Outdoor Tile Care: How To Clean Porcelain and Quarry Tiles

With brighter days and longer nights finally on the horizon, Brits across the country are daring to think about spending more time in the great outdoors. For many, this means prepping the garden or outdoor space for use over spring and summer, and this often includes a good ol’ clean of the space after the harsher winter weather. When it comes to sprucing up outdoor flooring, tile owners are forgiven for assuming that cleaning outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles would be a long and laborious task. In fact, this doesn’t... Read More

Balcony Design Ideas: Style Inspiration For Balconies Big and Small

Having your own outdoor balcony to enjoy some much-needed fresh air and sunshine (UK weather permitting, of course) is one of life’s simple pleasures. But more often than not, we find that renters and homeowners typically fail to use these precious areas to their full potential. That’s why, in this post, we’ve compiled some of our favourite balcony design ideas, covering everything from furniture and flooring to plant decor and lighting. Read on to find balcony ideas that make the very best of your space, whether you’re hosting family and... Read More