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Onyx Effect Tiles

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If you’re looking to give your home a luxurious, unique aesthetic, look no further than our collection of onyx effect tiles.

Our range is packed with onyx effect tiles in dreamy shades, with sizes and ultra-realistic designs galore, so you can bring the beauty of real onyx tiles into your home without the hefty price tag. From high-end kitchens to traditional living rooms and bathrooms, our onyx effect porcelain wall and floor tiles are perfect for evoking a true sense of luxury.

Explore our full range of onyx effect tiles online now and find just the right option for your dream home interior makeover.

What is onyx?

Natural onyx is a variety of chalcedony, a type of microcrystalline quartz characterised by its parallel bands of colour, with enormous potential for natural colour variations. Its name is derived from the Greek for ‘nail’ or ‘claw’, as paler-coloured varieties of onyx bear some resemblance to a human fingernail.

Onyx has long been used in carving, engraving and jewellery-making thanks to its stunning natural colouring, but isn’t a particularly practical tile material due to its softness and fragility compared with other, less brittle forms of natural stone.

For this reason, we offer our customers a choice of stunning onyx effect wall and floor tiles so you can bring the extraordinary beauty of onyx into your home’s design while enjoying the numerous practical benefits of superior tile materials.

Why onyx effect tiles? 

Featuring striking, unique veins and detailing in a rainbow of colours, onyx tiles brilliantly showcase the beauty of nature - giving interiors a wonderfully organic aesthetic. Onyx stone is similar to marble in its colouring, appearance and price point, but it can be more fragile and require more maintenance than marble.

There is another way you can enjoy the beauty of onyx tiles without the upkeep, though, with our onyx effect porcelain tiles. Possessing a range of practical perks and ultra-realistic aesthetics that mimic the look and feel of onyx, these tiles are a beautiful and durable solution to covering walls and floors throughout your home.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy in your home include:

  • Durability: our hard onyx effect porcelain tiles boast excellent resistance to scratches, stains and impacts, making them well-suited to handling everyday wear and tear on walls and floors
  • Water-resistant: the low porosity of porcelain gives our onyx effect tiles outstanding water resistance - perfect for wet areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Low-maintenance: with a robust, glazed finish, all of our onyx effect tiles are easy to clean - needing little more than a sweep and mop with regular cleaning agents to restore their beauty
  • Versatility: with an array of shades, sizes and and design effects available, these beautiful onyx-look tiles can be used to create a wide range of looks. The only hard part will be deciding which colour and style is right for you
  • Hygienic finish: as they’re made from non-porous porcelain, our onyx tiles are a hygienic design solution for walls and floors. They won’t retain dirt and are hypoallergenic and extremely easy to keep clean for a more hygienic living space overall
  • Sustainability: the sustainable practices associated with modern porcelain tile manufacturing makes our onyx effect tiles an eco-friendly option for your home’s walls or floors. Better yet, the thermal mass of porcelain onyx effect tiles helps to moderate temperate in your home which can drive welcome energy savings
  • Dreamy onyx effect designs: most importantly of all, this range of tiles features a diverse selection of stunning onyx effect designs that channel the beauty of this natural mineral in a spectrum of colour options. From classic white, grey and beige to eye-catching blue, green and pink, we stock onyx tiles in a variety of jaw-dropping shades

Your onyx effect tile colour options

Colour plays a crucial role in any home interior design project and when it comes to onyx effect tiles, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Giving you an assortment of shades that will help you pull off a wide range of decor styles.

Some of our popular onyx tile hues include: 

  • White: keep things clean and crisp with white onyx tiles on walls and floors, paired with grey or black accents for a striking monochrome vibe in the kitchen
  • Grey: from silvery hues to moody shades, keep your interiors timeless with cool and versatile grey onyx effect tiles that complement a wide range of other accent colours
  • Black: with black onyx bathroom tiles, you can give your everyday bathing a touch of glamour and drama
  • Green: give your home a strong connection with nature, using green onyx wall and floor tiles to create a soothing, serene space
  • Brown: from pale beige to deep, earthy tones, champion classic decor styles with brown onyx effect porcelain tiles - beautifully finished with gold or brass fixtures
  • Pink: elegant and warming, pink onyx wall tiles are right at home in playful bathroom designs with a walk-in shower, glass screens and brushed chrome
  • Blue: let your interiors draw inspiration from nature with onyx tiles in blue hues that evoke the sky and ocean to create a calming, tranquil space when used on walls or floors

Your onyx tile finishes

To make sure you get just the right finished look with your home update, you’ll find a variety of different tile finishes available.

Take your pick from:

  • Polished: with a shiny, light-reflecting surface, polished onyx tiles can make areas feel bigger and brighter - but keep in mind they will need frequent cleaning to keep them looking sleek and shiny
  • Diamond glazed: featuring a robust diamond glaze, these tiles are ideal for high-traffic areas of the home - helping to minimise the effects of daily wear and tear
  • Matt: for a more contemporary look, matt finish onyx effect tiles provide a duller finish that adds texture and depth to walls and floors, especially with the beautiful detailing of the tile design

Your onyx tile sizes

The size of your tile also matters when it comes to pulling off your dream home interior design.

For instance, large onyx wall tiles in a small space will create fewer grout lines, making the area feel bigger. On the flip side, using smaller tiles in vast areas will work to give the space more character and interest.

Our onyx tile range includes the following size options:

  • 42.7cm x 86.2cm
  • 30cm x 90cm
  • 60cm x 60cm
  • 45cm x 90cm 
  • 60cm x 120cm

Onyx tiles style ideas for every room

Wondering where onyx tiles will work best in your living space? 

Well, the good news is that our range of onyx effect tiles offer countless styling options throughout the home.

Here are a few styling ideas to get you feeling inspired:

  • The bathroom: with onyx bathroom tiles, you can give this functional space a glamorous makeover that honours the Art Deco movement
  • The kitchen: matt onyx floor tiles make the perfect addition to kitchens, both in style and practicality. The matt finish will give better grip underfoot, while the onyx detailing will create a luxurious look that masks everyday use
  • The living room: create a relaxation sanctuary with a nod to nature with soft, grey onyx tiles on the floor paired with a soft pile rug and soft furnishings galore
  • The hallway: give guests a warm welcome with rosy pink onyx effect floor tiles which are ideal for high-traffic areas while still delivering effortless style

Buying quarry tiles online at Tiles Direct

At Tiles Direct, we bring you the perfect blend of style, quality and price across all of our tile collections, and our onyx effect tiles are no exception.

With a quick and secure online checkout, free delivery on all orders over £499 and our price match promise, we want to make sure you get the best deal possible when buying your onyx tiles online.

Shop the full range online now and find your dream onyx tiles. If you need a little help choosing, why not order a small tile sample from just 99p? Alternatively, get in touch with any questions by calling us on 0113 253 0005.