the latest style secrets in interior design, as we highlight some of the most unique and creative flooring options out there. From adding a vibrant twist on... Read More


5 Reasons Ceramic Tiles Are Right at Home in Bathrooms

If you’re embarking on a bathroom redesign and wondering where to start when it comes to decorating your walls and floors, say hello to ceramic. This incredibly popular material is used in bathrooms across the globe thanks to a winning combination of practical and aesthetic benefits – and today, we’re taking a look at just some of the many reasons that ceramic tiles are right at home in the bathroom. They’re water resistant Water resistance is an essential quality when it comes to bathroom tiles, due to the naturally wet... Read More

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5 Ways Wall Tiles Are Better Than Paint or Wallpaper

While the relatively low material and labour costs can make paint and wallpaper seem appealing, the chic design and long term benefits mean that time and time again, homeowners are choosing wall tiles to decorate their homes. Whether it’s a home extension or bathroom re-fit, weighing up the costs can make choosing between tiles, paint and wallpaper often seem like a challenge. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re taking a closer look at why and how wall tiles can be a great alternative to paint or wallpaper – so... Read More

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How to Hijack Encaustic Tile Trends in 2017

Let’s take a look at how you can make a statement with encaustic tiles in 2017. What are encaustic tiles? Encaustic tiles typically use two different colours of clay to create patterns on a concrete or ceramic base. Often associated with the Victorian era, encaustic tiles are perfect for creating a high-quality period theme in any home. While they’re most commonly used for flooring, encaustic tiles can also be used to decorate a variety other surfaces throughout the home. Call us on 0113 253 0005 to find out more about... Read More


Around the World in 5 Flooring Design Ideas

Whether you want your flooring to evoke your favourite overseas getaway or simply add an air of sophistication to your home, the world is your oyster when it comes to interior design. From minimalist to exotic, the vast range of available floor tiles can culturally inspire your home. With New Year fast approaching and months of winter still to come, there’s no better time to rejuvenate your home. So, where exactly can floor tiles take your home? France at your feet Arguably the style capital of the world, French interior... Read More

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Light and Airy: Why White Metro Tiles Work

Retro, rustic or really modern – whatever style you’re seeking, metro tiles are sure to crop up time and time again on interior design blogs and moodboards. Unlike traditional tiles, the metro brick style of tile doesn’t follow any rules or fit to any one style. They’re completely versatile – and we can’t get enough of them. This week, we’re celebrating the simplicity of white metro brick tiles in the home. From beautiful bathrooms to captivating kitchens, we’ve put together a compilation of the very best metro interior designs to... Read More

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Popular Metro Tiles In Stock At Tiles Direct

The Metro Brick Duck egg tiles are an extremely popular colour. This colour creates an extremely contemporary look that suits a modern themed home. We have a stunning array of metro brick tiles that are available, and there’ll definitely be one that catches your eye! The metro tiles are suitable for use indoors, typically in kitchens or bathrooms. With the extensive range of colours and sizes in the metro range, feel free to be choosy and order our samples first to see which colour tile compliments your room. The Metro brick... Read More

Ceramic Tiles

  Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles are available plain or decorated and can be used on walls and floors. Most homes will have white tiles in their kitchens and bathrooms, which is very traditional and practical so as to know the areas that are prone to mess, however, more contemporary homes have followed fashion and now display coloured tiles, black tiles and textured tiles. The key has now become finding a design that compliments your taste and is easily maintained.