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Kitchen Tiles for Walls & Floors

Whether you’re fitting a new kitchen or giving your existing one a refresh, our enormous range of kitchen tiles offer the perfect way to make your kitchen your own. Explore our vast selection of kitchen tiles - available in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles - right here. 

From classic kitchen floor tiles to smart and practical kitchen wall tiles, you’ll find it all when you shop with Tiles Direct.

Why choose tiles for kitchens?

The kitchen can be a messy place - from splattered cooking oil to spilt drinks - and when you’re choosing a material for your kitchen walls and floors, a low-maintenance surface is undoubtedly a top priority. Whether you’re looking for kitchen splashback tiles to counteract cooking-related spills and splashes or floor-to-ceiling kitchen wall tiles to create a smart, cohesive design, their water-resistant and easy-to-clean finish means keeping them spotless is a breeze. This is ideal if you’re keen to protect exposed walls from unsightly marks and stains.

In what is easily one of the busiest rooms of the house, alternatives like wooden flooring or linoleum soon show their age through wear and tear. The hard-wearing and durable nature of our tiles, on the other hand, means your kitchen flooring will look brand new for years to come. 

Sizes, shapes and colours galore

With such a diverse selection of kitchen tiles to buy online, the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourite! We’ve got kitchen tiling options to suit all shapes and sizes of room, with colours and finishes galore - perfectly complementing any interior design project.

Size matters when it comes to tiles, as the dimensions you choose can directly impact the look of the space and, understandably, affect the price of your tile order. Our kitchen tile collection includes options ranging from 4x4cm all the way to 60x120cm, meaning we’re sure to have a tiling solution that suits your kitchen - whether you’re trying to create the illusion of additional space in a small room or looking for an intricately patterned wall designed to make a bold style statement. 

You’ll also find ample choice when it comes to kitchen tiles in various shapes - with traditional square tiles available, as well as offbeat hexagonal tiles and, of course, the classic metro brick. Right at home in any kitchen splashback, metro tiles evoke the cool, retro aesthetic of London and New York’s underground stations while introducing some functional style to modern kitchens.

When it comes to colours, we’ve got a broad spectrum of beautiful shades on offer. From cool blues, muted greys and earthy greens perfect for a mellow kitchen space to deep reds, warm browns and rich terracottas designed to create a lovely cooking area, we’ve got all bases covered. Beyond that, you’ll also find a huge range of dramatic monochrome kitchen tiles in black and white, providing essential building blocks for an easy-to-clean kitchen that’s destined to stay clutter-free.

Kitchen tile style ideas for wow-factor walls

When designing a room that needs to put function first, it can be hard to know how to balance practical properties with cutting-edge style - but finding this equilibrium is surprisingly easy. Whether you’d like to introduce an accent colour with some carefully chosen kitchen wall tiles or you just need something smart, sensible and hard-wearing, you’ll find a tiling solution that suits you perfectly. To help you along your way towards kitchen bliss, here’s a little wall tile inspiration to give your kitchen walls the makeover they deserve: 

Striking splashback: Tiled kitchen splashbacks are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their combination of style and practicality. Saving the wall behind your kitchen’s hob from unwanted stains and spillages, a splashback takes the hassle out of cleaning your kitchen and gives you an opportunity to introduce an exciting feature wall in the material, colour and pattern of your choice - whether your splashback complements your overall design theme or introduces a subtle accent that sets your kitchen apart.

Ravishing retro: If you have an ongoing love affair with bygone eras, you can easily channel this into your kitchen design - giving walls a charming retro look that beautifully combines fashion and function. Pair pretty vintage-style patterned tiles with distressed furniture and kitchen cabinets with brass or copper accents for a truly authentic vintage feel. Alternatively, harness the beauty of the underground with coloured metro tiles that will make a stand out feature against pale wooden worktops and quaker-style cabinets in white or cream. 

Industrial chic: If your home is blessed with beautiful exposed brickwork, an industrial-style kitchen could be just the thing your property needs to achieve perfection. Choosing glazed porcelain or vintage wood-effect wall tiles is a sure-fire way to nail the industrial aesthetic. Finish off the room with some distressed furniture, metallic accessories and exposed light bulbs and you’re done. 

Tantalisting textures: While many modern kitchens favour a clean and simple aesthetic, it doesn’t always have to be the case. With our selection of stunning textured kitchen tiles, you can add depth and character to walls in even the most practical of areas. If upkeep is your top concern, why not plump for one of our white bumpy wall tiles? With an undulating surface that‘s easy to wipe clean and beautifully reflects the light, they’re primed for adding interest to all-white interiors. For a bigger visual impact, our 3D Feature tiles offer a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes, giving you plenty of scope for designing an eye-catching feature wall in your kitchen. 

Add flair with fabulous floor tiles

When it comes to kitchen floors, tiles are a superior choice. Not least for their outstanding durability and low maintenance, but couple this with their extreme versatility, and you’ll find endless possibilities for styling out this function-first room. Whether you’re after classic or ultra-modern design, we have an extensive selection of kitchen floor tiles to suit your needs - and here are a few ideas to get those creative juices in full flow for pulling off your dream kitchen. 

Authentic farmhouse: There’s no more effective way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home than to channel the much-loved country kitchen aesthetic. Exposed beams, painted wooden cabinets and dainty accessories are all a part of the style, but the only way to complete the look is by investing in some wood-effect kitchen tiles. Full-bodied porcelain tiles on the floors with the appearance of rich mahogany or elegant maple will help you perfect that highly sought-after farmhouse look.

Postmodern paradise: Keep things simple without compromising on style by creating your own ultra-modern kitchen design. Decorate the room with splashes of striking monochromatic shades, glass furniture and units, and geometric accessories - then transform the room by introducing pitch black kitchen floor tiles in a polished porcelain finish, or some marble-effect ceramic flooring.

Playful patterns: Patterned tiles have become a mainstay in home interiors and are a fantastic way to add flair to any kitchen, whether you want something striking or a little more subtle. Evoke a Mediterranean vibe with white and blue patterned floor tiles to deliver a light and airy kitchen or design a unique pattern with unconventional hexagon kitchen tiles that are perfect for creating visual zones in large, open-plan kitchens.

Wonderful wood: With wood-effect tiles you can create a myriad of interior decor styles that will stand the test of time and require very little maintenance. From authentic farmhouse kitchens as discussed above, to pared-back Scandi-style or luxurious minimalism, there are infinite styling ideas for incorporating wooden tiles into modern kitchens. We love the idea of curating a striking contemporary finish with dark wood-look tiles accentuated by white walls and cabinets - making your floors the centre of attention.

Lavishly large: If you’re looking to give your kitchen floors a seamless and sleek look, then opting for large format tiles is the way to go. With fewer grout lines to distract the eye, large kitchen floor tiles work to create the illusion of a bigger space - making them perfect for modestly sized areas. Favouring pale, neutral coloured tiles, these kitchen floor tiles can be applied to create both modern and traditional aesthetics, depending on your personal preference.

Kitchen tiles in your choice of material

Whether your kitchen is loud and proud or sensible and sophisticated, the wide range of materials available means you can find your perfect match and avoid planning the room around your kitchen tiles. From raw and rustic tiles to stylish, high-end finishes, you’ll have your pick of a broad selection of beautiful tiling options - so it all depends on what works best in your home.

Quartz: Bring some sparkle to your property by introducing some luxurious quartz kitchen tiles. These beautiful, decorative tiles are the epitome of elegance, and offer an ideal way to take an otherwise low-key design theme up a notch. Available in a number of celestial shades, including black, blue and aquamarine, this sumptuous tiling solution guarantees kitchen floor tiles with added glamour.

Natural stone: If you’re looking for something all-natural but you aren’t keen on the shimmering finish of quartz, there are plenty of other natural stone kitchen tiles on offer. From charcoal-coloured stone to cool polished marble and warm tumbled travertine, you’ll find equal helpings of authentic beauty and flexibility when you explore this area of our store.

Ceramic: Ideal for a kitchen splashback, ceramic tiles come in a vibrant range of colour schemes and patterns. Whether you’d like to channel the exotic Moroccan aesthetic or make your mark with a Spanish-inspired mosaic feature wall, our stunning collection of ceramic kitchen tiles are the ultimate way to bring some retro appeal to a room, or draw inspiration from interior design trends across the globe.

Non-slip: If you and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, safety is a factor you can’t afford to ignore. On top of being easy to clean and able to withstand day-to-day wear and tear, floor tiles for kitchens should be slip-resistant - and our flooring solutions are three-for-three. Non-slip kitchen floor tiles combine a selection of practical properties with a range of diverse designs, meaning you can find materials ranging from rugged natural stone to magnificent matt porcelain.

Buying online with Tiles Direct 

Considering buying your kitchen tiles online? The only site you’ll need is Tiles Direct - where great quality and low prices come as standard. You won’t find our tiles cheaper elsewhere, and, if you do, we’ll match it (and then some) - guaranteeing you the best prices available anywhere online.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that great prices mean poor quality, either - all of our tiles are sourced through handpicked suppliers, with strict quality controls, meaning we’re able to offer cheap kitchen tiles that are nonetheless of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Why not order a sample of any tile for just 99p? This way, you can try before you buy in bulk, giving you complete confidence when placing your order. 

When you’re ready to buy, simply checkout online - we’ll even give you free delivery on all orders over £499. Got a question or need more information about any of our tiles? Get in touch by calling the Tiles Direct team on 0113 253 0005.