Making Black and White Work With Bathroom Tiles

Chic, sophisticated and undeniably timeless, black and white is a colour combination that has been responsible for some of the most elegant interior designs throughout history. Offering a classic contrast between the fresh white hues and bold black tones, the ever-fashionable B&W theme is one of the most popular ways to make a statement in a home that’s designed to stand the test of time. Interior designers across the globe continue to promise that B&W will never go out of style, meaning that there’s no shortage of reasons why you... Read More

Survey: UK Office Workers Share their Workspace Wishlist

At Tiles Direct, we believe in enhancing interiors – and that includes everything from home to office. That’s why we’ve conducted a new online study designed to help us learn more about what the UK’s office workers are looking for from their working environment. Allowing respondents to choose anything from natural light and furniture upgrades to better break areas and amenities, we asked members of the general public what would make their office a better space in which to work – as well as trying to find out whether office... Read More

6 Ways Wall Tiles Will Brighten up Your Home

With the sun making an appearance at long last, summer is well within sight – and with the promise of warmer temperatures, there’s never been a better time to give your property a fresh look for 2017. Whether your decor has seen better days or you’re looking to start off right in your new home, injecting personality into the interior design is what will transform a house into a home. We’ve already brought you the best ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life this season, but in... Read More

Finding Your Shape: Which Hexagonal Tile Is Right for You?

We’re not sure whether it’s the uniqueness of this tile shape or the satisfying symmetry of each hexagon tile, but there’s no doubt that the use of hexagons in interior design is a trend that’s only set to grow in 2017. The ease in which these alternative shaped tiles fit together means that whether you’re getting creative with an eye-catching feature wall or giving your kitchen splashback a modern edge, you’re guaranteed to maximise on style with minimal effort. Both quirky and versatile, it’s not hard to see why so... Read More

5 Ways to Make a Statement with Real Encaustic Tiles

The best way to transform a house into a home is by imprinting your identity into the interior design – and that often means making your mark on the place with a creative focal point within the room. Whether it’s an attention-commanding feature wall or a work of art that’s been set into the floor, the intricate detail that makes up each encaustic tile means this is the perfect material to help your home stand out. Encaustic tiles have fast become a firm favourite for 2017’s interior design trends, and... Read More

Get the Look for Less: Encaustic Effect Tiles

Encaustic tiles are more popular than ever, and it comes as no surprise when you consider the array of different looks that can be achieved with these versatile tiles. Low-maintenance, long-lasting and the epitome of chic, encaustic effect tiles are a must-have for your home in 2017. At Tiles Direct, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality of stylish tiles to our customers at the best possible price – so you never have to compromise on the things that really matter. From authentic vintage patterned tiles to encaustic effect tiles,... Read More

Live in Luxury with Large Floor Tiles

From spacious countryside kitchens to grand entrance halls, throughout time, large format tiles have been a staple for the most lavish homes. Oozing elegance whether they’re clad to the wall or floor, the countless benefits of big tiles mean that they’re proving to be a firm favourite for interior designers time and time again. Choosing floor tiles is never an easy task, and when practicality has to be the priority, it can be difficult to know which style – and size – is best. The size of a large format... Read More

How to Use Hexagon Tiles in Your Home in 2017

2017 promises to be the year of some of the most innovative interior design trends, and with alternative tiling shapes predicted to be a firm favourite for homeowners, it comes as no surprise that hexagonal mosaic tiles are back – and better than ever. From the absolute symmetry of the shape to the variation of size and colour, hexagon tiles are a versatile tiling choice that are sure to suit any style of home design. Hexagonal tiles may be fixed in shape, but that’s not to say that there’s any... Read More

Create Your Own Mediterranean Paradise with Encaustic Effect Tiles

From rich terracotta reds to the bolder teal tones, the brightness of a Mediterranean interior design reflects everything from its weather to the area’s vibrant culture. Whether you’re looking to recreate the fresh white washed tones of Santorini or incorporate a distinctive terracotta colour scheme into the interior design, channelling the Mediterranean’s rustic look in your own home will mean you can enjoy a taste of summer all year long. We may not be blessed with the Southern Europe sun, but that’s not to say that we can’t be influenced... Read More

Patterned Floor Tiles: How To Make an Impact in Your Home

The days of a neutral interior design are long gone, and whether it’s a vibrant mosaic feature wall or an intricately tiled floor, the popularity of pattern is only set to rise. An imprint of your personality is what transforms a house into a home, and with no shortage of options when it comes to patterned floor tiles, it couldn’t be easier to get creative with your interior design. From modern geometric to traditional encaustic floor tiles, incorporating pattern into your interior design is sure to make your home stand... Read More