Wall Tiles

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How to Prepare a Wall for Tiling (Step-by-Step + Top Tips)

Preparing your walls for tiling is simple and hassle-free with our no-nonsense guide at the ready. You can install new tiles on various surfaces, as long you prepare the wall appropriately. Just make sure the surface is level enough, and dust and dirt-free – and that there are no signs of residual moisture. With the proper wall prep for your tiling project, you can easily apply adhesive and stick your fresh tiles straight onto the wall. How to prepare a wall for tiling: Remove old fittings, such as pins, screws,... Read More

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The Ultimate Walling Guide: Metro Tiles

To complement the launch of our series, The Ultimate Flooring Guide last month, allow us to introduce you to The Ultimate Walling Guide series. After all, as your one-stop-shop for all things tiles and tiling accessories, you didn’t think we’d forget to show your walls some love, did you? To kick things off, we’re taking a look at a kitchen and bathroom walling staple – metro tiles. What are they, why are they so popular and how can you incorporate this classic style into your interior approaches? Let’s explore… What... Read More

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Bathroom Inspiration: Luxury Shower Wall Tiles

A bathroom should be a luxurious and relaxing haven primed for unwinding from the stresses of your day. With this in mind, when you’re planning your next bathroom renovation, ensure that luxury is a priority when it comes to putting your new design ideas into practice.  To help you on your way to achieving your dream bathroom, today, we’ll be offering some design inspiration using some of our favourite luxury shower wall tiles. From minimalist grey subway tiles to chic tropicana decor patterns, we’re confident that with our tips you’ll... Read More

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Hexagon Wall Tiles: A Simple Way to Add Style to Your Bathroom

Hexagon tiles have seen a recent surge in trend, and it seems that it’s set to stay that way. From penny to petite hexagonal wall tiles, adding texture, pattern and a touch of glamour to your interior has never been easier thanks to the rising popularity of this diverse tiling style.  That’s why today, we’re offering a beginners guide to how you can add style to your bathroom using hexagonal wall tiles, creating a timelessly fashionable look that effortlessly stays on-trend. Play with patterns  While hexagon tiles offer a little... Read More

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Creating the Wow Factor: 3 Attention-Grabbing Tiled Splashback Ideas

Whether you’re going bold with mosaics or opting for simple yet effective style with plain metro tiles, your kitchen splashback should be a focal point of your kitchen design that instantly grabs attention.  To help you master that wow factor feeling, in today’s post, we’re offering a guide to some eye-catching kitchen tile backsplash ideas for you to replicate in your home. Opt for less is more For a chic look in modest-sized kitchens, opt for a simple white tile to open the space up and deliver a serene and... Read More

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Modern Metro Tile Patterns & Designs: Find Your Perfect Style

Thanks to the versatility of metro tiles, they’ve remained one of the top tiling choices over the past decade – and this isn’t changing any time soon. Right at home in both modern and classic decor styles, the metro tile aesthetic echoes the instantly recognisable style of underground stations – this has made these tiles a go-to choice for feature walls in kitchens and bathrooms across the country.  You’re not limited to the iconic brick lay pattern with these dinky little tiles, though. Today, we’re exploring a variety of metro... Read More

Can Wall Tiles Work in the Bedroom?

As a rule, when we think of wall tiles we tend to associate them with bathrooms and kitchens. This is understandable, given that their practical and durable properties are perfectly suited to these areas, but tiles can be used anywhere in your home – from your living room to your bedroom. So today, we’re pushing the boundaries of interior design to find out if wall tiles can revolutionise your bedroom for the new year. From luxurious feature wall tiles in master bedrooms to rustic wood-effect for a vintage feel in... Read More

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Marble-effect Tiles for Luxurious Home Decor

As a general rule, marble is associated with strong connotations of luxury and affluence and gives the area which it decorates an instant flare of royal indulgence. Marble is arguably more high-end than any other home design material, and for that reason alone is a highly desirable and respected decorative component in any home. For many of us, achieving this look is a seemingly unattainable, costly task that seems futile when prioritised over other, more mandatory areas of our homes that are in need of some TLC – so we... Read More


Wall Tiles: Our 2018 Home Design Handbook

Do you have a benign bathroom in desperate need of a design update? Is your kitchen a tired relic, with faded fixtures and decade-old decor? Are you looking for ways to revolutionise your home’s interior from the ground up? You’ve come to the right place: our 2018 home design handbook, focusing on wall tiles – which styles to explore, how to arrange them and much more. We’ll cover decades, design styles and rooms in the house to give you a thorough picture of what works and what doesn’t.   Chevron... Read More


Going Grey: Add Style To Your Home With Wall Tiles

Typically thought of as an uninspiring and dull colour, grey perhaps isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to an interior palette. However, with the rise in industrial and rustic interiors, grey is, in fact, gaining popularity and becoming the colour of choice in modern homes – particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. Today, we’re going to be delving into the wonders of grey as an interior design colour and offer tips on how you can effectively incorporate it into your home with grey wall tiles that will add an interesting... Read More