Choosing the Right Kitchen Tile for Your Contemporary Splashback

Your kitchen splashback has the potential to be a commanding feature in the room, so when redesigning your kitchen it’s important to make the right decision on tiles to ensure you get the aesthetic just right. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide on choosing the right tiles for your kitchen – giving you all the know-how you need to pull off the perfect design. 

Plants in kitchen

Select subway style

Set to be on trend for the rest of 2019 and beyond, subway-style tiles are perfect for those who want to create an edgier vibe with their kitchen splashback tiles. Although metro tiles are often found in modern apartments and new build homes, these tiles definitely shouldn’t be limited to contemporary surroundings. Set against a range cooker, cream or white metro tiles can project a highly desirable look that’s packed full of vintage charm. 

To add a little more panache, why not consider adding a low-key pattern to truly make your kitchen splashback tiles the star of the show? Alternatively, opt for a herringbone pattern that’s elegant and eye-catching, particularly when you dare to be different with darker hues. 

Metro tiles offer endless benefits with their simplistic design, they’re easy to clean and incredibly durable for long-lasting kitchen updates. They’re also brilliant for poorly lit kitchens, as their shiny finish beautifully reflects light around the room, all while looking effortlessly stylish, sleek and sophisticated. 

Mix it up with mosaics

If you’re feeling a little more daring when it comes to your splashback design, mosaics tiles could be just what you’re looking for. Offering the freedom to add a little more personality to your kitchen, mosaic tiles come in a huge array of sizes, shapes and colours. 

For brightening up dimly lit areas, neutral coloured stone mosaic tiles will work wonders at bringing a fresh and airy feel. Take it a step further and design your own pattern for a unique look or plump for less conventional shapes like hexagons, shells or shiny, round penny mosaics. 

If you want to create multiple focal points with your kitchen splashback tiles, adding a tiled inset above sinks or hobs using a different colour or style of tile is a wonderful way to frame specific areas and create impactful contrasts.

Choose colours wisely

The colour of your kitchen splashback tiles is key to curating your desired look and finish. Whether you go for muted greys or bold primary colours, think carefully about how these colours connect with the rest of your kitchen design like cabinets, worktops and dining furniture to ensure you achieve a unified look. 

If you’re feeling confident, why not opt for brightly coloured wall tiles in a single colour to deliver a splashback that’s brimming with personality? Set again against a white backdrop or smooth glossy surfaces, this is a style statement that oozes show home sophistication. 

If playful patterns are something you want to try, then colourful geometric tiles are perfect for creating a sunny, Mediterranean vibe that’s sure to grab attention. With the ability to add depth and character to functional spaces, patterned designs are best paired with plain units in a complementary colour and coordinated kitchen accessories. 

Of course, coloured tiles aren’t for everyone and sometimes a pure, all-white interior can be just the ticket. However, there are still ways you can up the interest stakes of your white kitchen by combining different textures and the addition of some subtle hints of darker tones – think slate grey grout, pewter kitchen accessories, dark wood accents and greenery. 

White kitchen with hexagonal splashback
Whether you’re planning a full-scale kitchen makeover or just want some inspiration on small updates to the heart of your home, we hope this post will leave you with plenty to think about when it comes to designing impactful kitchen splashbacks. Why not get started today by taking a look at our stunning collection of kitchen splashback tiles? With an impressive choice, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

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