Hexagon Wall Tiles: A Simple Way to Add Style to Your Bathroom

Hexagon tiles have seen a recent surge in trend, and it seems that it’s set to stay that way. From penny to petite hexagonal wall tiles, adding texture, pattern and a touch of glamour to your interior has never been easier thanks to the rising popularity of this diverse tiling style. 

That’s why today, we’re offering a beginners guide to how you can add style to your bathroom using hexagonal wall tiles, creating a timelessly fashionable look that effortlessly stays on-trend.

Bathroom with robe and slippers

Play with patterns 

While hexagon tiles offer a little extra edge, patterned hexagonal tiles are a powerful way to add  some drama to a statement wall piece. From marble effect to a hint of metallic gold, with so many styles available on the market, there’s something for every bathroom design.

Build a statement backdrop which really shows off your bathroom appliances – for example, create a feature wall behind a basin to show off some statement taps or industrial pipework. You could even match your bespoke piping to coordinate with your tiles for a uniformed aesthetic. 

Alternatively, add some glamour with some mother-of-pearl sophistication, or a hint of glitter for an understated look. Again, for an aesthetic which really makes a statement, coordinate the tiles with any surfaces or feature components of your room. Avoid placing these tiles alongside any furniture which may compete with them for attention to hone in on a luxury element. While feature walls are often overlooked in bathrooms, they’re practical in defining zones such as wet rooms or sink areas.

Combine your colours

Despite being one of the easiest ways to create impact with hexagonal tiles, introducing an additional colour or two to your wall tiling is an impressive way to make a statement.  Mix and match different tones such as minimalist black, whites and greys to create a patchwork feel which still offers coordination and uniformity. 

Pair this with some grout which stands out for an understated method of showing some extra personality in your wall tiling design. Some contrasting dark grout against white hexagonal tiles is one way to give them an extra edge. If you’re feeling bold, opt for some brightly coloured grout alongside white or marble hexagonal tiles to add a pop of colour. Coordinate this with your accessories to ensure this hint of flair stands out. 

If bold colours aren’t enough of a statement for your liking, you could use hexagonal patterns to create a transitional feature on your wall. This is a practical technique to break up the room by changing materials and colours. For example, you could use a transitional effect with coloured hexagonal tiles which fades into an area of painted wall to separate the shower area from the toilet space. 

Keep it simple

For a peaceful and seamless look, opt for some neutral coloured wall tiles which coordinate with your floor tiles. Coordinating your canvas will offer the freedom to add colour with accessories or materials, which you can change as often as you’d like – meaning you can keep up with the latest trends without having to completely redesign your bathroom. 

To add a unique touch to your bathroom, create an accent with mirrored hex tiles which combine functionality and contemporary style. You could scatter mirrors as you wish on your wall to create an air of spontaneity, or lay them in a pattern for a more formal vibe. Alternatively, use mirror tiles to create a border which divides an area while adding a modern element to the space. 

Chair against wall 
With a hexagonal tile suited to every bathroom decor you may choose, their popularity is no surprise. Now that you’re equipped with the know-how, what are you waiting for? Create a bathroom that’s timelessly fashionable and oozes character and style by taking a look at our hexagon bathroom tiles today and bringing your geometric design ideas to life.

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