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Do you love the beauty of natural stone, but want something a little less conventional but more affordable than real marble or granite? Well, you’re in the right place. Tiles Direct is home to a diverse range of authentic-looking terrazzo tiles made from porcelain. 

Elegant, classic and understated, terrazzo can elevate the look of any room, delivering a striking feature with a timeless appeal. All you need to do is pick out your favourite terrazzo tile colour, shape and size and you’ll be ready to go. 

What is terrazzo? 

You can find examples of genuine terrazzo floors in ancient architecture the world over, even as far back as Ancient Grecian times and the Roman Empire. However, it gained popular recognition after construction workers in Italy began embedding and polishing leftover stone, glass and mineral shards into concrete as a cost-effective alternative to stone slabs. 

Terrazzo flooring was most commonly used on terraces from the 16th Century onwards, which gave it its name, but you can also see original terrazzo on Venetian churches and buildings. 

Why choose terrazzo tiles?

If you’re in any doubt that porcelain terrazzo tiles are the way to go in your home, let us tell you a little more about all the benefits and practical properties they bring to the table. 

Durability: made from hard porcelain, our faux-terrazzo tiles offer exceptional strength and durability. The result is a floor or wall that’s equipped to withstand the rigours of even the busiest households. From high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways to bathrooms and wetrooms, you can have complete peace of mind that your terrazzo tiles will stay in pristine condition for many years

Authenticity: with an eye for detail, all our terrazzo tiles have been manufactured to look as authentic as possible, replicating the natural colours, details and beauty of traditional terrazzo flooring. We’re confident that with our terrazzo-effect tiles, even you will struggle to tell the difference between these stylish tiles and the real deal

Affordability: the essence of terrazzo flooring came from making use of leftover waste materials as a cheaper option to natural stone. So, it’s only fitting that even in its modern form it offers the same affordability. When you use terrazzo effect tiles, you get an even more cost-effective solution

Practicality: thanks to porcelain’s hardness and robust glazed finish, terrazzo tiles offer a practical option for protecting floors and walls. With superb water, scratch and stain resistance, they’re ideal for use in wet and high traffic areas, effortlessly coping with daily wear and tear

Versatility: with a variety of colour, shape and size options on offer, our terrazzo tiles are incredibly versatile. Whether paired with high-gloss kitchen cabinets for a contemporary finish or exposed wood and leather furniture for a more rustic feel, terrazzo tiles can adapt to suit both modern and traditional interior design concepts

Terrazzo tiles: colours, sizes and finishes

Serving up lashings of charm and character, terrazzo tiles could be just what your home needs to give it a fresh new look. However, before you make the move to purchase, you need to make a decision on the perfect colour, size and finish. This will make sure you get just the right look you want for your dream home interior. 

Cool colours

Originating from stone chips embedded into concrete, it’s not surprising that the main colour base you’ll find with terrazzo floor and wall tiles centres around grey. That doesn't mean you’re limited to just one shade though. 

Our range of terrazzo wall and floor tiles offers the choice of four cool grey hues to help you create a chic and stylish interior. Ranging from a soft, light grey through to dramatic black terrazzo tiles with white and grey detailing, you can pick just the right shade to suit your vision. You don’t even have to opt for just one shade. Why not use light and dark terrazzo tiles on floors and walls to create striking colour contrasts, for example?

We also stock a few terrazzo-style tiles that offer a new take on this classic flooring style, like our Tutti Frutti Stone tiles. With a white base, multi-colored chips and a diamond glaze finish, they’re perfect for projecting a light and playful interior. Or if you want your terrazzo flooring to be even bolder, embrace the larger format stone detailing of the FS Rialto terrazzo floor tiles with black, brown and grey detailing and a natural finish to give a raw and rustic style.

You’ll also find some pretty patterned terrazzo designs available, like the Micro Terrazzo Flower or the Micro Terrazzo Illusion. With an inlaid pattern, these tiles serve up a classic look that can be easily modernised with the right furnishings.

Sizes and shapes

When it comes to shapes and sizes, take your pick from 20cm x 20cm, 60cm x 60cm and 30cm x 60cm dimensions. For a classic look that’s perfect for large areas, opting for square tiles laid in a grid formation will deliver a classic terrazzo flooring design. 

If you fancy something a little more contemporary, rectangular tiles could be just the solution. With a variety of pattern options to choose from, you can effortlessly pull off a range of different looks. One option is to lay your terrazzo tiles on floors or walls in a brick lay design for a more traditional aesthetic. Alternatively, add depth to smaller spaces by laying them in horizontal or vertical rows. This style works brilliantly in smaller spaces as the straight lines work to elongate the area, making it appear larger.

If you want to give your interiors an even funkier feel, we also stock hexagonal light grey terrazzo mosaic tiles, as well as options in black terrazzo, medium and dark grey. Terrazzo mosaic tiles are guaranteed to add a touch of texture and interest, particularly if you use them to break up large expanses of tiled areas. 


For tile finishes, our selection of terrazzo tiles offer the choice of matt, natural, polished or diamond glaze. Matt and natural finishes offers a duller, more understated look that’s perfect for pulling off contemporary or more rustic decor styles.

In contrast, polished and diamond glazed finishes are shinier, helping to reflect light off their surfaces.These finishes work well in modest, dimly lit areas of the home, naturally making the space feel bigger and brighter. Whether it’s a windowless downstairs bathroom or a dark hallway, harnessing the power of light reflection could be all you need to make the whole space sparkle. 

Terrazzo tiles and all the styles

Terrazzo never seems to really go out of favour, but in recent years it’s been making a big impact in the interior design world. Like with any trend renaissance, interior designers are finding new and inspirational ways to use terrazzo tiles in modern settings as a result. 

If you’re in need of some inspiration yourself, we’ve put together some styling ideas to get you on the right track to creating stunning terrazzo covered floors and walls. 

Practical kitchens

If you want to give your kitchen a contemporary update with some added panache, let terrazzo tiles be your decor of choice. With floors, harness their patterned power to make them a standout feature, all while effortlessly hiding those everyday spills for minimal upkeep. 

When it comes to using terrazzo wall tiles, give your splashback a punchy edge that’s packed full of texture and depth by pairing pale grey terrazzo tiles with all-white handleless cabinets. Beautifully contrasted against the white, these easy-wipe down tiles will be the star of the show. 

Bold bathrooms

Our terrazzo-look tiles are for those looking to make a bold statement with their bathroom design. To optimise their impact, we suggest using darker terrazzo porcelain bathroom tiles on the floors, offset by a crisp white bathroom suite. If this feels a little cold for your liking, finish off the look with brass or brushed gold fixtures and fittings. The end result will feel luxurious and elegant every time you step into the room. 

Of course, if you prefer something a little more subtle, why not use light grey terrazzo wall tiles, beautifully complemented by a slightly darker shade on the floors? Finished with a statement copper sink and black gunmetal hardware, you can master the industrial-chic look in no time. 

Lavish living rooms, hallways and more

While kitchens and bathrooms are the obvious choice for porcelain terrazzo-effect tiles, they aren’t your only options. The beauty of terrazzo is that it can work in any area of the home, injecting a lavish and luxurious feel with a wealth of practical benefits. 

For instance, the addition of stylish terrazzo flooring in hallways will make light work of standing up to heavy footfall, with the added bonus of being able to quickly wipe away any muddy footprints.

When it comes to relaxation areas like living rooms and bedrooms, terrazzo floor tiles offer you the chance to create a classic interior that’s bursting with character and depth. Finished with layers of soft furnishings and shaggy rugs, you’ll be left with a timeless interior that feels cosy - especially if you invest in some underfloor heating, too. 

Why buy terrazzo-effect tiles from Tiles Direct?

Tiles Direct is your one-stop tile shop, making the whole process of buying terrazzo tiles as simple and hassle-free as possible. With an extensive choice of premium-quality tiles all at competitive prices, we’re confident you won’t find better value anywhere else. In fact, if you do find the same tiles elsewhere at a lower price, we’ll beat it with our price match promise. 

We also offer tile samples from as little as £1.99, allowing you to visualise how they’ll look in your home before you buy. Plus, once you’ve found your dream tile, we’ll deliver them direct to your door, with free delivery on all orders over £499.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our full range of high-quality terrazzo-effect tiles online today and if you need any more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.