Cool, Calm and Collected: How to Create an Elegant All-White Bathroom

While an all white bathroom screams classic, clean and cool, adding visual interest can often be quite challenging. However, with the right accessories and know-how, bringing the space to life in a way which oozes elegance is easier than you may have initially thought. 

In today’s post, we’ll be offering our tips on how to create an all-white bathroom that’s practical, functional and most importantly, luxurious from floor to ceiling. 

Bright modern bathroom

Finding the fixtures and fittings

Prioritising function and usability in the bathroom means that it’s easier to create a fresh and clean ambiance. So, when it comes to choosing your toilet, sink, bath and shower fittings, this is the first thing to bear in mind. 

It’s all too easy to buy everything in white, when it comes to curating your all-white bathroom, but before you invest, it’s important to consider the overall style of the space – is it modern or traditional? You’ll also need to measure how much space you have available when positioning your new basin, toilet, shower and bath. For an elegant look, opt for rounded designs which offer a sleek touch – think roll top, double ended bathtubs and fitted sinks with a marble surround and cupboard storage. 

When it comes to the floors and walls, white tiles are perfect for creating an elegant aesthetic. For a modern and contemporary feel, opt for metro white wall tiles that will bring a subtle edge that’s isn’t too overpowering. If small tiles aren’t your thing, curate a seamless approach with large gloss tiles finished with white grout – you can even use the same tiles on the floor for a smooth transition. 

Make the plumbing pop

While all white everything may be the first port of call when creating an all-white bathroom, consider choosing some metallic plumbing or industrial style pipework to add a splash of sophistication and contrast to all-white interiors – using rustic finishes for a striking centrepiece. However, avoid over using dark accents to ensure the impact of the bright white isn’t dumbed down – keeping accents minimal and thinking selectively about the positioning of exposed plumbing. 

Dainty copper tubes that connect your fixtures and fittings are one option that’s slightly more elegant than a standard water pipe. With a little hard work, you can achieve the same look with existing pipes using metallic paint – perfect if you’re on a tight budget. For an understated style, plump for silver metallic paint that still projects a chic finish while adding personality to all-white areas.

Selecting the accessories

Turn an all-white bathroom into a beautiful oasis with some potted plants to  add some vibrance and colour to the space. Think spider plants, bamboo or aloe vera – which thrive in high humidity areas – paired with white pots to deliver a cohesive finish. 

Keep an all white bathroom from feeling bland with a geometric rug for subtle textures and an efficient way to make minimalism look a little more cosy. You could even coordinate the geometric patterns on your rug with other accessories for a unified finish – ensuring your white room looks far from bland. 

Experiment with your setting

If you’re planning a full scale renovation, incorporate a transitional space into your all-white bathroom design. Using a glass wall to separate a walk-in shower from the rest of the room, creating visual flow while defining the different spaces – especially when you use the same white floor and wall tiles on all walls.

For more budget-friendly options, use tile murals, wall art or colourful plants to add interest. From a Japanese orchid to some wall stickers which go the distance, this is one way to transform an all-white space into a tranquil haven. 

Bright fitted bathroom 
An all-white palette can soon look lacklustre, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to creating an all-white bathroom that’s the epitome of function and fashion. To get started on creating a striking update in your bathroom, browse our selection of beautiful white tiles.

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