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Granite Tiles

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If you want to give your home a sleek yet natural finish, our selection of granite tiles is made for the job. 


Hewn from real stone, our granite tiles provide a visually striking, highly durable and all-natural finish for floors and walls.

Whether you’re looking for granite wall tiles to beautify your bathroom or robust granite tile flooring for kitchens, you’ll find practical and affordable options galore at Tiles Direct. 

Explore all the beautiful options this granite tile collection has to offer, plus discover the numerous practical perks granite delivers as a decorative material.

Why granite tiles?

If you’re in any doubt about using granite tiles in your home, let us give you the lowdown on all the positive benefits this hard, beautiful stone boasts. 

Some of granite’s top attributes include: 

  • Durability: granite’s mineral content is what makes the material so durable and sturdy. This durability makes them an economical choice: they’re not only low-cost and quick to install, but granite tiles also require hardly any maintenance and will last for years
  • Heat tolerance: the density and mineral composition also provides granite tiles with excellent tolerance to heat, meaning they can even be used for worktops
  • Waterproof: with low absorption levels, granite tiles are ideal for use in wet areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens, as their low porous material helps to repel water and other liquids that may stain
  • Impact resistance: boasting excellent resistance to scratches and impacts, granite tiles are a solid choice as they’ll help to protect floors and walls from damage and inevitable wear and tear
  • Low maintenance: stain-resistant stain resistant and easy to clean, opting for granite is a perfectly practical solution for domestic environments
  • Timeless style: granite is a classic decor material that never seems to go out of style. Despite this evergreen appeal, its incredibly versatile, offering countless styling options to suit modern and traditional aesthetics you’ll never tire of
  • Light reflection: the shine and reflectivity of granite tiles work beautifully on walls and floors, helping to bounce light around the room. From shiny splashbacks to sparkling floors, the result is a striking design feature that’s guaranteed to make an impact wherever you choose to use them

Your granite tile colour options

Most people will associate granite tiles with grey, but there’s more to grey granite tiles than just one shade. 


At Tiles Direct, you’ll find a choice of gorgeous hues that will allow you to curate the perfect finish for your home interiors. Whether you’re looking to go bold with black or keep things more subtle with a selection of neutral tones, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal tiling solution for you.

Here are some of our most popular colours:

  • Beige: create warm, soothing interiors with a hint of sparkle using beige granite-look quartz on floors and walls throughout your home
  • Black: from dark and dramatic kitchens to luxury bathrooms, black granite wall and floor tiles instantly add depth and texture. Pair them with dark wood for a nature-centric look or add shiny metallic accents for a glitzy finish
  • Blue: give floors and walls the royal treatment with granite-style tiles in wonderful sapphire blue quartz that demands to be noticed
  • Brown: rich, dark and opulent, brown granite-effect quartz is right at home in glamorous bathrooms and perfectly paired with light cream hues
  • Green: bring a zesty, fresh feel to your home decor with green quartz granite-effect tiles that are an ideal option for ultra-modern kitchen designs
  • Grey: whether you opt for pale grey or something darker, explore a variety of grey tones with granite and granite-effect quartz that will give your home interiors a timeless, chic finish in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond
  • Purple: quartz granite-style tiles in deep purple offers the perfect way to celebrate striking jewel tones and give interiors a colourful and eccentric touch
  • Red: get the look of granite with vibrant red quartz, delivering a funky and vibrant feel for kitchen floors, splashbacks and more
  • Silver: let your floors and walls be the star of the show with shimmering silver-grey tiles, guaranteed to give your home a luxurious finish
  • White: delivering a clean and fresh aesthetic, white granite quartz tiles are guaranteed to add sparkle and sophistication to your home. Finish with black or pewter fixtures for an industrial edge or keel things classic with gold and brass

Your granite tile material and finish options

Real granite features beautiful speckled detailing made up of different minerals that give them a sparkling finish in certain lights. For many homeowners, this shimmering effect is all part of the appeal of granite tiles, bouncing light around the room.

At Tiles Direct, you’ll find a choice of material and finish options within our granite tiles collection, helping you find just the right look for your home. 

  • Granite: choose from a gorgeous selection of real granite stone tiles that possess natural charm, beauty and practicality in equal measure
  • Quartz: closely mirroring the look of granite, our selection of real quartz gives you granite-look tile flooring with added sparkle and more choice of colours
  • Polished: to optimise their beauty and shine, you’ll find polished and gloss finishes on our granite and granite-effect quartz tiles - guaranteed to deliver a high-end look

Your granite tile size options

At Tiles Direct, we know one tile size doesn’t fit all. Every room has its own design demands and practical requirements. 


To help you find just the right dimensions for your home update project, we stock a variety of different tile sizes and shapes:


  • Square: available in a choice of sizes, ranging from 30cm x 30cm up to 61cm x 61cm, our square granite wall and floor tiles deliver a sleek, uniform look laid in grid or staggered formation
  • Rectangular: rectangular granite tiles offer a variety of pattern options. For walls, a vertical staggered design can give a pretty waterfall effect, or stack them horizontally for a modern touch. With granite floor tiles, straight rows can help to elongate small spaces, while brick lay patterns can add depth and texture
  • Mosaics: choose from a variety of small square and rectangular mosaic tiles that are perfect for adding a decorative feature to showers, sink splashbacks and more. This could be part of a custom border or to cover an entire wall

Granite tile ideas for every room

When it comes to using granite tiles in your home, don’t limit yourself to the obvious places. Here at Tiles Direct, we’ve put together some styling ideas for every room, giving you even greater scope for styling them in your own home.

The bathroom: Absolute Black granite floor tiles provide a winning foundation for modern, minimalist bathroom interiors. Practical and stylish, black granite bathroom tiles are the ultimate luxury style statement evoking a sense of glamour in this function-first room. For added drama, use white grout to create stark contrasts that celebrate monochromatic colour schemes. When it comes to granite wall tiles, why not give your bathroom a cosmic flourish with Star Galaxy granite tiles that make a stunning decorative feature with shiny chrome fixtures.

The kitchen: keep your cool in the kitchen, opting for a design that celebrates calming, muted tones, popular with Scandi-style interiors. Beige or white granite-look tiles for kitchen splashbacks project a fresh and clean feel in this hygiene-centric environment. They’ll also bounce oodles of natural light around the room, making cooking spaces feel brighter - all while championing practicality. 

The living room: sparkling silver Quartz granite-look tiles offer the perfect compromise between black and white, which can feel too much in relaxation areas. With light grey granite-effect tiles, you can give this special space added sparkle while exploiting grey’s natural anchoring effect. Effortlessly versatile, grey granite-style floor tiles go with so many different colours, giving you ample ways to introduce your favourite accent colours with soft furnishings. The end result is a living room that feels homely and welcoming for any occasion.

The hallway: as the gateway to your home, make sure your hallway gets the first-class treatment with granite floor tiles. A darker tone is the most practical choice for hiding everyday marks and scuffs, but with built-in sparkle, you won’t ever need to worry about this functional space feeling gloomy - they’ll continually reflect light.

Buying granite tiles online at Tiles Direct

Our wide range of premium granite and granite-look tiles will deliver a stunning finish, helping your home sparkle from floor to ceiling. But premium quality doesn't have to mean premium prices. 

At Tiles Direct, we work closely with our suppliers to bring you the best possible prices on the market. Plus, our price match promise means you won’t find our quality tiles cheaper anywhere else - and if you do, we’ll beat the quote!

With a simple, secure online checkout and free UK-wide delivery direct to your door when you spend over £499, we’re always working to get you the best deal on your granite tiles. 

If you need a little help in deciding which tile is right for you, order a tile sample online from just 99p - so you can check out the durable and sparkling finish of our granite tiles for yourself. 

For more information on our granite tiles collection or any other Tiles Direct products, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help!