4 Simple & Gorgeous Garden Feature Wall Ideas

Now is the perfect time to give your garden or backyard a little sprucing up. But this doesn’t have to mean splashing lots of cash on a complete renovation. Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite garden wall ideas – helping you to create a gorgeous garden feature wall that will instantly add character and charm.  Whether you have a small walled garden or a large patio area, our garden feature wall ideas have you covered. So let’s get started.  1. Bamboo it Whether you want to cover up a... Read More


4 BBQ Area Design Ideas That Dish Up Style & Practicality

Despite the often unreliable weather in the UK, we Brits seem to relish the opportunity to fire up the BBQ during the summer – come rain or shine!  But barbecues nowadays are so much more than a flimsy disposable foil tray filled with barely enough coals to cook one sausage.  Modern barbecue enthusiasts have all the gear and the perfect BBQ area for cooking up a chargrilled culinary masterpiece. This dream BBQ space doesn’t have to be just for the elite BBQ aficionados, though.  Today, we’re sharing some top bbq... Read More

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Grouting Outdoor Tiles: How To Grout Patios, Porcelain & Paving Slabs

Stylish, durable and endlessly practical, outdoor tiles and paving slabs provide the perfect fix if you’re looking to give your patio area a fresh new look in time for summer.  But, as with any DIY job, the longevity and finish of your project are dependent on using the right materials and installation techniques for the job at hand. And when it comes to fitting outdoor tiles on your patio, outdoor grouting is a must.  Luckily for you, we’re here to help – giving you practical tips on how to grout... Read More

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Tiling A Garden Wall: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

If you’re looking to give your garden a makeover in time for full-blown summer, this blog could be just what you need.  Today, we’re going to be laying out some top tips, tricks and inspiration for tiling garden walls. Yes, outdoor tiles can do more than just patios and paths – and we’re here to tell you how.  Why tile exterior walls?  If you’re in any doubt about whether to tile your garden’s exterior walls or not, there are a few practical perks that could sway your decision.  Protection: exposed... Read More

Outdoor Tiles For Steps: How to Tile Outdoor Steps (& Which to Choose)

Whether it’s pathway steps leading up to your home or patio steps connecting decking and lawn, outdoor steps are a design perk and a practical necessity.  This means that picking the right material for your outdoor steps is crucial – it needs to have the functionality to ensure safety and longevity, as well as the aesthetic style to complement a range of garden designs.  Outdoor tiles effortlessly tick all the right boxes – it’s why so many homeowners choose outdoor tiles for steps in the garden, yard and patio areas. ... Read More

Eco-Friendly Garden: Sustainable Tips To Make Your Green Space Greener

More and more homeowners are embracing eco-friendly features in their home designs, keen to do their bit for Mother Earth (and increase the value of their home all the while!).   There’s no better place to embrace eco-friendly practices than in your garden.  No matter if you have a large space out front or a small yard tucked away around the back, there’s a whole host of quick and easy ways to embrace green and sustainable garden design.  That’s why, in today’s post, we’re offering up a range of natural garden... Read More

Sun’s Out, Seats Out: 6 Garden Seating Ideas

Sun’s out, seats out.  The UK’s climate is changeable at best. So on those rare occasions that the sun does come out, we Brits want to make the most of it – we have no idea how long it will be there for, or when it’ll come back again! That’s why, in this post, we’re tackling the topic of outdoor seating areas.  Obviously, your choice of garden seating will in some way depend on your needs, garden size and budget, but aesthetics also have an important part to play.  So,... Read More

Patio Ideas: Garden Patio Designs For Outdoor Areas Big & Small

With spring just around the corner, the prospect of warm days spent outdoors in the sunshine is tantalisingly close (although never a guarantee with the UK weather!).   So, if you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor areas when the sun does come out to play, this blog post is packed full of garden patio ideas to get your creativity flowing.  From space-optimising patio ideas for small gardens to zoning tricks for large areas, you’ll find plenty of practical tips and advice on how to make the most of... Read More

Outdoor Tile Care: How To Clean Porcelain and Quarry Tiles

With brighter days and longer nights finally on the horizon, Brits across the country are daring to think about spending more time in the great outdoors. For many, this means prepping the garden or outdoor space for use over spring and summer, and this often includes a good ol’ clean of the space after the harsher winter weather. When it comes to sprucing up outdoor flooring, tile owners are forgiven for assuming that cleaning outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles would be a long and laborious task. In fact, this doesn’t... Read More

Balcony Design Ideas: Style Inspiration For Balconies Big and Small

Having your own outdoor balcony to enjoy some much-needed fresh air and sunshine (UK weather permitting, of course) is one of life’s simple pleasures. But more often than not, we find that renters and homeowners typically fail to use these precious areas to their full potential. That’s why, in this post, we’ve compiled some of our favourite balcony design ideas, covering everything from furniture and flooring to plant decor and lighting. Read on to find balcony ideas that make the very best of your space, whether you’re hosting family and... Read More