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6 Interior Design Tips for Summer

Showing off your creative personality is essential for putting your own stamp on a place, and with bright, bold and Bohemian vibes going hand-in-hand with a summer-themed interior design, it’s no surprise that so many of us are taking inspiration from the bright florals that we see throughout this season. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your interior with summertime accessories for the short-term or overhauling your home with a fresh floral look that will leave you and your guests in a good mood throughout the year, there’s every reason... Read More


Adding Space to Your Small Bathroom: Tiles, Tiers and Tips

Whether you’ve converted your under-the-stairs storage space into an additional WC or your property is lacking in space in general, many of us are all too familiar with having to compromise when it comes to storage solutions in the bathroom. And while the function of this room means that an expansive floor plan often isn’t a necessity in this section of the house, creating the illusion of space in the bathroom can mean that you add a new level of opulence to your overall home design. Overly cluttered rooms can... Read More

Making Black and White Work With Bathroom Tiles

Chic, sophisticated and undeniably timeless, black and white is a colour combination that has been responsible for some of the most elegant interior designs throughout history. Offering a classic contrast between the fresh white hues and bold black tones, the ever-fashionable B&W theme is one of the most popular ways to make a statement in a home that’s designed to stand the test of time. Interior designers across the globe continue to promise that B&W will never go out of style, meaning that there’s no shortage of reasons why you... Read More

How to Create a Classy Aesthetic With Neutral Kitchen Tiles

Whether you’re cooking, eating or socialising, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home – and that means that it’s essential the interior design is tailored to suit your tastes for the long-term. While a bold interior may make a striking visual impact, ensuring that you’ll never tire of the aesthetic in your kitchen means that you can make the most out of your interior – and this can be achieved by opting for neutral shades in this space. We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘less... Read More

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Love Your Living Room: How to Use Wall and Floor Tiles

Though it might be true that tiles and bathrooms are a match made in heaven, trend-setters understand that tiles can be used in almost any room if you put enough thought into it. Living rooms are often not the place you find tiles, but why is that? Modern tiles are extremely durable, stylish and inexpensive, and come in a broad spectrum of styles – making them easily the best flooring type available. Whether your home aesthetic is overtly lavish or you prefer a calm and laid-back environment, tiles offer a... Read More

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5 Myths About Cheap Kitchen Tiles

Every interior design project is unique – and that includes everything from the style and finish to the materials and budget. Whether you’re putting your stamp on a new home or injecting a touch of creativity into a buy-to-let, incorporating fashionable and functional kitchen tiles into the design means that you can add a new level of sophistication to a property as well as enjoy the long-lasting nature of high quality tiles. With the average kitchen refit costing around £7,000, there’s no doubt that kitchen improvements can be a costly... Read More

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Summer Inspiration: Pastel Wall Tiles

Offering a softer alternative to bold, bright tones, adorning the walls with pastel hues means that homeowners can enjoy the effects of colour in the home – without creating an interior that appears overpowering. From a summer-inspired home to a Scandi-style design, the subtle tones of pastel tiles make them a must for anyone looking to inject a touch of understated elegance into their home – and the easy-to-clean nature of wall tiles means that it couldn’t be easier to highlight the beauty of your home. From clothing designs to... Read More

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Are Floor Tiles Just for Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Durable and easy to clean, it’s no surprise that so many of us opt for floor tiles in busier sections of the home – such as in the kitchen and the bathroom. And with an extensive range of styles, shapes and finishes available, there’s no need to compromise on the overall aesthetic when it comes to taking advantage of this functional flooring solution. The practical needs of a bathroom and kitchen may mean that floor tiles are most commonly used in these spaces, but that’s not to say they should... Read More

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Slate Kitchen Floor Tiles: Why They Work

Whether you’ve just moved in or you’re giving your interior a new lease of life, choosing a practical flooring solution which will suit the space for years to come means that you can feel the full benefit of your new kitchen design. Long-lasting and durable, functional floor tiles are a must for high-traffic areas like the kitchen – and thanks to the extensive range of styles and materials available, there’s no need to compromise on getting the look that you’ve been dreaming of, either. Renowned for injecting a touch of... Read More

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Colour Psychology: Choosing Suitable Wall Tiles for Each Space

Colour plays a big part in the appearance of a room, and with each hue holding the power to affect both our moods and the overall aesthetic of an interior, finding your perfect shade can be a challenge. While we’re well aware of the connotations that come with many different colours, choose the wrong hue for a particular room and you could end up reflecting a completely different atmosphere than what was intended. With colour thought to elicit an entire spectrum of emotional reactions, it’s no surprise that both homeowners... Read More