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Floor Tiles

When it comes to buying floor tiles, Tiles Direct is your one-stop-shop from tiles to tiling accessories. Stocking a diverse range of floor tiling options in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect flooring for your home.

From classic polished porcelain floor tiles to elegant mosaics and more intricate designs, you’ll find floor tiles to suit all tastes under one roof when you choose to shop with Tiles Direct!

Why choose floor tiles?

When deciding on which flooring option is right for you, nothing compares to floor tiles in terms of practicality, style and durability. Whatever your spec may be, you’ll find floor tiles hard to beat on suitability and value for money - and if you’re not completely convinced, here are some of the key benefits to help you make the right decision.

Hard-wearing: floors inevitably see their fair share of footfall, spills and dirt, which can leave them looking lacklustre after a few years - but with tiles, your floors can stay looking clean and pristine for longer. Made from one of any number of durable materials, including hard-wearing ceramic or even harder porcelain, floor tiles boast outstanding scratch and stain resistance - meaning they’re perfectly poised to withstand daily use and everyday impacts with ease.

Durable and sustainable: with any home update, you want to be sure it’ll last for the long haul, and, with tiles on your floors, you can have peace of mind that they won’t need replacing in a few years like you might find with carpet or linoleum alternatives. This can also be an added bonus for those in search of a more eco-friendly home update. Composed from natural materials and incredibly durable, floor tiles provide a long-term flooring solution - meaning less waste in the landfill and less money spent on regular replacements. That’s great for your wallet and the planet.

Water-resistant: particularly important in bathrooms and kitchens, floor tiles’ resistance to water is unmatched. Their excellent non-porous properties means water won’t soak into the tiles, ensuring floors are continually kept properly protected from moisture.

Low-maintenance: perhaps one of the best things about tiled floors it that they require very little maintenance - or certainly nothing more strenuous than a regular sweep and mop. Whether it’s muddy footprints, spillages or sticky handprints, a simple wipe with water and a mild cleaner will return floors back to their glistening former glory.

Effortlessly stylish: whatever your personal tastes are when it comes to interior design, there are endless possibilities with floor tiles to create your dream look - be it country-style kitchens, minimalist bathrooms or luxurious living rooms. With so many different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, you can effortlessly create the look you want anywhere in your home.

Added safety: despite your best efforts to keep surface water to a minimum in busy households, the worst can happen - but many of our floor tiles boast an anti-slip surface, giving you added peace of mind that the risk of accidents is minimal.

Whether you’re considering bathroom floor tiles or kitchen floor tiles, their versatility and durability makes them the ideal flooring option for any room in the house - all you need to do is decide on which is the right tile for you.

Floor tile materials: what you need to know

Just as floor tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, they also come in a diverse choice of materials, too. Here at Tiles Direct, we stock a wide range of ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, as well as natural stone options and many other alternatives, so it’s important to understand the differences between each material to gauge their suitability for the job at hand.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a popular choice with homeowners who want a low-maintenance, long-lasting and affordable flooring solution. Fired at extremely high temperatures and pressure, both ceramic and porcelain floor tiles boast excellent durability, water-resistance and strength to provide a perfect protective layer for floors.

However, the finer ceramic and higher firing temperatures used to produce porcelain floor tiles does give them a slight edge in terms of robustness and strength - making them an ideal choice for areas with heavy traffic or outdoor areas exposed to the elements.

Other materials we have on offer in our floor tiles range include natural stone, which equally delivers in terms of durability, style and resistance to water. From tumbled travertine to quartz floor tiles, natural stone is the ultimate choice for hard-wearing and long-lasting flooring solutions as it can last a lifetime. However, it’s worth noting that some types of stone may require additional maintenance to seal them properly from moisture and keep them in pristine condition.

In terms of cost, many natural stone options are more expensive than porcelain or ceramic - but if you’re looking for a sound long-term investment in your home’s interior, natural stone holds its equity well. Rest assured, though, any of these options are sure to add value to your property in the long run.

Floor tile ideas

If your flooring needs an update but you’re struggling to find inspiration, food for thought can be found absolutely everywhere. Draw influence from age-old aesthetic themes or find your own style, borrowing ideas from a broad pool of interior design trends. If you’re still stuck for ideas, here are a few to get your creative juices well and truly flowing.

Tips for tiling small areas: if you’re tackling a small room, always go for large floor tiles to give the illusion of space - rather than emphasising your room’s modest dimensions with smaller, more intricate designs. Lighter shades are also favoured in modest-sized rooms as they help to give a brighter and airier feel.

Tips for palatial pads: on the other side of the coin, smaller tiles can be a particularly effective way of adding detail and pattern to break up larger spaces. Add flourishes of coloured or patterned tiles to expansive floors that create interesting features and zoned areas effectively. 

Pretty practical: if finding a low-maintenance material is your top priority, you won’t struggle to find a sensible tiling solution. Non-slip floor tiles designed to stand the test of time come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a broad spectrum of styles - so you won’t have to choose between safety and sophistication.

Moorish paradise: bringing a Moroccan influence to your home design couldn’t be simpler, thanks to our wide selection of patterned ceramic floor tiles. Rich shades, intricate patterns and geometric designs characterise these popular tiles - giving you an affordable way to introduce some exotic Arabesque style into any room.

Raw and rustic: for a rustic flooring solution guaranteed to add the finishing touch to your folksy home, we have a number of elegant, understated tiles you’ll love. Whether you’re looking to create your own contemporary country home or a Scandinavian-inspired interior, wood effect floor tiles like ours are available in a range of rustic, muted tones.

Lap of luxury: when nothing but the most luxurious option will do, our black quartz floor tiles are sure to fit the bill. These opulent tiles were created to bring some welcome sparkle to any room, as well as being resistant to water, stains and scratches - meaning your home can enjoy a grand and beautiful finish for years to come.

Opulent and elegant: if quartz tiles don’t fit the bill, then our selection of marble-effect floor tiles surely will. With realistic designs that mirror the natural beauty and detailing of real marble, these tiles offer an affordable and low-maintenance alternative - allowing you to create a feeling of grandeur that will never go out of style.

Floor tiles for any room

Whether you’re upgrading for practical purposes or can’t wait to give your home an interior overhaul, you’ll find high-quality floor tiles to fulfil your needs - with options available to suit every room of the house. From function-first kitchens to pristine patios, incorporating floor tiles into your home decor comes with infinite possibilities.

Kitchens: need a no-fuss flooring solution for your kitchen? The only answer is floor tiles. Kitchens are the most common site of everyday accidents and spillages in the home, making a durable, anti-slip flooring option that’s easy to clean pretty much essential. Kitchen floor tiles come in a diverse range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes - including everything from elegant tumbled travertine to matt grey porcelain tiles - making it easy to match your floor with your furnishings.

Whichever style and shade you decide on, we’d always recommend having an eye on just how practical they’ll be in suiting your home and your lifestyle. Certainly, dark colours with high-gloss finishes deliver a striking aesthetic, but darker hues can emphasise specks of dirt and the polished finish can soon become lacklustre if not regularly cleaned - making them a less than practical choice for busy kitchens. However, all is not lost, as opting for neutral tones and patterned designs will work wonders in terms of masking a few crumbs - an ideal solution if you don’t have the time to sweep and mop your floors daily.

Bathrooms: the wet conditions associated with this room mean tiling decisions are as much a matter of function as fashion. When it comes to floor tiles, bathrooms need a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of accidents - and there are sensible options available to help you avoid unnecessary slips and trips in the home without sacrificing style.

From rich Victorian quarry tiles to vintage-inspired ceramics, our broad range of bathroom floor tiles are designed with safety in mind, allowing you to the freedom to design the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether you want to emulate a relaxing spa vibe with neutral tones and soft lighting or a bright and vibrant space that’s packed full of colour, any one of our stunning floor tiles will be the perfect starting point for tying the whole room together. We even offer undertile heating mats for some added luxury and the guarantee of warm tiles underfoot when you step out the shower each morning.

Living rooms: cool and contemporary, living room floor tiles offer a chance to trade traditional carpeting for the ultimate in modern, low-maintenance flooring. With a sleek and chic finish, tiled living rooms are the practical choice for busy homes and can be beautifully cosied up with soft-pile rugs and plenty of soft furnishing to match.

Whether you’re looking for homey wood-effect tiles to complete a rustic look or you’d like to minimise wear and tear with some gorgeous granite tiling, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful, practical floor tiles for living rooms whatever your personal tastes and requirements.

Bedrooms: although a less common flooring choice than in kitchens and bathrooms, choosing floor tiles for bedrooms gives you an opportunity to combine cosy furnishings with cutting-edge style.

From polished porcelain (ideal for bright, airy bedrooms) to patterned mosaic tiling (adding some exotic charm to any home), bedroom floor tiles can be handpicked to suit your living space. Combining hard-wearing properties with a tactile feeling underfoot, floor tiles could be the finishing touch your bedroom’s missing.

Hallways: as the thoroughfare in many modern homes, the hallway sees its fair share of footfall, so it pays to give it some much-needed TLC with a flooring solution that’s hard-wearing, durable, easy to clean and impossibly stylish. With floors well-protected with scratch and water-resistant tiles, you can focus on creating a welcoming space to ensure your home always makes a good first impression.

From vintage-style Victorian tiles to sumptuous natural stone, we want your hallways to feel fashionable and functional every day - just like any other room in the house.

Gardens and patios: floor tiles aren’t just limited to transforming the inside of your home, either - they work wonders in transforming outdoor spaces, too. Here at Tiles Direct, many of our floor tiles are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Whether you want to embrace the transterior trend and create a seamless flow from inside to outside (with the same tiles used in both areas) or you’re looking to spruce up a tired patio, outdoor floor tiles are functional, stylish and incredibly versatile.

From dark and elegant bazalt floor tiles to iconic travertine, it’s easy to create stunning outdoor spaces for relaxing and socialising with friends during the warmer months of the year.

Our range of floor tiles

At Tiles Direct, we have an extensive range of floor tiles for every room in your home, from the typical areas like kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms to bedrooms, hallways and even floor tiles that are suitable for use as outdoor patio and garage floor tiles! On our site, you’ll find styles to complement all kinds of home designs - so, whether you’re laying tiles for the first time or replacing old ones, you can be sure to find the perfect flooring tiles for your space.

Want the look of wooden floors without all the maintenance and aftercare? Check out our range of vintage wooden floor tiles. These ultra-realistic tiles mimic the appearance and texture of real wood, while maintaining maximum durability and no hassle cleaning.

Is your bathroom looking a little dark and dingy? Brighten up! White floor tiles can illuminate any room, reflecting light and creating the illusion of extra space. Alternatively, if you want to warm up a room, you can check out our range of rich terracotta floor tiles - bringing a touch of sunny Spanish style to your home.

If you’re searching for a modern and sophisticated look in your home, why not opt for slate floor tiles or granite floor tiles? Their timelessly chic black and grey finish perfectly complements any kitchen or bathroom design.

Prefer a vintage aesthetic? Maintain the original features of your home or inject some classic style with our Victorian floor tiles - available in a variety of intricate patterns and vintage colours, adding the perfect finishing touch to any period home.

Installation tips for fabulous floors

Updating your home with new floor tiles can be a fantastic way to transform drab, tired spaces into stylish surroundings, but, to help you achieve a fabulous finish, we’ve put together a few tips for installing tiles to get you started.

Measure up: before you begin, always get an accurate measurement of the area to calculate how many tiles and how much adhesive and grout you’ll need for the job. We’d always recommend allowing at least 10% extra for all of these elements to account for tile cuts, breakages and any other unforeseen mishaps - this will ensure you don’t come up short halfway through the installation. Check out our tiling accessories range to stock up on all the essential tools needed - tile spacers, grout floats, notched trowels and more.

Prep the area: with your tiles and accessories ready to go, you’ll need to prepare the area before you start sticking tiles down. Whether you’re tiling over existing tiles, onto concrete or over wooden floorboards, ensure the area is as level as possible - applying a self-leveling screed if necessary. Also, sweep and clear the area to remove as much dust and debris as you can, then you’re ready to go.

Plan the pattern: the key to successful floor tiling is in the pre-planning, as you’ll be starting from a central point in the room and working outwards to each corner. Therefore, it’s essential to have your pattern planned before installing the tiles. For plain tiles, this should be relatively straightforward, but it can be a little more complex with patterned or decorative tiles, so think ahead. Be sure to factor in getting in and out of the room without stepping onto your freshly laid tiles, too - tiling the area nearest the door last. 

Mix and lay: with your design decided, you’re good to start laying your tiles. Measure the room to find the central point, where you will lay the first tile. From here, laying down a small area of adhesive at a time, work outwards towards each corner - using spacers between each tile to ensure uniform gaps.

Grout and seal: the final stage is to seal your tiles with an application of grout that will go between the tiles to protect them from moisture and dirt. To preserve your floors and minimise maintenance, opting for a mould-resistant and waterproof grout is key, but the choice of grout colour is entirely yours.

To make sure you have all the right tools and equipment for installing floor tiles, take a look at our tiling accessories range now.

Why buy with Tiles Direct?

At Tiles Direct, we want your tile-buying process to go as smoothly as possible, so we not only offer you a huge range of premium-quality floor tiles at great value prices, but will also give you the chance to see how the tiles will look in your home before you buy. With our 99p tile samples, we’ll send your sample of choice direct to your door - allowing you to visualise your interior updates in your own home.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we also know how important it is to keep your costs to a minimum when it comes to decorating your home or office - and our price match guarantee means that, if you find our tiles elsewhere for less, we promise to beat the price. Cheap floor tiles don’t have to mean sacrificing on quality, either! We carefully select our floor tiles from leading suppliers across Europe, with strict quality controls in place to ensure that you’re getting the best tiles at the best price.

Once you’ve had a chance to test out our floor tiles in your home and you’re confident you’ve got the best possible price, simply place your order online. We’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £499 - saving you the hassle of all the heavy lifting.

If you’d like more information on any of our tile ranges or you’re ready place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 0113 253 0005 or emailing the Tiles Direct team at