5 Myths About Cheap Bathroom Tiles

From budget and material to style and finish, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your bathroom tiles. The installation of a tiled bathroom can be an expensive business, meaning many of us look for more affordable tiling options.

Waterproof tiles are the perfect choice in this wet environment, but it can seem like an impossible task to find quality bathroom tiles that come with a reasonable price tag. Tiles offer an ideal way to maintain your new bathroom’s sparkle, and competitively priced, high quality tiles aren’t actually that hard to come by. In today’s post, we’re busting the myths surrounding low-cost tiles so that you can make a big visual impact on a much healthier budget!


Myth 1: Cheap bathroom tiles lack quality

When taking on an interior design project on a tight budget, low-cost tiles can often seem too good to be true. Decorating a bathroom can be expensive, meaning many of us almost expect to have to compromise on quality in return for a budget-friendly price. In actual fact, at Tiles Direct, we make it our mission to source first-class tiles, bringing them to you at the most competitive prices. Installing tiles may initially seem like a hefty investment but, thanks to the quality on offer when you explore the world of bathroom tiles, your guests won’t know the difference between your affordable tiles and a more costly range.

Myth 2: Budget bathroom tiles weather easily

The tough and durable properties of bathroom tiles make them the perfect choice for any busy bathroom. Tiles absorb minor shocks, and their waterproof properties mean that they’ll last significantly longer in the bathroom than paint would. Competitive prices don’t mean you’ll have to compromise on quality, either – so you can rest assured that choosing tiles for bathrooms won’t be a decision you regret (whatever your budget).

Myth 3: Low-cost tiles are difficult to clean

How often you’ll need to clean your tiles will depend on whether you opt for a polished or matt finish – but that’s not to say that they’ll be difficult to maintain. In actual fact, tiles are far easier to clean than alternatives such as paint and wallpaper – making them the perfect choice for the wet conditions of the bathroom. Going glossy will mean your tiles may require regular upkeep, but their easy-to-clean nature means that scuffs and spills can be wiped away quickly. On the other hand, a matt finish will camouflage any minor marks – and its anti-slip properties make these bathroom floor tiles ideal for a domestic space.

Myth 4: Cheap tiles crack easily – and are difficult to replace

Tiles are designed to be long-lasting. As well as being durable and scratch-resistant, tiles are also hard-wearing – so cracks and abrasions are actually fairly uncommon. Accidents do happen and, in busy domestic bathrooms, some wear and tear is unavoidable – but that’s not to say replacing a cracked tile will be too demanding. Always ensure you keep several spare tiles stowed away just in case and, with a touch of TLC, you can easily address any problem areas.

Myth 5: Affordable tiles will never be as stylish as paint


When it comes to choosing tiles, different materials will, unsurprisingly, come with their own specific price tag. Opting for sophisticated Quartz tiles, for instance, will inevitably require more of an investment than natural stone – such as tumbled travertine. Whether you choose a widely available material or something a little more unique, it couldn’t be easier to create a beautiful living space with bathroom wall tiles. Maximise space in smaller rooms with glossy white bathroom tiles, or create a sense of calm with hexagonal grey bathroom tiles. The array of elegant and stylish tiles available means it couldn’t be easier to make a big visual impact in your bathroom.

What paint lacks, low-maintenance tiles certainly make up for – meaning a tiled home will win time and time again. At Tiles Direct, we source tiles made from only the highest quality materials, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice style to save money on your bathroom.

Inject a touch of elegance into your home today by ordering your affordable bathroom tiles with Tiles Direct. Browse our extensive collection online, and see the stunning finish for yourself by getting your hands on a small cut sample for just 99p. Our price match promise guarantees you won’t find a better deal elsewhere – and if you do (you guessed it), we’ll match it.

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