Natural Stone Tiles

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How to Hijack Encaustic Tile Trends in 2017

Let’s take a look at how you can make a statement with encaustic tiles in 2017. What are encaustic tiles? Encaustic tiles typically use two different colours of clay to create patterns on a concrete or ceramic base. Often associated with the Victorian era, encaustic tiles are perfect for creating a high-quality period theme in any home. While they’re most commonly used for flooring, encaustic tiles can also be used to decorate a variety other surfaces throughout the home. Call us on 0113 253 0005 to find out more about... Read More


Natural Stone Tiles: Bringing the Great Outdoors Inside

There’s nothing better than getting back in touch with nature. After a summer packed full with camping holidays and al fresco dining, the thought of closing the door on the great outdoors is certainly less than appealing. With so much outstanding natural beauty around us, surely there must be a way of incorporating the natural world into the home? In today’s post, we’ll be bringing you the five need-to-knows on how to bring the outside in. From sourcing the natural stone found in Italian hot springs to upcycling old garden... Read More

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The Best Products for Cleaning Your Bathroom Tiles

There’s no time like the present when it comes to tackling that overdue spring clean. The bathroom can often feel like the most daunting room to tackle, and always feels like it’s harbouring dirt and grime. However, when it comes to choosing the right cleaning products for the job, how do you know which ones work best? Using the wrong product can have disastrous consequences too, with harsh chemicals potentially damaging much-loved bathroom surfaces. The nature of busy bathrooms means that the wet conditions are a breeding ground for dust,... Read More


Recent Ledgestone Wall Tiles Additions

The Tiles Direct buying team has been at it again, adding a series of exciting new products to our permanent collection and with the UK’s springtime home improvement enthusiasts in mind! There’s really no better time of the year to be thinking about breathing new life into any or all rooms of the home, with which the perfect tiles from us can be made both a pleasure and a hugely rewarding endeavour. We’ve once again scoured the industry for the most incredibly looking tiles of the highest quality, bringing to... Read More

A Few of Our Natural Stone Tile Ranges

We’ve invested a serious amount of time and effort in the creation of a Natural Stone Tiles range that’s uniquely rich, varied and diverse. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated to underscore a classic interior décor theme or something altogether more outrageous, we’ve got the floor and wall tiles to suit. Of course, the very best effects of all can often be achieved by getting creative with a combination of the two – nothing sets off our brightest and boldest stone tile collections quite like a careful contrasting... Read More

Some of our Natural Stone Tile Ranges

For many of our customers, there’s really nothing that ticks all the right boxes quite like classic stone tiling with little to no embellishment. Some prefer a wooden effect and for others it’s about going as sparkly as possible – there is however always a place for understated beauty and a generally stripped-back overall design aesthetic. Of course, at the same time there’s also much to be said for bright colours, bold finishes and creative design elements. That’s precisely why we’ve assembled a genuinely diverse collection of natural stone floor... Read More

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone products; travertine, limestone, marble, granite and slate are quarried from the earth. Some are extremely hard, and some quite soft. Some may need sealing. Many artistic designs are inspired by nature. This is evident not only in galleries and in fashion, but also in interior design. And whilst using nature for inspiration is effective and can make for some beautiful items, an even better effect can be created using natural resources. These designs don’t have to be limited to furniture and wallpaper. In fact, stone tiles can give a... Read More