How To: Design the Perfect Wetroom

In principle, it’s possible for any home to accommodate a wetroom, and they can be a great way to update your bathroom, as well as value to your home. But before you dive straight in, make sure you have a full understanding of the practical logistics involved. To ensure you have everything covered when it comes to waterproofing, layout, bathroom tiles and finishing touches, we’ve put together a guide for designing the perfect wetroom that will make every shower feel like a visit to the spa! Waterproofing and drainage Doing... Read More

Pretty Patterns and Playful Prints: Get Creative With Wall and Floor Tiles

Are you looking to add a bold new style to your home? Well, why not play around with patterned tiles and colour combinations to bring a pop of colour and character into your property? Tipped as one of the hottest interior design trends of the year, patterns are making a big impact, as people continue to move away from neutral aesthetics. From funky geometrics to vintage prints, at Tiles Direct, we want you to feel inspired when it comes to styling your home – so we’ve put together some handy... Read More

The Rise of Coloured Grout

Just as the choice of tile types, colours and sizes has increased, so too has the choice of grout colours. Gone are the days when you were restricted to white, grey and beige –  there’s now a broad spectrum of colours available, including even sparkly grouts for some added glamour. In this post, we’ll be exploring the increased use of coloured grout, and the versatility it can bring to a tiled area. From adding a splash of colour in all-white interiors to accentuating small tiles with contrasting tones, we’ve got... Read More

Tactile Surfaces: Get The Look With Wall Tiles

The key to interior design is layering – bringing depth and character to an area so it appeals to the senses and evokes an emotional connection when you walk into a room. From the freshness and simplicity of a monochrome kitchen to the soft and fuzzy feel of a snug lounge, all the design elements and textures work to create a particular ambience. If you’re looking to add a whole new dimension to your home, why not tackle the hot interiors trend that is tactile and structured surfaces? Using different... Read More

Choosing Wall Tiles for Your Utility Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate utility room in your home, then you’ll already know the practical benefits of a separate area for laundry, extra storage and worktop space – and in some cases, another sink! However, there’s more to a utility room than just its functional uses, and for that very reason, you should consider this space when it comes to interior design. Your utility room can be the perfect space to get creative with interior design trends and with that in mind, we’re going to be... Read More

3 Reasons to Choose Country Wall Tiles for Your Home

Understandably with interior design, fashions and trends change all the time. It’s often the case that existing trends evolve and develop into a hybrid versions to meet new lifestyle demands or to push the boundaries of design and innovation. However, for us, a mainstay in the interior design sphere is country living – it’s timeless, classic and elegant, as well as relatively easy to achieve. So, in our latest blog, we’re going to be delving into the world of country interiors and how you can create a wonderful country aesthetic... Read More

Can Wall Tiles Work in the Bedroom?

As a rule, when we think of wall tiles we tend to associate them with bathrooms and kitchens. This is understandable, given that their practical and durable properties are perfectly suited to these areas, but tiles can be used anywhere in your home – from your living room to your bedroom. So today, we’re pushing the boundaries of interior design to find out if wall tiles can work in the bedroom. From luxurious feature wall tiles in master bedrooms to rustic wood-effect for a vintage feel in your guest room,... Read More

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Designing Your Dream Bathroom: Tiles, Toilets and Taps

Gone are the days when bathrooms were purely seen as functional rooms, nowadays, modern bathrooms go way beyond the practical aspects of design – combining function and form with luxury. With more to think about than ever with modern bathroom design, we’re here to help – offering you practical tips for designing your dream bathroom. From choosing the best bathroom wall tiles to deciding on the perfect taps and toilet unit, you’ll find some great advice to bring your perfect bathroom to light. The toilet Image source: Pexels There’s no... Read More

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Moving On: How Wall Tiles and Wood Can Help Your Property Sell

With people making a decision to buy a property in less than an hour, there’s definitely more to selling your home than putting it on the market and waiting for the offers to come flooding in. Before you even think about selling your home, you need to make sure your property looks its best – with some essential home improvements for maximum buyer appeal and the best sale price. Naturally, this should involve addressing any structural issues, but it’s also crucial to reassess your interior design, as certain things may... Read More

Making Black and White Work With Bathroom Tiles

Chic, sophisticated and undeniably timeless, black and white is a colour combination that has been responsible for some of the most elegant interior designs throughout history. Offering a classic contrast between the fresh white hues and bold black tones, the ever-fashionable B&W theme is one of the most popular ways to make a statement in a home that’s designed to stand the test of time. Interior designers across the globe continue to promise that B&W will never go out of style, meaning that there’s no shortage of reasons why you... Read More