Living Room Flooring Tile Ideas: Materials, Shapes & Designs

When it comes to tiling, the areas of the home that get the vast majority of attention tend to be the kitchen and bathroom – rooms prone to moisture and therefore in need of a practical, water-resistant material like tile. An often overlooked area of the house as far as tiling goes is the all-important living room. This hub of the home is, more often than not, decorated with soft furnishings and carpeting – but the truth is that some well-placed tiles on floors can have a dramatic style impact... Read More

Tile Edging & Border Ideas to Try Anywhere in the House

Border and edging tiles create striking boundaries throughout the home, adding clean lines that effortlessly soften tiled designs on walls and floors. Knowing how to incorporate tiled borders into your home’s design can be a challenge if it’s your first time experimenting with these unique tiles – and that’s where we come in. In this post, we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour of tile border ideas to help you master this niche artform and bring your living space to a new level of sophistication. Tiled trims In rooms like... Read More

En Suite Tile Ideas: Tiling Small Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

Tiles and bathrooms are a match made in heaven, thanks to tile’s renowned water resistance and all-round durability – two properties that are essential in an area of the home so prone to moisture. When it comes to tiling an en suite, however, finding design inspiration can be difficult with limited space – and therefore limited design potential – to play with. We’re coming to the rescue, though, with a selection of tried and tested en suite tiling ideas and hacks to help you maximise the potential of your small... Read More

Fireplace Tile Ideas: Tiling Your Hearth & Fire Surround

The fireplace is a timeless focal point in the home, bringing an instant atmosphere to any living space. But without proper care and attention, this would-be statement feature can lose its shine and detract from the overall aesthetic of a room – presenting a tragic missed design opportunity. If you’ve got a fireplace feature in your home that’s in need of some serious TLC, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re breaking down a range of fireplace tile material, colour and design ideas to help you transform... Read More


4 Bathroom Tile Style Ideas That Never Get Old

While many of us would relish the chance to regularly update our bathroom decor in line with the latest interior design trends, there’s no getting around the expense and disruption this entails. Instead, we suggest a more practical and affordable approach to interior decorating – favouring timeless interior design themes that will always be on trend. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a few ideas that demonstrate how classic interior design can stand the test of time while still feeling fresh and modern. Champion classic vibes with marble... Read More

5 Pocket-Friendly Budget Home Decor Ideas To Try In 2023

With the old mantra ‘out with the old and in with the new’ in mind, the start of a new year can be the perfect time to remedy the January blues with a fresh, new look in your home. More often than not, though, post-Christmas bank balances are still recovering from all of the festivities – meaning decor updates are low on the list of priorities. However, it doesn’t have to be. Today, we’re going to be sharing some savvy budget home decor ideas so you can make impactful home... Read More


3 Stylish Warm Floor Tile Tips That Add Warmth To Your Home

Tiled floors come with many practical perks, but there can occasionally be a concern around whether tiles will leave your interiors feeling cold underfoot. We’re here to remedy that. Yes, you can install an underfloor heating system to quite literally warm up the space and the tiles, but that isn’t your only option. With the right colour and texture, we’ll show you how your floor tiles can bring their own sense of warmth and character to your home without extra help from underfloor heating. Opt for warming tones Some of... Read More

6 Must-Know Interior Design Trends That Will Stay in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, we’re taking a look ahead to see what’s in store for interior design trends in the new year – contemplating which current trends will make the cut and which ones will fall by the wayside. So, let’s get started.  1. Sustainability With a slew of eco-friendly interior design products, and ever-increasing concern over climate change, we can expect to see sustainability remain at the very forefront of interior trends for the coming year and beyond. How this translates into the average home could include... Read More


4 Warm and Cosy Bathroom Tile Colour Ideas to Try Out This Autumn

As the weather outside turns cool, now could be just the right time to turn your focus to inside your home as you give key areas like your bathroom a warm and cosy upgrade.  Okay, so bathrooms aren’t typically thought of as being warm and cosy – but that’s not to say they can’t be. With the right design and colour palette, a practical bathroom can become a snug escape for those cold winter days. Don’t believe us? Here are some autumn-centric bathroom tile colour ideas to spark your imagination... Read More


5 Tried and Tested Kitchen Tile Colours with Timeless Appeal

A kitchen remodel can mean a costly outlay, and making sure you choose the right colour from the start is key to designing a dream kitchen that will stand the test of time. One important part of this process is deciding on the best tile colours to complement your kitchen and your overall design. In this post, we’re taking a look at some tried and tested kitchen tile colour ideas that deliver timeless appeal, whatever your personal decor tastes. Let’s take a closer look. 1. White Over the last decade,... Read More