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Here at Tiles Direct, we live and breathe all things tiles, which includes small and practical things like tile spacers.

Our range features a wide variety of plastic spacers, making sure tilers of all abilities can find just the right one for their project.

From chunky floor tile spacers to dainty t-shaped ones, explore all the options we have available online right now.

Why use tile spacers?

Most experienced tilers will know the benefits of using tile spacers, but if you’re new to the tiling game and tackling your first DIY project, here’s a heads up on why you need to use them.

Tile spacers may seem like a small, insignificant item you could do without, but they play an important role during the tile installation process.

Their job is to sit between tile joints to keep the gap spacing even while the adhesive sets. Typically, plastic spacers are positioned along the edges of the tile joints, sticking one point of the cross or t-bar into the gap. These spacers will then need to be removed using pliers before you seal the gaps with grout.

T-shaped, hexagon and cross tile spacers can also be pushed flush into joints where several tiles meet, helping to keep corner or edge joints even. These will remain within the joints, so make sure they’re pushed far enough in that the grout can sufficiently conceal them.

Beyond keeping your tile joints neat and even, the use of plastic spacers can also hold them in place, preventing them from slipping while the adhesive dries - meaning you won’t fall victim to wonky tiles.

Which size tile spacer is right for me?

We stock a variety of cross, t-shape and hexagon plastic spacers with sizes starting from 1mm up to 3mm in packs of 200 or 250. This ensures you find just the right option for your project - but how do you know which size is right for you?

The size of the tile spacer you choose will dictate the width of the gap between each tile, with the choice usually coming down to personal preference. Grout line width impacts the aesthetic of the room by making them more or less visible, so consider how this will impact your overall interior approach.

As a rule of thumb, 2-3mm tile spacers are the go-to choice for both wall and floor tile spacers when installing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, but it’s important to think about the finished look you want.

For a modern style, many homeowners favour thinner grout lines, minimising their visual impact and emphasising the appearance of the tile. In contrast, chunky grout lines can go towards highlighting the tile through a framing effect, giving your tiled floors and walls a more traditional look.

One final thing to note when choosing your tile spacer size is that your grout line widths also dictate how much grout you'll need. So, the bigger the gap, the more grout you’ll need to fill the voids.

All the tiling essentials you need

As your one-stop tiling shop, you can get everything you need for your next tiling project in one fell swoop. So, when you’re ordering your tiles from us, don’t forget to order all the added extras you need.

With a quick and easy online checkout and reliable delivery throughout the UK - free on orders over £499 - we’ll make sure all your tiling essentials are delivered right to your door.

Buy your tile spacers online today. If you need any help choosing the right size or shape, just give us a call on 0113 253 0005 or email us at with your query.