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Hexagon Tiles for Walls & Floors

Looking for unique, eye-catching tiles to introduce to your home’s walls or floors? You’ve come to the right place! Our hexagon tile range is home to everything from encaustic-effect designs to matt, monochrome options and brightly coloured mosaic tiles - and below, you can read more about some of the reasons that hexagonal wall and floor tiles are so popular, so luxurious and so versatile.

Browse our extensive range of hexagon wall and floor tiles today for an array of aesthetically striking tiles sure to make a lasting impression in every room of the home.

What makes hexagon tiles so popular?

Hexagonal tiles, also known as honeycomb tiles, are six-sided, tessellating tiles capable of adding some geometric chic to any home. This shape is found commonly in nature, from bees’ honeycombs to the interlocking basalt columns that comprise the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland. 

Tiles in this unusual shape are a particularly popular choice for homeowners looking to add some unique character to their kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, or for those looking to emulate the beauty of nature inside their property.

Naturally charismatic, hexagon tiles are sure to have a significant impact on the overall style of any interior space. Offering a timeless finish, these versatile tiles seamlessly complement subtle and bold interiors alike, making them an increasing popular walling and flooring option for a multitude of interior environments.

From the floors to the walls

Whether you’re looking to incorporate an exciting feature wall into your home or find a flooring solution that’s as practical as it is stylish, hexagon tiles are just the thing. Equally suited to walls and floors, these six-sided tiles are extremely flexible - meaning they can be effortlessly incorporated into any interior to form an ideal decorative solution for walls or floors.

If you’re considering creating a honeycomb effect on your floors, large hexagon tiles like those found in our Apollo Hexagon range are ideal for putting a quirky twist on the classic Mediterranean villa look. If subtlety is more your style, though, consider combining smaller white tiles like our Hexagon Matt White with light grout lines for a traditional, more delicate flooring style.

Hexagon wall tiles like our British Ceramic tiles are an elegant and unconventional choice for anyone looking to spice up their home design - especially when paired with other geometric features, such as furniture, fittings and interior accessories. Utilise hexagon wall tiles like those in our colourful, glossy Vezelay range to create a statement wall in an otherwise minimalist room or, alternatively, to geometrically emphasise other parts of your interior decor.

Our hexagonal tiles are available in a diverse range of dimensions, with our smallest hexagonal tiles coming in at 2.3cm x 2.3cm - meaning whether you’re looking for practical or aesthetic flexibility, we’ve got the six-sided tile for the job. Whether you’re looking for small, subtle wall tiles or large, statement floor tiles, our comprehensive range offers a size, style and function for every environment.

For the home’s busier rooms

If you’re redesigning your kitchen or bathroom but unsure how to decorate your walls or floors, you’ll be pleased to know that our hexagon honeycomb tiles are right at home in both of these typically busy rooms.

Constructed from hard-wearing porcelain, this unique range boasts a refined set of practical qualities that make them ideal for heavy-use environments. Stain and dirt-resistant, you can rest assured that these capable tiles will be up to the challenge of dealing with the splashes and spills associated with daily use in kitchens and bathrooms.

As colour is fired into the body of the tile, these hexagonal tiles boast a colour permanence that keeps them looking their best all year round. Whether you’re looking for the slick monochrome aesthetics of our Hexatile range or the more vibrant colours found in our Vezelay range, the colour won’t fade - keeping your home effortlessly on-trend.

The surface of porcelain doesn’t easily retain antigens or allergens and is primed to resist the absorption of odours, fumes and smoke. As a result, this range of hexagon tiles is very hygienic and provides the ideal flooring solution for bathroom and kitchen environments where sanitation is key.

On top of that, hexagon kitchen tiles are positively perfect for a quirky, contemporary splashback - combining drop-dead good looks with minimal maintenance. In bathrooms, hexagonal tiles are equally at home on walls and floors, thanks to being resistant to water and stains, and extremely hard-wearing.

Timeless aesthetics guaranteed

Due to the broad range of colours available, you can either plan your room around your hexagon tiles or easily find a complementary design that will work harmoniously with your existing design theme.

From black, grey and white hexagonal tiles for monochrome lovers to beautiful beige, cream and sand shades and even metallic options and multi-coloured patterns, homeowners of all tastes can find a shade that suits their personality. 

For a unique interior approach, use these hexagon tiles as statement pieces in their own right, contrasting patterns to create specific areas of interest or emphasis. Alternatively, bring linear decor and furniture into your space as a way of reinforcing the geometric appeal of these distinctive tiles.

Pocket-friendly prices

With over 25 years of experience as your one-stop shop for tiles and tiling accessories, we understand the importance of keeping costs to a minimum. As a result, we offer a price match guarantee - so, if you find the same tile for less elsewhere, we’ll match it. With our smallest hexagonal tiles costing under £3 apiece, reinventing your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth - you can bring some geometric beauty to your home on a budget without having to sacrifice style factor.

Installation advice

Given the distinctive geometric qualities of these tiles, installation can be tricky. To ensure these tiles are being utilised to the best of their ability, we recommend using a registered tradesman if you don’t feel as though you have the necessary experience to take on this challenge yourself. After all, proper installation is key to reaping the benefits of these stylish yet practical tiles.

Get in touch today to enquire about any of our hexagon tile products or, if you’ve already settled on a design, simply place your order online and wait for your stunning new tiles to be delivered straight to your door!

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