The 2018 Trend Hijack: Quartz Tiles

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into your kitchen, bathroom or any other area of your home, we’re here to help. In today’s post, we’re drawing inspiration from some of this year’s hottest home design trends and exploring how you can use gorgeous quartz tiles in a number of ways to make stylish, on-trend and enviable updates throughout your property. High contrast colour schemes We’ve seen a shift towards bolder, brighter colours over recent years, and 2018 is upping the stakes again – with even more high-contrast colour palettes... Read More

How to Masterfully Balance Bathroom Functionality and Fashion

When it comes to bathroom design, simplicity has often taken centre-stage. But for those who are looking for a little more from their interior, there’s an abundance of different furnishing, accessory and storage options you can use. With so many different ways you can decorate your bathroom, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees and think about what a bathroom requires at its core – functionality. Finding the sweet spot between the practicalities of the space and its aesthetic appearance needn’t be difficult or drab –... Read More

Bathroom Wall Tiles: 4 Unorthodox Colour Choices For a Beautiful Bathroom

In modern homes, the bathroom is now much more than a functional space – it’s seen as a pivotal area where interior design is allowed to shine. Whether you love classic styles, exotic vibes or modern features, there’s plenty of scope for putting your own stamp on your bathroom – which is why so many homeowners are embracing the wonders of colour in this typically practical room. From the bright and bold to the unconventional, today, we’re sharing some of our favourite unorthodox colours choice for modern bathrooms – leaving... Read More

4 On-Trend Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen Floor

  The kitchen floor is an underrated style aspect of any home – often overlooked in favour of other, more immediately eye-catching elements of the kitchen, like wall decorations or shiny new appliances. However, here at Tiles Direct, we believe there’s a world of possibility when it comes to finding on-trend kitchen floor tiles. In today’s post, we’ll run through some inspiring designs that will motivate you to get the most out of your kitchen floor now that spring has arrived. The rug effect Combining two types of tile to... Read More

Metro Tiles: Your Springtime Colour Inspiration

While it doesn’t seem quite true at the minute, it’ll soon be spring, and colour will start to appear in gardens and parks across the land as flowers begin to bloom and trees begin turning green again. Having an interior design plan that reflects this is always a good strategy, and revamping your interiors to include colourful metro tiles is definitely the way forward for spring 2018. Below, we’ve listed a few ways you can use colour to make a big, beautiful impact in the year ahead. Bring the outside... Read More

Wall Tiles: Our 2018 Home Design Handbook

Do you have a benign bathroom in desperate need of a design update? Is your kitchen a tired relic, with faded fixtures and decade-old decor? Are you looking for ways to revolutionise your home’s interior from the ground up? You’ve come to the right place: our 2018 home design handbook, focusing on wall tiles – which styles to explore, how to arrange them and much more. We’ll cover decades, design styles and rooms in the house to give you a thorough picture of what works and what doesn’t.   Chevron... Read More

Mosaic Tiles: 5 Futuristic Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re not on board with the recent trend of rustic, vintage-look kitchens, you’re in luck. Thanks to the proliferation of kitchen tech and the sheer variety of futuristic-looking mosaic tiles, making your kitchen look like the galley on the Starship Enterprise has never been easier (or more on-trend). Below, we’ve listed five ideas that’ll help your kitchen boldly go where no kitchen has gone before. Incorporate technology Kitchen technology has become more and more popular over the years, thanks to various breakthroughs and the increased adoption of IoT (Internet... Read More

Budget Tile Hacks for a Thrifty 2018

The start of a new year is the perfect time to embrace a fresh look in your home, but more often than not, post-Christmas bank balances are still recovering from all the festivities – and this is something that can often still be felt throughout the month of February. Making impactful updates to your home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, though. In today’s post, we’re sharing some impressive budget tiling hacks – helping you to refresh your home interiors without putting a strain on your finances. Design your... Read More

5 Tile Trends Taking 2018 By Storm (& How to Make Them Work)

Looking to buy tiles online while staying ahead of the curve? Fear not, for the year is still young and the year’s trends are still evolving. This short guide is packed with inspiration and will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to 2018’s finest tile trends to suit any room and any budget. Spell it out The days of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ wall stencils are over. In 2018, it’s all about tiles. Floor tiles can be used to spell a family name, a motivational slogan – anything... Read More

Metro Tiles: The Ultimate Kitchen Wall Tile

Evoking the timeless design of the grand old metro systems of the world, such as the Paris Métro and the London Underground in its 1920s pomp, metro tiles have since come into their own as a design option for the discerning kitchen stylist. Their clean lines and simple design mean they fit into a huge array of different design themes – making them an ideal choice for your kitchen. Here at Tiles Direct, we supply a wide range of metro tiles, so make sure to browse our full selection once... Read More