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Tiles Direct is your one-stop tiling shop, which means we won’t just help you find the perfect tile for your interior design project - we also have a raft of additional tiling accessories, including Mapei tile grout, to ensure you get a professional and long-lasting finish.

After laying any tiles, you’ll need to choose the right tile grout to help you complete the job and seal your tiles from dirt and moisture - and this is where we can help, too. 

Our selection of Mapei grout options come in a broad spectrum of colours with varying built-in properties to provide you with a versatile tile grout that’s perfect for wall tiles, floor tiles and more. Fast-setting and quick-drying, Mapei grout is ideal for interior or exterior projects, keeping dirt and water at bay, all while providing you with a seamless finish.

Mapei are industry-leading tile grout manufacturers with a focus on delivering high-quality products that are also easy to use, even if you’re a novice tiler. With a diverse range of tile grout options available to buy online, we have everything you need to complete your tiling project and ensure you’re left with a professional-looking finish.

Why use tile grout?

Fixing your tiles in place is just one part of the tiling process. They also need a finishing sealing application to provide them with the best possible protection to ensure they stay in situ and look their best for longer. 

This is where tile grout comes into play, providing a hard and water-repelling barrier against dirt and moisture. Grouting is a key part of the tile installation process. Aesthetically, it provides a beautifully smooth result and adds the finishing touch to your tiling job. Practically, it means you can enjoy long-lasting tiles that perform as they should, rather than becoming damaged by dirt, debris and water over time. If you choose to skip the tile grouting process, it can impact the integrity of the tile adhesive, causing them to come loose and need replacing. 

When it comes to choosing the best grout, Mapei grout offers exceptional flexibility as it can be used to effectively fill in any gaps between tiles, helping you to seal your wall and floor tiles in place once and for all. This high-quality grout option is also designed to dry quickly, meaning that even in busy areas of the home, you won’t need to worry about this space being out of action for too long.

Choosing the best tile grout for the job

All Mapei grouts deliver premium performance, but they aren’t necessarily all equal. Some Mapei tile grouts boast different properties, making them better suited for use in particular environments. 

This means, when choosing the best grout for your tiling project, you’ll need to consider the specific needs of the job. For example, interior decoration projects where you’re concerned with aesthetics alone will likely lead you to choose a different option than that of practical outdoor tile installations. This is because outdoor tile installations will need a grout that’s fully equipped to handle exposure to increased moisture and dirt, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations between the seasons.

For a solid all-in-one grout option, the Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grout boasts excellent water-repelling properties that’s suitable for tile joints of 2mm up to 20mm. It’s also polymer modified, anti-efflorescence and rapid setting - not to mention equipped with anti-mould and drop effect technology, helping to prevent moisture intrusion and erosion over time, wherever you use it. 

Supplied in powder form, Mapei Ultracolor Plus simply requires you to add water and can be a cost-effective solution if you’re tiling larger areas. So, whether it’s kitchen splashbacks, shower enclosures or expansive garden patios, this premium tile grout provides the ideal solution for areas of the home where water is unavoidable.

In areas that may need added protection against stains and chemicals, such as countertops or high-traffic areas, we’d recommend investing in the Mapei Kerapoxy or Mapei Kerapoxy CQ grout. Both tile grouts provide exceptional resistance to acids and boast stress-free cleanability, meaning you can keep your grout lines looking clean and colourful with ease. 

These two-component, 100% solid epoxy grouts deliver a strong sealant that becomes very hard once set and comes equipped with no-shrinkage technology. This means that these ready-mix tile grouts can be applied to gaps up to 10mm, ensuring joints won’t show visible cracks. 

The colours available in this range are resistant to ultraviolet rays, too, so there’s also no concern about fading over time - and the Kerapoxy CQ also features coated quartz, making sure grout retains its original colour when cleaned.

Mapei grout colour chart

Speaking of grout colours, you’ll find our Mapei grouts come in a vibrant array of colours, helping you to find an option that suits your tiling project. Whether you want to colour match or contrast your tile grout against your chosen tiles, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

From silver greys and whites to blues and yellows, our tile grout range delivers a rainbow of colour choices. When it comes to picking the best grout colour for you, it’s important to understand how different colours can impact the overall aesthetic. 

If you want a finished look that delivers a seamless and smooth aesthetic, picking a grout colour that’s a close-match to your tiles is a must. This will guarantee grout lines aren’t an obvious distraction which could potentially impact the perception of the room, making it appear smaller and busy. 

At the other end of the spectrum, using a contrasting tile grout colour can elevate your tiles and make them a more prominent feature. For example, pairing a crisp white metro tile with dark volcano grey or black grout can enhance their definition, making them a striking focal point in any setting.  This principle can also work the other way round, teaming dark tiles with light grout to create funky feature walls and floors with a contemporary edge. 

Of course, with our Mapei grouts you aren’t limited to neutral hues, you can also use colourful shades in creative ways to make your tiles really pop out. From cool space blue and dreamy turquoise to sunny yellow and violet, embrace the beauty of bold grout colours to your heart’s content. 

For those in search of a touch of glam, we even supply a selection of tile grout glitter additives in gold, silver, grey, pink and more. Perfect for giving tiled areas some added sparkle to bounce light around the room, this glitter can be added to your grout mix before you apply. 

If you don’t have a colour preference, or hadn’t realised there were numerous options to choose from, the Mapei grout colour chart below can help you to visualise the different shades before you buy.

How to grout tiles

 Sealing your tiles with grout is a fairly simple process. But it’s a process that needs to be done correctly in order for your grout to do its job properly and protect your tiles for years. So, if you’re new to the grouting game, here are a few essential tips and things you’ll need to get you on the right track. 

What you’ll need to grout tiles

Tile grouting steps

  1. Prep the area: first and foremost, make sure the adhesive has fully dried, then carefully carve out any excess adhesive, tile spacers, dust and other debris between the tile joints, using a vacuum at the final stage to remove as much as possible.
  2. Mix your grout: if you’re using powdered grout you’ll need to mix it with water in a bucket. Shake the bag before emptying it all into your bucket and follow the instructions for mixing to ensure even mix of colour and hardener particles.
  3. Apply the grout: load grout mixture onto your grout float and generously apply it to the gaps between the tiles. Using diagonal and firm strokes across the tile joints, make sure you press the grout fully into the grooves so it’s filled to the top and evenly distributed. To ensure complete coverage, we’d suggest applying grout to small areas, working your way logically along.
  4. Remove excess grout: with a dry sponge, wipe away any excess grout to make sure all the gaps are completely filled. Make sure you don’t scrub hard with the sponge though, as this could pull grout out of the grooves. 
  5. Sponge down the area: using clean water and a damp (not wet) sponge or sponge float, wipe down the tiles and grout lines to remove the remaining grout, ensuring the grout lines have a smooth, even finish.

Quality grout when you need it most

From interior walls and floors to swimming pools, pathways, patios and even commercial areas, grout can be the thing that keeps your tiles looking better for longer. With DropEffect technology, and anti-mould properties thanks to state-of-the-art biotech technology, Mapei grout is suitable for tiling most areas of the home and beyond - including those that experience high volumes of foot traffic on a daily basis.

How much Mapei grout you need will depend on the tiles themselves. You’ll need to factor in their size and thickness, as well as the spacers in between each tile. To help you figure this out with minimal fuss, you can use our grouting calculator on any of our individual grouting product pages to find out how much grout’s required for your individual project. 

Alternatively, if you need any help or advice with this, or want to find out more about any of our Mapei products - you can contact our friendly team of tile experts on 0113 253 0005 or send us an email.

Browse our full range of Mapei grouts online now, and why not check out more products from them including Mapei adhesive, silicone and Mapegrip products? This will ensure you have the entire suite of tools and tiling essentials needed to get your tiling job done right.