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For homeowners keen to update their interiors, giving fireplaces a stylish makeover can offer an impactful yet affordable upgrade. 

To help you find just the right solution that’s brimming with personality, we’ve searched high and low to curate an eclectic array of designs and styles within our fireplace tiles collection. 

Guaranteed to deliver a unique and characterful finish, our fireplace tile designs can effortlessly transform functional features into eye-catching focal points. Whether you want pretty colourful designs or something classic, our hearth tiles will bring understated elegance to your fireplace borders or a touch of drama to your home’s hearth.

With options galore for colours, sizes, finishes and designs, our porcelain and ceramic fireplace tiles will be right at home, whatever the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

Why choose fireplace tiles?

While a fire’s main job might be to provide warmth to a room, this feature can be about so much more thanks to an array of practical and aesthetic perks. 

Some of the top benefits of fireplace tiles include:

  • Durability: made from hard porcelain or ceramic, our fireplace tiles can help give functional fireplaces added longevity with resistance to scratches, stains and impacts
  • Heat resistance: naturally, fire surrounds are exposed to high temperatures when lit, so using one of our heat-resistant tiles for fireplace surrounds and hearths gives you style and safety
  • Versatile: with so many different designs available, our fireplace tiles can be adapted to modern and traditional designs. They’re not limited to use on traditional open fireplaces, either. They can also be used to add character to log burners, stoves and hobs - transforming practical features into a striking focal point
  • Practical: beyond the aesthetic benefits, fireplace tiles also provide a practical protective layer for the fireplace and surrounding walls and floors. Preventing soot and ash from staining other surfaces, hearth tiles are easy to keep clean - simply brush and wipe them as you would any other tile. All this means that keeping your fireplace in pristine condition will be an absolute breeze
  • Sustainable: made from natural clay and with built-in durability, fireplace tiles are a solid choice for eco-conscious homeowners as they’ll last for years 
  • Cost-effective: unlike tiling walls or floors, you won’t need several packs to get the job done. This means that, as you change up your room’s design, you can choose to switch up your hearth design without the need for a huge budget. Alternatively, you can choose a more neutral design that will stand the test of time and complement any future interior updates you decide to make
  • Decorative: as well as covering the hearth from soot and dirt, fireplace tiles can also be used to create a decorative border for your fireplace. Whether you’re actually using your fireplace as it’s meant to be, or you’ve taken out the fire and are accessorising the space with candles or books instead, tiles provide the perfect decorating solution to add some personality to the room

Your fireplace tile colours

When it comes to finding your dream colour, you’ll find ample choice within our hearth tile collections. 

Whether you plump for earthy rustic hues or crisp and cool shades, we’re confident you’ll find just the right colour. 

Some of our most popular fireplace tile shades include:

  • Blue: from pretty blue patterns to solid block colours, blue hearth tiles will project a cool, calming feel and look stunning against bright flames in any shade
  • Black: keep things sleek and dramatic with black tiles for the fireplace that bring a welcome combination of practicality and style to modern and traditional interior schemes
  • Green: from dainty floral designs to bottle green, green-infused Victorian fireplace tiles are ripe for adding a connection to nature and creating a soothing focal feature
  • White: keep things clean and classic with white tiles for fireplace walls. Use on their own for striking monochromatic design or pair them with another colour for a period-style look
  • Mixed colours: boasting a variety of patterns with florals and murals, with fire surround tiles you can introduce a medley of tones in one fell swoop for a colourful and striking fireplace 

Your fireplace tile materials and finish

The materials used for our hearth tiles vary from anti-slip matt to porcelain and ceramic tiles with a gloss finish. This means that, as well as colours and styles, you can choose a material that fits in with the rest of the room’s design.

For instance, if you want to give your fireplace some extra sparkle, a glossy fireplace tile could be the way to go, bouncing firelight around the room. Alternatively, if you want to give your fireplace a more contemporary finish, matt hearth tiles in an earthy green or terracotta will add texture and depth.

Whether you’re looking for bright and bold or understated and minimalist, we’re confident there’s a tile style to suit your fireplace right here.

  • Ceramic: boasting excellent resistance to heat, hardy ceramic tiles are ideal for fireplace surrounds and hearths. With such a wide variety of ceramic tiles on offer, there's bound to be a tile style and colour to suit. These tiles also come with a choice of glazed matt or polished finishes, giving you even more ways to style out your fireplace.
  • Porcelain: porcelain tiles also bring a wealth of benefits for tiled hearths and fireplaces. Offering up a slightly stronger, denser format of tile, they're well-equipped to bring a bundle of style and practicality to both modern and traditional style fireplaces. 
  • Quarry tiles: with ground minerals like feldspar and clay that's been fired in high temperatures, quarry tiles deliver an extremely hard and durable tile with excellent heat resistance that makes them a solid choice for covering fireplaces. Available in various colours, these matt finish tiles are primed for creating a traditional looking fireplace design.

Your fireplace tile design and shape options

When it comes to choosing the right tiles for your fireplace, you’ll find options galore for designs and shapes, giving you all the flexibility you need to create a unique feature. 

Some of our hearth tile options include: 

  • Florals: give fireplace surrounds beautiful detailing with any one of our fabulous floral designs in various colours, from Victorian tile designs with full-length flower prints to small, multicoloured patterned hearth tiles
  • Murals: perfect for Victorian fireplaces, mural tiles deliver a classic style that’s guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye
  • Corner tiles: make light work of tiling your fireplace hearth with our special corner fireplace tiles with rounded edges for a soft, smooth finish
  • Bullnose edges: used with the above, our bullnose edge hearth tiles deliver a rounded finish for fireplaces to avoid sharp edges
  • Fireplace tile sets: for a unified and hassle-free finish, you’ll find ready-made fireplace tile sets. With 58 pieces, these traditional fireplace tiles come in a mix of colours and tile sizes, including corner and rounded edges suitable for modern and vintage aesthetics

Fireplace tile style ideas for every room

For many homeowners, an original fireplace is a sought after feature typically found in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms in period properties. But, they also have a place in modern homes - and not always in the conventional spaces like living rooms. 
This is where our decorative fireplace tiles come into play. For vintage designs, we have a selection of Victorian fireplace tiles that are perfectly poised to beautify a traditional fireplace surround while still keeping with its classic heritage. Equally, our fireplace hearth tiles can be adapted to modern designs. 
Here’s some design inspiration for rooms throughout the home to get your creativity in full flow.
The living room
Non-porous with good heat resistance and durability, traditional quarry tiles are perfect for covering hearths for open fires and log burners set into a chimney breast in living rooms. Delivering a striking focal point, these classic-style hearth tiles will transform your fireplace from bland to beautiful. 
Alternatively, invite pattern into the room to draw attention to those roaring red flames on cold winter evenings with a gorgeous chequered hearth tile set. Our complete fireplace tile sets are perfect for giving any hearth a hassle-free tile update. 
The kitchen
Country kitchens are home to some unique fireplaces and stoves, often dating back many decades. This could be something as simple as an open-hearth, or a multi-functional Aga or Range cooker that works as well now as it did back in the day.
Whatever quirky stove and fireplace features you have in your kitchen, if you want to maintain all the integrity (and cosiness) of the original design while bringing its aesthetic up to date, tiles for fireplace walls and surrounds could be all that’s needed. 
For traditional fireplaces, some cobalt blue fireplace tiles for the side panels could be the perfect solution. These tiles can be equally at home as a tiled splashback trim above a rustic Aga too, preventing pesky cooking splatters from marking the walls.
The bedroom
In older properties, fireplaces in bedrooms were the original way to heat the space, but now they’ve become a beloved quirky feature.
If you’re to give your bedroom fireplace a little makeover, some new fireplace hearth tiles could be all that’s needed. With a diverse range of colours and designs, our Victorian fireplace tiles are sure to have a design that complements an existing or new colour scheme. 
For instance, if you have a rustic bedroom that’s lucky enough to boast an original fireplace, introducing some delicate florals to the surround could be a brilliant way to enhance the nature-inspired theme.
The conservatory
For conservatories that are blessed with a wood-burning stove to make them usable all year round, a fireplace refresh can really help to make this a striking, standout feature. 
But that’s not the only benefit of using tiles for fireplace walls. Their heat-resistant properties can help to reflect the heat back into the room, boosting the efficiency of the burner, plus they make sooty cleaning a breeze. 
Whether you go for a monochrome colour that offsets a dark, black stove or you add a little colour, the end result will be a warming and cosy feature that makes your conservatory the perfect antidote to those cold, dark winter nights.

Fireplace tile installation tips

When it comes to installing fireplace tiles correctly, there are a few rules of thumb to follow - this is especially important if you’re tiling a fully operational fireplace that gets regular use. 
Choose a heat-resistant hearth
While most tiles are heat resistant, not all are equipped for close proximity to direct heat. That’s why it’s essential to always use fireplace tiles specifically designed for this purpose. If you don’t, you could face cracked and blown tiles that’ll need to be replaced. 
All our fireplace tiles have been manufactured to withstand extreme heat, so you can have peace of mind that they won’t lose their aesthetics once the fire’s roaring. 
Keep your distance
An important part of tiling a fireplace is making sure you keep a suitable distance between the heat source and the tile. This is true even with heat-resistant fireplace tiles, as they’re not designed to be used directly in the fireplace.
This is particularly important if you’re looking to tile inside the fireplace behind a free-standing wood stove. The ideal distance is 14cm between the fire and the tile - this will ensure that they won’t crack or discolour from exposure to the heat. 
Pick the right adhesive and grout
Tiling a fireplace doesn’t differ much from tiling walls and floors. However, we’d recommend picking a specialised heat-resistant tile adhesive over a standard one. While standard adhesives do boast good heat resistance, with prolonged exposure to intense heat there’s a greater possibility it could lose adhesion over time, causing tiles to come away from the wall. 
Similar rules apply with tile grout. Make sure you pick a grout that can withstand temperatures up to 100⁰C, or opt for a cement-based solution if your tiles will face higher temperatures than this. 

Why buy your fireplace tiles from us?

Here at Tiles Direct, we know how important your home is to you - and when it comes to interior updates, we know you’re looking for the very best there is. That’s why we source our products from reputable suppliers, ensuring we can bring you a unique blend of quality and value, every single time you buy from us.
Many of our fireplace tiles come in a box which contains 2 sets of tiles. This means you’ll get 10 tiles from just one box. Each tile is typically 15.2cm x 15.2cm, so you can measure up your fireplace and work out how many tiles you need before you order from us.
We’re so committed to an unbeatable service that, if you find any of our tiles cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match the price. And on top of all of this, you can enjoy free delivery on orders over £499.
Whether you’re bored of your border or your hearth is in need of a makeover, we have the fireplace tiles to help you get the job done. Take a look at our range and pop your favourites in your basket. Your fireplace will be transformed from bland to beautiful in no time at all!
If you fancy trying before you buy, you can treat yourself with our sample service. This way, you can order sample cuts and see what they’ll look like in situ for just 99p.
Shop our range of fireplace tiles today to find the perfect product for you. Got a question about any of our hearth tiles? Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help - get in touch today.