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For homeowners looking to switch up their walls and floors, our stunning range of extra large floor tiles will be ideal. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or updating your hallway design, this stylish and practical tile type can transform any room and add bags of character to your home aesthetic. There are a great number of benefits extra large floor tiles offer beyond their gorgeous appearance, which is why they’re so popular with interior designers and architects.

Create the illusion of space

When it comes to decorating a small space in your home, it can be difficult to prevent the room feeling cramped or claustrophobic. One way to combat this is by using extra large floor tiles to create the illusion of more space. Thanks to a smaller number of grout lines between tiles, the room will instantly feel less cluttered and more airy than it would if you had chosen wooden planks or smaller tiles. Combined with other interior design hacks like a tactical colour palette and carefully placed mirrors, you can make a previously cramped space seem infinitely larger.

Add a sense of luxury to your home

Whether you like a classic, rustic theme or you prefer minimal interiors, it’s plain to see how luxurious extra large floor tiles can make a room look - and, with a wide range of different styles available from Tiles Direct, any space can benefit from this added sense of opulence. In areas like hallways, large Carrara marble-effect tiles can make for a striking yet elegant addition that not only visibly widens the space, but injects class and character into it, too. For your kitchen, large, super white floor tiles can work harmoniously with black wall tiles to create the ultimate modern, monochrome aesthetic. 

With finishes ranging from sleek matt to refined gloss, our range of stylish extra large floor tiles offer a luxury aesthetic for every kind of interior approach, meaning you can achieve an unrivalled opulence in each and every room.

Suitable for any room in the house

From a brand-new bathroom to a cosy conservatory, these tiles fit right at home in any room of the house. This makes them perfect for creating a cohesive visual theme throughout your interior, and means they’re well-suited to open-plan layouts. 

In bathrooms - For a timeless, whitewashed look in your bathroom, installing large white bathroom tiles can provide a great base layer to build upon with colourful accents. What’s more, with durable and slip-resistant qualities, our extra large floor tiles not only provide a stylish bathroom flooring solution, but a practical one too. 

In conservatories and hallways - A large, wood-effect floor tile in a warm shade will deliver pure class without the premium price tag, looking right at home in any conservatory. Alternatively, opt for patterned extra large floor tiles in entrance halls - not only will these brighten up your space, but they’ll also effortlessly withstand the natural wear and tear of muddy shoes and persistent foot traffic. 

In kitchens - As one of the busiest rooms of the home, your kitchen flooring needs to be resilient and easy to clean, making all our extra large floor tiles an ideal option. Additionally, the large surface area of these tiles will really emphasise the spaciousness of an open-plan design, while functionally complementing increasingly popular underfloor heating features. 

In gardens - Tiles may not be your first thought for garden renovation projects, but at Tiles Direct we have a diverse range of practical large format outdoor tiles that are right at home in the garden. Whether you use them for garden walkways, alfresco dining areas or even your driveway, their sizeable profile brings a sleek and stylish finish to any outdoor area. They're also specifically designed to handle the elements, provide a non-slip surface underfoot (even when wet) and give you s hassle-free surface in terms of upkeep, which all goes towards making large format outdoor tiles a solid choice for your garden design.


Great for shops, offices and restaurants

Extra large floor tiles also look impressive in shops, office and restaurants, allowing you to cover a large surface area quicker and more cost-effectively than you could with smaller tile sizes or flooring types. Furthermore, all of our range boasts a refined set of qualities that make them perfect for commercial environments that are subject to high-levels of footfall :

Durable - Our hard-wearing XL format tiles are able to withstand most impact without any damage, making them perfect for regularly busy spaces

Water and stain resistant - Resistant to both water and stains, you can rest assured that the practical and aesthetic qualities of our extra large floor tiles will remain unaffected regardless if they’re being used in commercial toilets or restaurant floors

Easy maintenance - Requiring nothing more than a simple sweep, mop or wipe down to be restored to their original high-quality, our entire range is quick and easy to clean to ensure an efficient and seamless clean-down for any commercial space

Scratch resistant - Thanks to their refined durability, our extra large floor tiles are scratch resistant - meaning they’ll continue to look their best for years to come

Versatility - With a wide range of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find an XL format tile that can be seamlessly incorporated into your commercial space’s interior aesthetic. Furthermore, our XL format tiles can even be used on walls for a contemporary urban style fit for everything from modern offices to sleek, state-of-the-art retail stores

Whether you’re an office architect drawing up new design plans or a restaurateur hunting for the perfect front-of-house flooring, our range of tiles are both stylish and practical - so find your flooring match online today. 

Our online catalogue of extra large floor tiles makes it easy to find a style that suits your space. From cement-look to rustic wood-effect, our large wall tiles and floor tiles are an ideal, cost-effective way to bring character and appeal into a room.

With the option to order a small cut sample for just £1.99, why not order a selection today so you can compare colours and designs before deciding on the right tile for you?