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Wood Effect Tiles for Walls & Floors

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Do you want the durability of tiles but prefer the look of natural wood floors? Look no further than Tiles Direct. Our wide range of realistic wood effect tiles are the perfect solution to help bring a fresh, natural look into your home that’s practical, stylish and affordable.

Our beautiful faux-wood tiles can be used throughout your home - delivering a stylish and stunning aesthetic you can enjoy for years. From wood effect bathroom tiles primed to incorporate wooden flooring into wet areas to wood effect wall tiles, you’ll find it all here!

The benefits of wood effect tiles over real wood floors

With natural wood tones creating a cosy and warm effect throughout your home, it’s easy to see why wooden flooring is such a popular choice. That being said, real wood requires plenty of maintenance and often needs caring for with special cleaning solutions and varnishing treatments in order to protect it from degradation over time.

Of course, many older properties are blessed with vintage wooden floors that lay hidden under old carpets and can be lovingly restored to give a wonderfully authentic and characterful finish. But it’s not uncommon for many homeowners to be disappointed to discover inferior floorboards or even concrete floors in newer homes when they rip up their carpets. 

One go-to option to recreate the wood look is laminate. While laminate wood flooring is a popular option, it doesn’t offer the same durability and hardiness of real wood as it tends to scratch and dent easily. As a result, this ultimately makes laminate a short-term fix.

Like real wood, laminate also isn’t ideally suited to wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, meaning you’re limited to where you can install your desired wooden interiors - but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The answer? Wood effect tiles. And if you’re not convinced that wood-look tiles are up to the job, here’s some of the key advantage they have over real wood alternatives:

Excellent water, scratch and stain resistance: nothing ruins a beautiful wooden floor more than water damage, scratches or stains. Even with vigilant maintenance and sealing, wood is always going to be a soft material prone to damage. In contrast, our wood effect tiles combine the appearance of natural wood with the durability of modern tiling options - making them a perfect alternative. This means they’re hard enough to be resistant to water, scratches and dents - in short, our tiles offer the best of both worlds.

Outstanding durability: updating your home interiors can be costly, so you want to make sure those updates are designed to last, especially in busy areas of the home. With wood, you’ll inevitably get worn spots in high-traffic areas, but wood effect tiles won’t wear away over time. This makes them ideal for use in kitchens and any other high-footfall areas of the house like hallways and porches - ensuring a hard-wearing finish that will last for years to come.

Ultra-realistic finishes: wood is so appealing for its natural grains, but as a porous material, this can limit you on its usage in wet areas such as bathrooms. But with ultra realistic finishes like those on our wood effect bathroom tiles, you’ll be offered the unique opportunity to incorporate natural textures and beauty into your bathroom. This is something that would be impossible with natural wood floors, which are susceptible to water damage.

Whether you have grand ideas for a distressed wood-clad shower cubicle for a homely, rustic feel or a highly polished finish that lends a luxurious touch, it’s possible to make all of these designs a reality with the use of hard-wearing tiles that feature faux-wood designs.

Incredibly cost-effective: don’t be fooled into thinking wood effect tiles are a lowly substitute for the real thing. On the contrary, thanks to their uniquely printed design and textured finish, you’ll struggle to distinguish our tiles from the real thing. Their durable properties make them far superior to wood or laminate when it comes to longevity and maintenance, while their pocket-friendly prices mean they’re an affordable way to invest wisely for long-lasting home updates.

Sustainable properties: as if all that wasn’t enough, for anyone with an eye on their environmental responsibilities (a consideration we should all have in this day and age), you’ll be pleased to know that opting for wood effect tiles in your home will also go towards upping your home’s eco-credentials.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a sustainable flooring option - not least because they’re incredibly hard-wearing, but also as they’re made from natural clay which doesn’t drain on precious natural resources.

Low maintenance: we’ve already touched on the potential upkeep required with real wood floors, but with wood-look tiles you can forget about regular sanding, sealing and special cleaning solutions. The hard, glazed surface of faux-wood tiles is impenetrable to odours and chemicals, so they can be easily cleaned with just soap and water. This means there’s no need for any harsh cleaning products that have the potential to be harmful to the planet.

With plenty of compelling reasons to choose wood effect tiles over real wood, you can dive into our full range now to discover the diverse range of styles, colours and sizes we have in our collection to bring your home makeover visions to life.

Our range of wood effect tiles

As one of the UK’s leading online tile retailers, we’ve spent years building strong relationships with quality suppliers across Europe to source premium tiles at great prices. So, when it comes to finding the perfect tiles to suit your personal style and practical needs, you’ll find a variety of porcelain and ceramic wood effect tiles for floors and walls. From dark ebony coloured tiles with polished finishes to matt white faux-wood tiles, we have it all - meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a colour and finish.

Authentic finishes and colours

As our wide range of tiles expertly mimics a huge range of timber and wood stains, you’ll find endless styling possibilities. Whether you want to pull off a rustic-chic look, a raw industrial approach or a classic country style, our wood effect tiles can be adapted to suit any interior design style you please.

Just some of the beautiful wood finishes you can expect to find within our wood effect tiles range include ahs, aak, birch, beech, maple, cherry and walnut. With each wood having its own unique colouring and detailing, these have been expertly replicated to produce a super realistic alternative to hardwood floors. 

For instance, you can find a whole host of options for authentic-looking oak-style floors, from pale white oak options that lend a soft, rustic feel to wood tiles with a gloss finish that capture deeper oak hues for a more traditional look. 

If Scandi inspired decor is more your thing, you’ll find endless options of pale shades that replicate beech, birch and ash wood floors in our Burrows collection - keeping your interiors the perfect blend of pale and interesting.

On the other end of the spectrum, use wood-effect tiles with that signature cherry hue, like those found in our Jungle Lux range. With a gloss finish, these rosy-coloured wood tiles are guaranteed to create rooms that feel warm and welcoming. Or why not use the attractive detailing of walnut-esque wood tiles in a dark hue with a matt, glazed finish to inject character, charm and a touch of drama to your home?

To ensure we give you all the variety you need to create your dream wooden floors using tiles, you’ll find a broad spectrum of finish options available, too. Whether you want understated matt tiles or something with a polished sheen - not to mention aged, painted, patchwork and distressed wood-looks - we’re pretty confident whatever style you’re looking to pull off, you’ll find just the right wood effect tile right here. 

An array of sizes and shapes

You won’t be disappointed with tile sizes and shapes we have on offer either. We have plenty of dimensions to choose from, with tiles that replicate large, singular floorboards as well as designs that feature an eclectic patchwork, like our Blendart range

With sizes starting from 8cm x 40cm and going up to 30cm x 120cm, finding the right size and style shouldn’t ever be a problem. 

If pretty patterns are on your agenda with wood-look floors or walls, why not check out our wood-look chevron tiles that come in 8cm x 40cm sheets? With the option to lay them in rows or create striking patterns, these wood-effect tiles are perfect for creating a unique finish anywhere in your home. 

Alternatively, strive for simplicity with square format tiles with a wood-style finish like our Nightwalk tiles range. These 75cm x 75cm tiles deliver exceptional style and character with all the convenience of laying a square tile rather than having to factor in pattern ratios. 

Premium materials

All our tiles are made to the highest quality and within this range you’ll find an extensive selection of ceramic and porcelain wood effect tiles.

When it comes to choosing which material is right for you, both deliver outstanding durability, water-resistance and strength to cope with daily wear and tear. This makes them practical, even in busy areas of the home such as bathrooms, hallways and kitchens - meaning you can now have your dream wooden floors wherever you please. 

However, it’s worth noting that porcelain wood effect tiles do have a slight edge in terms of strength and water-resistance, as their manufacturing process delivers a harder, denser finished product. These attributes can make them a better choice for use in very wet areas like wetrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. 

Wooden floors for every room

Unlike real wood, with wood effect tiles you can now have the chance to style out any room you like. From living rooms and hallways to kitchens and bathrooms, each and every room in the house can be blessed with the beauty and natural charm of wooden interiors. 

Do you need a little inspiration on which faux-wood to use where? Well, don’t fret. Below you’ll find some timeless styling ideas to get your imagination and creativity flowing in no time:

Perfect parquet: if you’re looking for parquet floors that hark back to a bygone era using wood effect tiles, check out our range of Arrow wood-look tiles. Their unique chevron shape means they can be laid in intricate patterns to imitate parquet flooring, which will look stunning in large living rooms and dining rooms. Alternatively, go for a classic herringbone pattern using handy herringbone mosaic tile sheets for easier installation. Whichever pattern and decor you settle on, you'll find plenty of shades on offer to perfectly fit your vision, ranging from pale woods like cedar and cool grey oak to to dark walnut.

Go big and bold: if you love the aesthetic of larger floorboards, our Regio wood effect porcelain tiles are the perfect solution. These hyper-realistic large format wood effect floor tiles offer a cool and contemporary distressed finish ideally suited to neutral and earthy colour schemes in kitchens and dining rooms. Available in three stunning colours - pale white, sleek grey and dark anthracite - you can create an impactful interior using wood effect tiles that are incredibly easy to match up with your existing home decor.

Sleek and chic kitchens: bring a luxurious touch to your kitchen with beautiful wood effect tiles like our Jungle Lux range. Featuring a wonderful selection of five colours - including soft honey, rich cherry and dark brown - these gloss-finish wood effect tiles bring a high-end feel that works in both contemporary and classic surroundings. Whether you want to conjure up cutting-edge chic with some dark walnut coloured floors or a stately manor vibe with cherry wood hues, these gloss tiles will reflect light around the room and give it an effortlessly elegant ambience.

Natural bathrooms: our range of porcelain and ceramic wood effect floor tiles aren’t limited to bathroom and kitchen floors, either. Why not try something different, incorporating wood effect wall tiles into your home by extending the natural texture of wood onto your walls? Embrace nature with a stunning new look in your bathroom using gorgeous Vintage wood effect tiles on floors and walls. Whether you go for washed-out ash and birch greys paired with antique furniture or warm browns like oak, maple and cherry on walls that are complemented with green foliage, pulling off a natural aesthetic in bathrooms is a breeze.

Colour it beautiful in the bedroom: if you’re feeling bold and want to inject some character into your tired bedroom decor, our Wood Philosophy Coleur tiles provide a colourful alternative to traditional floorboards. Available in a multicoloured design, these porcelain wood effect tiles allow you to add a splash of colour to your bedroom interiors. From funky floors to eye-catching walls, these wood effect tiles are primed for adding texture and charm to deliver an on-trend finish in any bedroom.

Whatever room you’re looking to update and whatever your decor theme, with Tiles Direct, you’re sure to find stunning and practical wood effect tiles that fit the bill.

Wood effect tile installation guide

With any tiling project, we’d always recommend drafting in professional tilers to make sure you’re left with the perfect end result. However, if you love nothing more than taking on a DIY project and feel up to doing yourself, we’ve put together some helpful pointers to get you started:

Measure the area: with any DIY project, it’s essential to do your homework before getting stuck in - and job number 1 is to measure the area. Getting accurate measurements is key to ensuring you order enough tiles, adhesive and grout and aren’t left short halfway through the job. Whether you’re using wood-look tiles on the floors or walls, measure the areas at least twice to get precise calculations. If your area isn’t a uniform size, multiply the longest measurements for both the width and length to calculate how many square metres you’re working with. Before you order your tiles, you should add 10% to your total square metre measurements to allow for tile cuts and breakages. You’ll find a handy online calculator for this on all our tile product pages if maths isn’t your strongest subject. 

Get the area ready: in order to make your life easier and get a flat surface, you’ll need to carry out some preparation before you fix down your tiles. Your surface (also called a substrate in the trade), needs to be clean and level. 

For walls, this will mean removing any bumps or obstructions like fixed shelves or light fittings before you tile, as well as sanding down any protruding bumps. If the surface is still very uneven, you may want to consider attaching a plasterboard or aquaboard in kitchens and bathrooms. For floors, remove all furniture and sweep the area clean. Using a spirit level, check the surface is flat and apply a self-levelling screed if necessary.

Create a design mockup: the final part of your pre-tiling prep is to configure your wood effect tile layout and pattern. Doing this before you start sticking them down will mean you can calculate the number of tile cuts ahead of time and play around with your design to get the perfect layout.

Find out more about the different patterns and layouts for wood effect tiles right here.

Fix down your tiles: with your design finalised and surfaces ready, you can begin laying down the tiles. First, you should mark out the centre point of the room by where you’ll lay the first tile. From here you should work logically out to each edge and corners, being sure to tile the exit area last. It’s also worth noting that it’s recommended to lay long, thin wood effect tiles in a staggered design. Instead of laying them in a 50:50 ratio, however, look to lay the edge of the tile off-centre with a 30:70 ratio. This will stagger the joints and help counteract the natural bow that can occur with this type of tile. 

To affix them to the surface, first apply a small amount of adhesive using a notched trowel. Then gently press the tile into the adhesive and repeat this process, using tile spacers along the tile gaps to keep your lines straight and even.

Use grout for the final seal: when your tile adhesive is fully dry (allow at least 24 hours for this) you’re ready to give your beautiful faux-wood tiles the final finish by applying grout to seal the joints. This should be done with a special grout float, that allows you to wipe the solution over the tile gaps and press it in to prevent any voids that can allow moisture and dirt to get in behind the tiles. Once the grout has dried (typically 3 hours), use a dual-purpose sponge and clean water to wipe away the grout residue and leave your tiles sparkling!

Find out which essentials tools and equipment you'll need here.

Why choose Tiles Direct?

With wood effect tiles available in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes to suit any home, you needn’t look further than Tiles Direct. Better yet, all of our products are price matched - so if you happen to find our tiles cheaper elsewhere, we’ll not only match that price but beat it.

We pride ourselves not only on the variety we offer, but also on the quality of each and every one of our tiles. We’ve taken the time to carefully select tile suppliers that match our values to ensure you’re buying products you can rely on now and for years to come.

To start making your dream home updates a reality, why not order a tile sample today for just £1.99? That way, you can see the realistic and durable wood finish for yourself and start planning all the different elements involved to create a beautifully unified finish. Once you’re happy with your choice of tile, simply place your order online. We’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £499.

Our experienced sales team is always on hand to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing tiles for your home. So, if you’d like any additional information on our fantastic range of wood effect floor tiles or any other products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.