Why Kitchen Tiles Will Always Win

It’s an age-old dilemma in interior design: are tiles actually better than paint and wallpaper? Some say it’s all down to personal preference, but there must be a reason why homeowners choose kitchen tiles time and time again.

Today, we’re bringing you a breakdown of the benefits that come with introducing high quality kitchen tiles to your home. An option that combines class with practicality, tiles offer the best of both worlds and can be the key to creating a home design that’s built to last.


Timeless and long-lasting

Kitchen wall tiles offer an ideal way to inject a touch of class into your interior design project. Whether it’s a tiled splashback or a striking feature wall, adding drama to your kitchen couldn’t be easier with this classic cladding.

Problems with paint stem from the constant need to maintain the wall, whereas the strength and durability of tiles means that your decor will last – so your kitchen tiles really are timeless. You’ll be reaping the rewards on your tiling investment for years to come – and for any avid redecorators, the versatility of tiles means a change of style can be easily achieved through new accessories and painted cupboard doors.

Add texture with tiles


For a feature wall that really stands out, take a look at your tiling options and use texture and form to add a new dimension to the project. Tiles for kitchen walls come in all shapes and sizes, so whatever style you’ve got your heart set on, there’s sure to be a tile for you. Go glossy with bevelled metro brick tiles, or make your interior masterpiece using Function and Form Patchwork tiles – the choice is yours.

Make it low-maintenance

Whether you’re choosing wall tiles for kitchen or bathroom purposes, the functions of these rooms mean practicality has to be the priority. Opt for polished or matt, small or large, flat or bevelled – whatever you choose, rest assured that tiles will always win when it comes to maintenance.

Whether you’re embarking on a commercial interior design project or simply sprucing up your home, the easy-to-clean nature of waterproof tiles makes them ideal for any busy space. Wiping away any spills couldn’t be simpler with a gloss finish, meaning that maintaining the showroom shine in your kitchen won’t be a problem. On the other hand, low-maintenance matt tiles perfectly camoflauge any unwelcomed scuff marks – meaning tiles win time and time again where wallpaper just won’t cut it.

The long-lasting nature of kitchen tiles makes them the ultimate choice in any home. Paint and wallpaper can’t compete with the practicality and elegance of a tiled home, so explore our range of high quality wall tiles online today to find your perfect match.

At Tiles Direct, we deliver quality kitchen tiles UK-wide, and we pride ourselves on offering a range of beautiful, practical tiles that are second to none. Check out our extensive collection online, and order your own tile sample for just 99p!

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