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Mapei Grout

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When you’re undertaking a tiling project, after laying your tiles, you’ll need to choose the right grout to help you complete the job - and we can help there, too. Our selection of Mapei grout options come in a broad spectrum of colours to provide you with a versatile grout that’s perfect for wall tiles, floor tiles and more. Fast-setting and quick-drying, Mapei grout is ideal for interior or exterior projects, keeping dirt at bay and providing a seamless finish.

As a Mapei grout supplier, we have everything you need to complete your tiling project and ensure you’re left with a professional-looking finish.

Why use grout?

Mapei grout is used to fill in any gaps and help you seal your wall and floor tiles in place. This high-quality grout option dries quickly, meaning that, even in busy areas, you won’t need to worry about this space being out of action for long.

Grouting is a key part of the tile installation process. Aesthetically, it provides a beautifully smooth result and adds the finishing touch to your tiling job. Practically, it means you can enjoy long-lasting tiles that perform as they should, rather than becoming damaged by dirt, debris and water over time.

Choosing the best grout for the job

When choosing the best grout for you, you’ll need to consider the specific needs of the job. Interior decoration projects where you’re concerned with aesthetics alone will likely lead you to choose a different option than that of practical outdoor tile installations, for example. 

Mapei grout is water-repellent for joints of 2mm to 20mm - so, whether it’s kitchen splashbacks or garden patios, this grout provides the ideal solution for areas of the home where water is unavoidable. It’s also polymer modified and anti-efflorescence, helping to prevent moisture intrusion and erosion over time.

Mapei Kerapoxy grout provides exceptional resistance to acids and boasts stress-free cleanability. This type of grout becomes very hard once set, so it’s right at home in high-traffic areas. The colours available in this range are resistant to ultraviolet rays, too, so there’s also no concern about fading over time.

Mapei grout colour chart
From silver greys and whites to blues and yellows, Mapei grout comes in a vibrant array of colours, helping you find an option that suits your tiling project. If you don’t have a colour preference, or hadn’t realised there were numerous options to choose from, the Mapei grout colour chart above can help you to visualise the different shades before you buy.

Quality grout when you need it most

From interior walls and floors to swimming pools, pathways, patios and even commercial areas, grout can be the thing that keeps your tiles looking better for longer. With DropEffect technology, and anti-mould properties thanks to state-of-the-art biotech technology, Mapei grout is suitable for tiling most areas of the home and beyond - including those that experience high volumes of foot traffic on a daily basis.
How much Mapei grout you need will depend on the tiles themselves. You’ll need to factor in their size and thickness, as well as the spacers in between each tile. You can use our grouting calculator on any of our individual grouting product pages to find out how much grout’s required for your individual project. Alternatively, if you need any help or advice with this - or want to find out more about any of our Mapei products - you can contact our friendly team of tile experts on 0113 253 0005 or send us an email.
Browse our range of Mapei adhesive, silicone and Mapegrip products now to make sure you have the entire suite of tools needed to get your tiling job done.