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Scintilla Star Range

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Looking for a statement flooring solution for your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or beyond? Look no further than our Scintilla Star Range. 

Championing the aesthetics of vintage and traditional interiors, these star tiles are made from a durable ceramic and feature an eye-catching, aged star pattern detailed on the surface. 

Why choose Scintilla Star tiles?

  • Unique aesthetics - boasting a quirky aged effect and distinctive star patterning, this range provides a unique aesthetic that’s sure to stand out in any room 
  • Minimal maintenance - made from a strong ceramic, dirt and stains will sit on the surface of the tile, meaning they can be wiped down with ease. For proper maintenance, all that’s required is a regular sweep and mop
  • High practicality - as a popular flooring solution for kitchens and bathrooms, these star tiles boast a refined practicality by complementing underfloor heating systems
  • Durability - thanks to the rigorous ceramic material, these tiles are incredibly tough and difficult to crack. They’re also a lot less prone to scratching than other flooring alternatives

In the kitchen, bathroom and beyond

The star pattern detailing of these unique tiles beautifully complement a range of classic kitchen and bathroom interior approaches, including: 

  • Vintage - inspired by Victorian design, vintage interiors champion, well, vintage aesthetics! This means complementing traditional interior elements with aged patterns and textures. What better way to achieve this than with the Scintilla Star tile range? Use the striking patterns to your advantage as a period-inspired focal point on your floors or, for something truly unique, as a splashback behind appliances, features or countertops
  • Rustic - rustic interiors champion natural look aesthetics, yet leave room to allow each element to shine in its own right. The matt stone finish, combined with an abundance of character, makes these star tiles the rightful star of the show in any rustic approach 
  • Bohemian - the versatility of these star tiles means they’re equally suited to bohemian interiors as they are traditional ones. For eccentric and energetic interior features, look no further than this range, paying particular attention to the high-gloss finish options 

Though these stunning star floor tiles are most commonly homed in the kitchen and bathroom, they’re also a powerful flooring solution for hallways and entrances where first impressions are key. 

A choice of colours, styles and sizes

When it comes to the style of the distinctive surface patterns on these tiles, you have two options. 

Option A is the Star design - available in a range of colours, these tiles boast a central, large star pattern with subtle detailing in each corner. Option B is the Star Pattern design - this features four smaller star shapes placed in a grid formation to give the impression of four tiles within one. 

As a rule of thumb, smaller spaces are better suited to the Star design, whilst larger spaces will better carry the additional grout lines required for the Star Pattern design.

Size options for these square tiles range from 22.5cm x 22.5cm to 45cm x 45cm, with 29cm x 29cm options also available. 

We also stock an abundance of colour options within our Scintilla Star range. Our Star pattern tiles feature geometric detailing, set against a rustic off-white backing, in the following colour options:

  • Blue - inject a sense of tranquility with blue and sapphire options
  • Black - go bold with black and turn your flooring into a statement piece 
  • Olive Green - inject eccentric personality with this eye-catching green
  • Barn Red - fiery and bold, this red is sure to catch the eye every time 

Alternatively, we also stock a range of colour options for our Scintilla Star Pattern designs: 

  • Paprika Orange - vibrant, warm and energetic, bring the colours of Autumn into your interior 
  • Grey - with dark grey detailing set against a lighter grey base, these grey star tiles are perfect for replicating the aesthetics of stone 
  • Sky Blue - the sky blue star tiles utilise the primary blue as a base to place greater emphasis on colour for added effect
  • Night Black - likewise, the night black star tiles feature a black base and white star detailing for an impactful contrast sure to make a statement in any room

Grouting tips

Scintilla’s Star Pattern design features a grid scored into the surface, meaning this will need to be grouted. When done correctly, the grout lines will create the impression of four smaller, separate tiles within one. 

Our top tip here is to use 2mm tile spacers between your tiles to ensure a groutline consistent with the scored line. 

Why Tiles Direct?

Here at Tiles Direct, we believe you never have to compromise on quality or cost. It’s why we have a price match guarantee that ensures you won’t find the star tiles for less anywhere else. 

Struggling to decide on which star pattern, size or colour is right for you? Order a tile sample today for just £1.99. 

To learn more about our dynamic range of star floor tiles, why not give us a call on 0113 253 005 or email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!