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As well as offering a huge range of floor and wall tiles, Tiles Direct is happy to be able to provide everything you could need for tiling your room with our collection of tiling accessories. 

From adhesive and silicone seal to tiling tool products and underfloor heating mats, it couldn’t be easier to get started on your next interior design project when you buy everything from Tiles Direct.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built strong relationships with leading brands including Mapei, Palace, WarmUp, BuTech and more. This means we’re able to bring you high-quality tiling products at the best possible price.

Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a professional tiler, our extensive range of tiling accessories and pro tiler tools has everything you could possibly need to get the job done right - all at great value prices.

We stock plenty of tiling products, including Mapei adhesives and grouts, to make redecorating or replacing much easier for you. Plus, Mapei silicone is also available for sealing the edges of floors and walls.

Tiles Direct is your one-stop shop for tiling products. Explore all the adhesive, grout and other tiling accessories we have on offer to find exactly what you need.

Choose the right tile adhesive

When buying adhesive for your tiles, tile size and position will affect the type of adhesive that you choose.

That’s why we stock a variety of tiling adhesive products to make sure you get the best option for your tiling project.

Our tiling adhesives come in two colour options: white and grey. Both deliver the same performance, but white adhesive can be preferable if you’re installing lighter coloured tiles or translucent options like mosaics, as the adhesive will be less noticeable.

In terms of tiling adhesive options, you’ll find:

  • Ready-mix adhesive: a self-priming, ready-mixed adhesive is perfect for novice tilers installing small wall tiles to a small area like a kitchen splashback. Easy to apply, this fuss-free adhesive will save you time when it comes to tiling the walls, but it’s not a suitable option for large format tile or floor tile installations
  • Powdered adhesive: when it comes to installing large wall tiles or fixing floor tiles in place, always use powdered tiling adhesive. Powdered adhesives provide a stronger adhesive bond with the substrate (surface) and a more cost-effective solution when tiling large areas. It’s important to remember that all powdered adhesives will need mixing before getting started, but this gives you the flexibility to adjust the thickness to suit your requirements

Different tiling adhesives have different properties, so your choice of adhesive will also depend on the area you’re tiling and other environmental factors. We stock the following options: 

  • Standard tile adhesive: offering strong adhesion to most surfaces, standard adhesive will suit walls and floors in dry areas where there’s very little condensation. On stable surfaces like concrete or screed floors, it’s possible to use non-flexible standard adhesive without the worry of cracking due to movement
  • Water-resistant adhesive: all our floor adhesive is resistant to water, making them suited for busy wet environments like the space around the bath, shower enclosure and sink. They even offer suitable protection against the weather if you're installing our durable outdoor tiles. With built-in water resistance composites, these water-resistant adhesives should be your go-to choice for busy domestic areas to ensure your tiles will serve your needs for years to come
  • Rapid set adhesive: standard adhesives can take up to 24 hours to set or go off, but many modern options feature a rapid drying property that helps the adhesive layer set in place quicker. Ideal for time-sensitive projects, as well as walls (where you run a greater risk of tile sliding or coming away before they dry)
  • Flexible adhesive: floors can be subject to movement over time, which can result in loose or cracked tiles as the surface expands and contracts. There are ways to effectively repair cracked tiles, but it's best to get the installation correct from the start by using an adhesive with built-in flexible properties. This is always recommended if you’re tiling over areas where there will be natural movement (such as floorboards)

Many of the tiling adhesives we have in stock offer a combination of all of the above properties in one tiling product, so whatever specifications you need, you’re sure to find the right solution. 

Finally, when buying adhesive it’s best to be prepared and make sure you order enough to complete the job. Running out of adhesive halfway through tiling can stunt the progress of your interior design project. 

In terms of how much adhesive you need, covering approximately 4-5 square metres of wall tiles should take roughly 10 kg of wall adhesive. For floors, 20g of tiling adhesive should cover approximately 5m2 on an average floor, but the amount of adhesive you use will vary depending on how level the floor is.

Find the perfect tile grout

Tile grout is the last line of defence in sealing your tiles and preventing dirt and moisture from getting behind them, not to mention providing a neater aesthetic. This means it’s important to choose the right tile grout to keep your tiles protected for longer. 

Most surfaces will expand and contract over time due to the rigidity of tiles, so there needs to be space in between to allow for this movement. Tile grout is then applied between each of the tiles, filling the gap. 

Most grout will be water resistant, but when applying tiles in areas with wetter conditions (such as the bathroom), opting for a waterproof tile grout or sealing means you ensure that the grout is stain and mould resistant.

In areas with a great amount of movement (such as wooden floors), flexible tile grout is recommended over a standard tile grout to allow for movement in the substrate. So, whatever area you’re tiling, it’s worth considering the characteristics of the material and the environment you’ll be laying tiles onto to ensure you get the best tile grout for the job.

At Tiles Direct, we offer a variety of tile grout colours, including glitter additives if you want to give your tiles some extra sparkle. Some of our most popular grout shades include:

  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Gold 
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Yellow

This wide range of colours means you can either match your grout to your tiles or create contrasts by daring to go for completely different tones of grout and tiles. In terms of grout quantities, it’s also worth bearing in mind that the smaller your tiles, the more grout you’ll likely use.

To complete your tile grout, check out our selection of tile silicone glues that will seamlessly blend into the room’s aesthetic. Providing a highly adhesive seal for tiled areas such as the gaps between tile floors and walls and around bathroom furniture, our silicone glue tiling products are water resistant, with some options also boasting anti-mould properties. 

Tile silicone colour options include: 

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Clear
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Jasmine
  • White

Buy essential tiling accessories online

Beyond tile adhesive and grout, you can also choose from our diverse range of tiling accessories. Boasting an array of essential tiling products, this diverse range gives you all the pro tiler tools you need to get a high-end finish, whether you’re a DIYer or a tradesperson.

The key to a successful tiling job is having the right equipment at your disposal from the start, and our general tiling tools range has you covered. 

Discover all the essential tile accessories you need for installing your tiles like a professional, including: 

  • Tiling trowels: available in various sizes and styles for applying tile adhesive to the substrate with a notched edge to create suction grooves
  • Grout floats: used to apply grout between tile joints for sealing against water and dirt to protect the substrate and tiles
  • Manual tile cutters: we have several options for cutting tiles, including manual tile cutters. If you’re new to tiling, then a manual tile cutter offers an affordable and effective option - score porcelain and ceramic tiles and then break them with applied pressure to give you a clean, straight cut edge
  • Electric tile cutters: electric tile cutting machines and diamond drill bit tile accessories used to cut circular holes for pipes are worth investing in if you plan on doing a lot of tiling. These powerful tiling tools use a diamond disc blade and water to whip through ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles with ease. They can also be handy if you’re doing a large amount or fiddly cuts as they can speed up the cutting process and offer better precision
  • Mixing buckets: take our pick from our versatile and sturdy mixing buckets that are ideal for mixing powdered adhesive and grouts, or for post-tiling cleaning
  • Tile spacers in assorted sizes and styles: choose from an assortment of tile spacer sizes and styles designed to help keep tile placement straight and professional
  • Tile care and cleaning products: from robust tiling sponges for wiping away excess adhesive and grout to cleaning wipes, we have a range of tile cleaning products to make your tiles shine

We also stock a range of tiling preparation products to ensure you have a solid foundation for every tiling project: 

  • Tile backer boards: tile backer boards deliver a flat surface ready for tiling. With built-in water resistance and flexibility, they’re an ideal option for walls and floors to compensate for movement and protect the surface behind from water. This is particularly true in bathrooms and wetrooms
  • Ply boards: like tile backer boards, ply boards provide a rigid, flat surface that can be fixed to walls or floors - they tend to be thicker than tile backer boards
  • Self-levelling screeds: these screeds are designed for use on uneven floors, providing a level substrate for you to tile onto once dry

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find a selection of other tile accessories, including undertile heating options, shower tray kits, tile trims and even stylish bathroom vanity units. 

At Tiles Direct, you’ll quite literally find all the tile accessories you need for pulling off a successful home tiling project.

Get your home update project off to a great start by browsing our complete range of tiling accessories online today. If you have any questions about our tiling products - be that adhesives, tools or any other products - or would simply like to speak to an expert, feel free to get in touch. Call us on 0113 253 0005 or email us at