Garden Design Ideas

Outdoor Tiles For Steps: How to Tile Outdoor Steps (& Which to Choose)

Whether it’s pathway steps leading up to your home or patio steps connecting decking and lawn, outdoor steps are a design perk and a practical necessity.  This means that picking the right material for your outdoor steps is crucial – it needs to have the functionality to ensure safety and longevity, as well as the aesthetic style to complement a range of garden designs.  Outdoor step tiles effortlessly tick all the right boxes – it’s why so many homeowners choose outdoor tiles for steps in the garden, yard and patio... Read More

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Tiling A Garden Wall: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

If you’re looking to give your garden a makeover in time for full-blown summer, this blog could be just what you need.  Today, we’re going to be laying out some top tips, tricks and inspiration for tiling garden walls. Yes, outdoor tiles can do more than just patios and paths – and we’re here to tell you how.  Why tile exterior walls?  If you’re daunted by the prospect of exterior wall tiling, there are a few practical perks that could sway your decision.  Tips for exterior wall tiling Okay, so... Read More

The Garden Edit: 7 Design Ideas for a Fabulous Front Garden

There’s a clear distinction between your home’s front and rear gardens. More often than not, front gardens are a gateway to the rest of your home rather than a space you spend time relaxing in. This can result in them slipping down the priority list or receiving a more pragmatic approach when it comes to design. But if you’re looking to show the front of your home a little TLC and boost its kerb appeal (even if you’re not selling), this Garden Edit has you covered. We’re going to be... Read More

The Garden Edit: 7 Ideas for a Zen Japanese-Inspired Garden

Gardens can be a soothing, healing space within our homes and, in today’s Garden Edit, we’re going to be looking at Japanese garden ideas for UK homes. Japanese gardens offer a wonderfully serene, natural and simple ambience that instantly makes you feel relaxed and calm. And while the landscape design and layout may look effortless and minimal, there is definitely more to this design concept than meets the eye. Don’t fret, though – we’ll be sharing some easy zen garden design ideas right here, helping you to create a Japanese-inspired... Read More

The Garden Edit: 7 Stylish Ways to Design a Functional Split Level Garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes – and if you’re faced with designing a sloping garden, it can be more of a challenge than working with flat ground. However, multi-level gardens don’t have to be a headache. With a design that makes use of split levels, sloping gardens can utilise the space more effectively – creating defined zones and adding interest. In this Garden Edit article, we’re going to be shining the spotlight on tiered gardens, with ideas and tips on how to work with a steep landscape and... Read More

The Garden Edit: 5 Ideas For A Thriving Vegetable Garden

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be a rewarding experience, whether it’s for environmentally conscious reasons or just for the satisfaction of eating homegrown produce. If you’re not sure where to start and need some guidance on the best way to design a vegetable garden, we have you covered. As part of our Garden Edit series, we’ll be sharing some vegetable garden ideas to help you create a thriving veg patch, whatever size your garden is. Get a greenhouse If you’re serious about growing your own, investing in a... Read More

The Garden Edit: 6 Ideas for the Ultimate Modern Garden Design

To make the most of the often fleeting good weather in the UK, it pays to beautify your garden – creating a space that makes your heart sing every time you step outside. To inspire you, our Garden Edit series is serving up a bevy of design ideas – and today, we’re shining a light on modern garden design. From modern garden paving ideas to planting suggestions, you’ll find oodles of inspiration to pull off your own contemporary garden design style. Let’s dive right in. Go for neutral colours Modern... Read More

The Garden Edit: 5 Beautiful Country Garden Style Ideas

With summer in full swing, it’s no surprise that our home design focus is shifting somewhat from inside the home to outdoors. And if you’re on the hunt for some garden style inspiration, we have you covered. Our Garden Edit series is brimming with beautiful ideas to transform your outdoor areas into your dream garden. In the first instalment of our Garden Edit series, we’re digging deep to bring you a veritable feast of country-style garden ideas designed to deliver that cottage garden vibe, wherever you live in the UK.... Read More


4 Simple & Gorgeous Garden Feature Wall Ideas

Now is the perfect time to give your garden or backyard a little sprucing up. But this doesn’t have to mean splashing lots of cash on a complete renovation. Today, we’re sharing some of our favourite garden wall ideas – helping you to create a gorgeous garden feature wall that will instantly add character and charm.  Whether you have a small walled garden or a large patio area, our garden feature wall ideas have you covered. So let’s get started.  1. Bamboo it Whether you want to cover up a... Read More


4 BBQ Area Design Ideas That Dish Up Style & Practicality

Despite the often unreliable weather in the UK, we Brits seem to relish the opportunity to fire up the BBQ during the summer – come rain or shine!  But barbecues nowadays are so much more than a flimsy disposable foil tray filled with barely enough coals to cook one sausage.  Modern barbecue enthusiasts have all the gear and the perfect BBQ area for cooking up a chargrilled culinary masterpiece. This dream BBQ space doesn’t have to be just for the elite BBQ aficionados, though.  Today, we’re sharing some top bbq... Read More