Budget Tile Hacks for a Thrifty 2018

The start of a new year is the perfect time to embrace a fresh look in your home, but more often than not, post-Christmas bank balances are still recovering from all the festivities – and this is something that can often still be felt throughout the month of February. Making impactful updates to your home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, though. In today’s post, we’re sharing some impressive budget tiling hacks – helping you to refresh your home interiors without putting a strain on your finances. Design your... Read More

5 Tile Trends Taking 2018 By Storm (& How to Make Them Work)

Looking to buy tiles online while staying ahead of the curve? Fear not, for the year is still young and the year’s trends are still evolving. This short guide is packed with inspiration and will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to 2018’s finest tile trends to suit any room and any budget. Spell it out The days of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ wall stencils are over. In 2018, it’s all about tiles. Floor tiles can be used to spell a family name, a motivational slogan – anything... Read More

Metro Tiles: The Ultimate Kitchen Wall Tile

Evoking the timeless design of the grand old metro systems of the world, such as the Paris Métro and the London Underground in its 1920s pomp, metro tiles have since come into their own as a design option for the discerning kitchen stylist. Their clean lines and simple design mean they fit into a huge array of different design themes – making them an ideal choice for your kitchen. Here at Tiles Direct, we supply a wide range of metro tiles, so make sure to browse our full selection once... Read More

The 2018 Trend Hijack: Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles are often overlooked in favour of statement bathroom cabinets or budgeted out to the benefit of high-tech appliances. We think this is a tragic oversight, as there are so many burgeoning tile trends itching to be unleashed upon the market. Join us as we run through some of our favourite on-trend tiles for 2018, aiming to give you inspiration for an early-year kitchen overhaul. The rug effect The Bordeaux Dinan tile series is an amazing patterned tile series. #GPtiling has done it justice here by adding a... Read More

4 Luxury-Look Tiles For Your Bathroom and Beyond

With the winter winds biting and Christmas but a distant memory, It’s important to take a breather and indulge in a bit of luxury at home, be it taking a long soak in a bath lined with scented candles or cooking up a decadent meal that puts your New Year diet plan on hold. If you like to live in the lap of luxury, investing in luxury bathroom tiles that reflect your indulgent lifestyle are one great way to create an interior that’s just as opulent. We stock so many... Read More

The Hex Factor: How to Style Hexagon Tiles at Home in 2018

The fast-paced world of interior design is always changing, and tile fashions are, too. From upcoming colour trends to the latest shapes and sizes, homeowners, architects and designers are always looking for the next big thing – and, at Tiles Direct, we’ll always do our best to provide you with it. A firm favourite among our customers, and across the design sphere as a whole, is the humble hexagon tile. This tile type stands out for its quirky six-sizedness and the pleasing pattern it creates across floors and walls, which... Read More

The 2018 Trend Hijack: Hexagon Tiles

Here at Tiles Direct, we believe hexagon tiles have the potential to be even bigger in 2018. If you’re a believer and looking for ways to add some hexagonal style to your home, we’re here to help. The only questions are where to incorporate these iconic tiles, and which patterns to choose. In this latest instalment of our 2018 Trend Hijack, we’re taking a look at this eternally on-trend tile and helping homeowners revolutionise their living space in the year ahead. Enhance your shower area People don’t tend to touch... Read More

The 2018 Trend Hijack: Metro Tiles

The New Year signals an opportunity to breathe new life into your home, casting away any January blues with a fresh start in your abode. Transforming the heart of your home, the kitchen, is a great place to start – but if you value your relaxation time above all else, perhaps consider a bathroom makeover. Changing or fitting tiles for the first time can give any room a smart, sleek look designed to stand the test of time. Put simply, with fresh tiles, a room instantly looks and feels cleaner.... Read More

The 2018 Trend Hijack: Mosaic Tiles

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to give your home a fresh, new look, we’re here to help. Always in style and incredibly versatile, mosaic tiles are a fantastic way to inject some personality and power into your living space, whether you’re planning a complete bathroom update, a quick kitchen makeover or something a little more daring. From pretty splashbacks to striking flooring solutions, in today’s post, we’re throwing the spotlight on mosaic tiles – bringing you plenty of inspiration on how to use mosaics in your home... Read More

How to Tile a Bathroom

Water-resistant, hard-wearing and available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, tiles are the the perfect solution for bathroom walls and floors – marrying fashion with function. But, if you’re wondering how to tile a bathroom, there’s really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily, in today’s post, we’re taking you through a step-by-step guide to bathroom tiling, breaking down the different areas so you’ll be clued up on how to tile a shower, as well as a bathroom’s walls and floors, to pull off a fresh,... Read More