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Brazilian Slate Kitchen Tiles

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Looking to transform your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or commercial space into an eye-catching, on-trend interior? Look no further than our range of elegant slate tiles, each tastefully styled with a riven textured finish.

Effortlessly adding character to any space, browse Tiles Direct’s Brazilian slate tile range today for the ideal flooring solution for a range of interior design themes - it’s why we’re your one-stop shop for all things tiles.

Why choose slate tiles?

Combining the powerful aesthetics of natural stone with a refined practicality that makes it perfect for a range of environments, slate floor tiles boast a range of benefits, including:

  • Durability - with inherent durability, slate tiles are highly resistant to cracks, scratches and chips - in fact, slate is one of the strongest natural stone flooring materials available on the market. When properly maintained and sealed, this flooring will last decades in areas that see regular foot traffic without compromising on style or practicality - making slate tiling a timeless flooring option for your home or commercial space
  • Natural beauty - the unique, slightly uneven surface of our Brazilian slate tiles adds distinctive character to any room, with the unquestionable natural beauty of the black and grey colouring seamlessly complementing a range of interior styles. Opt for our slate tiles to add the perfect finishing touch to any room and pull the aesthetic together in a sleek, contemporary and natural manner
  • Versatility - with 30cm x 30xm, 60cm x 60cm and 30cm x 60cm sizes available, our range of slate floor tiles are highly versatile when it comes to application. Opt for larger tiles to create the illusion of extra space, or use smaller tiles for more intricate flooring detail
  • Added value - since slate is considered an upscale flooring material, the installation of slate floor tiles is sure to drive up the market value of your home, should you ever want to sell
  • Heat system adaptable - slate is brilliant for radiating heat, meaning slate flooring will seamlessly complement underfloor heating systems typically found in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms to provide unrivalled practicality

Where to use slate tiles?

By combining high-quality aesthetics with first-class functionality, slate tiles are versatile enough to be used in a variety of rooms, regardless of your existing design theme.

  • Urban appeal - if your interior is all about creating a modern, urban look through the combination of industrial and contemporary design, look no further than our slate tiles. With sleek black and grey colouring and a textured finish, you can easily transform your space into a city-dwelling, studio feel through the simple addition of our slate flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway
  • Monochrome statement - monochrome interiors are all the rage right now, so why not jump on this increasingly popular interior trend by bringing it into your own home? Simply lay our black Brazalian slate tiles as your flooring and contrast with splashes of white around your walls and features for a smooth and elegant interior style 
  • Contemporary slickness - a contemporary, sleek design is all about a focus on minimalism and clean lines. As such, incorporate slate tiles to make a huge impact by introducing seamless statement flooring with block colours and refined character, working in residential and commercial spaces alike. Prioritise simplicity over clutter and let the tiles do the talking

Caring for slate tiles

Slate tiles require very little maintenance and, with the right care, will last a lifetime. To ensure your slate floor tiles are receiving the appropriate level of care, we recommend that you apply two or three coats of sealer when first laying the tiles to prevent the absorption of any liquids and oils. After cleaning, apply a sealant - allowing it to properly soak into the stone before polishing off the excess. This can also pay dividends by enhancing the aesthetics of the stone as well as ensuring its practicality, providing a subtle sheen that emphasises the natural tones in the stone.

When it comes to upkeep, all you really need to do is ensure you’re brushing and mopping your flooring every so often, using a mild detergent to keep the tiles looking as pristine as when they first arrived at your door.

Why choose Tiles Direct?

Here at Tiles Direct, we understand the importance of combining a hassle-free service with the highest quality products. That’s why all of our slate tiles are available in small cut samples - simply order a sample of your chosen tile for just 99p to see how our range will look in your own home before you place a larger order.

If your mind is already made up, be sure to utilise our handy grouting calculator to help you calculate the quantity of tiles you’ll need. With free delivery on all orders over £499 and a price match guarantee to ensure we beat our competitors every time, ordering top-quality tiles straight to your door has never been easier - it’s what we do best.

To find out more about our slate tiles, why not get in touch with our team of experts by giving us a call on 0113 253 0005?