How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Bathroom

Regardless of whether you have a specific interior style in mind, choosing your bathroom tiles is far easier said than done. Often, that’s because there are so many factors to consider and – at least, when it comes to Tiles Direct’s range – so many options to choose from! Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. We’ve utilised our years of experience as one of the UK’s leading bathroom tile suppliers to create an all-encompassing guide on how to choose the right bathroom tiles for you. By breaking down... Read More

Home Improvement: Ideas, Tips & Considerations Before Your Project Begins

Table of Contents The kitchen The bathroom The hallway Final thoughts Whether you’ve undertaken home renovations before or are contemplating updating your home for the very first time, we’re here to help. This home improvements guide will walk you through some top ideas, tips and important considerations you need to know, ensuring your interior refreshes are a success. However, before you start getting stuck into the nitty-gritty details, there are some fundamental aspects you need to nail down first. From budgets and timeframes to practical logistics and interior design themes,... Read More

Unique Interior Design: Fresh Takes On Long-Loved Styles

Interior design trends come and go, but there are some evergreen styles that never seem to lose favour. Choosing timeless styles for your home interior updates can be a great way to ensure they remain on-trend season after season. But over time, these interiors can lose their sense of individuality – after all, your taste 5 years ago isn’t necessarily you anymore.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can project your own personal style into home updates, giving you a unique interior design that best represents the current you.... Read More

The No-Nonsense DIY Guide: How To Tile A Hallway

Showing your hallway some much-needed attention will ensure that the entrance to your home makes a good first impression. It can also be one of the more affordable home improvement ideas to undertake as areas are generally smaller and require fewer furnishings.  When it comes to choosing materials to use for hallway floors and walls, tiles can deliver a practical covering for this high-traffic area – giving your interior updates better longevity and style! However, before you begin your hallway update, it’s important to think about practical elements such as... Read More

Hallway Colour Ideas: Which Colour Scheme Should You Choose?

Hallway design is often one of the lower priorities when you’re considering home improvement ideas. But as the first glimpse of your home, it’s time to give your hallway some attention to ensure it sets the tone for the rest of your interior.  A key part of this is choosing the right hallway colours.  To help you do this, we’re running through some of the best hallway colour schemes that will help you overcome some of the common design headaches for hallways, like poor lighting, small dimensions and footfall. What... Read More

Hallway Design: Your Guide To Ideas, Styles & Inspiration

As the gateway into your home, your hallway is so much more than just a space that leads off to more exciting areas of the home.  It is, in fact, the meet and greet room of your home, so it pays to give this functional space a makeover to ensure your home makes a good first impression. This isn’t just for the benefit of your guests, either – walking into a stylish and welcoming space every day has the potential to instantly lift your mood, too! Whether you have a... Read More


The No-Nonsense DIY Guide: How To Tile A Bathroom

If you’re keen to keep costs down on your bathroom renovation project while also feeling a huge sense of achievement, you may look to undertake some of the less taxing jobs yourself.  Take tiling, for example. However, before you don your overalls and start gathering up your tools, it’s important to consider if you know how to tile a bathroom.  While a fresh bathroom update is one of the more profitable home improvement ideas – with the potential to add a whopping 10% to the value of your home –... Read More

Bathroom Colour Ideas: Which Colour Scheme Should You Choose?

Modern bathrooms offer a welcome sanctuary to escape the daily grind. For some this could be a luxurious space filled with grandeur, while others may prefer a more simple and natural vibe. Regardless of what bathroom interior designs you have in mind, a fundamental design element is choosing the right bathroom colour scheme. The right colour can instantly transform these practical rooms into a chic and stylish oasis primed for indulgence and relaxation when you need it the most.  To help you along your journey to bathroom bliss, we’ll be... Read More

Bathroom Interior Design: Your Guide To Ideas, Styles & Inspiration

The days of bathrooms being purely about function are thankfully long behind us. In its place, modern bathroom interior design is all about creating beautiful spaces that are primed for relaxation. However, achieving your dream bathroom interior design doesn’t just happen. It requires a good deal of thought, careful planning and some capital, especially if you’re looking to carry out a complete makeover.  Even to the seasoned home renovator, a bathroom interior design project is a challenge, so if you’re new to this game you may well feel a little... Read More

The No-Nonsense DIY Guide: How To Tile A Kitchen

Giving your kitchen an update is likely to be one of the more expensive home improvements you carry out , but it can also be one of the most rewarding. For one, cooking up a storm in a swanky new kitchen is a huge win in itself! But secondly, kitchens are still tipped as delivering one of the best returns on your investment for home renovations. If done well that is! For homeowners looking to save themselves some cash, there is the option to carry out work like tiling your... Read More