Inspired by Morocco: How to Introduce Mosaics to Your Home

Our love affair with Moroccan decor is set to remain on-trend for yet another season. With this in mind, expect to see textured rugs, metallic lanterns and patterned floor tiles a plenty – all essential components for creating a Bohemian vibe. 

However, achieving an authentic Moroccan look can be tough, but fear not. In today’s post, we’ll be offering our top tips on how to use mosaic tiles to deliver a striking and ethnic feel to your home that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

Moroccan tile art

The bathroom

When it comes to adding a Moroccan element to your home, the bathroom is a brilliant place to start. You’ll have the freedom to add a luxurious look to the room with exciting colours, accessories, patterns and of course, mosaic bathroom tiles, that are a classic feature of Moroccan interiors. From bright blues and yellows to earthy hues, the choice of colours all conjure up images of opulent riads and the exotic souks – giving you endless ways to style your bathroom with a Moroccan theme. 

To create a seamless look, try matching mosaic floor tiles with wall accents such as traditional trays or a wall mirror that will offer timeless beauty, while making a decorative statement. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, why not try your hand at upcycling an old mirror using leftover mosaic bathroom tiles? This is a great way to personalise the space and deliver a coordinated aesthetic too. Complement tile colours with towels and other bathroom accessories like candles and lanterns for a cohesive and unique finish. 

The kitchen 

With their ornate patterns and pretty colours, Moroccan-style tiles can be a brilliant way to deliver an eye-catching feature for functional kitchen splashbacks. Using colourful splashback tiles, you’ll have the scope to create a design that instantly demands attention and oozes authentic Moroccan character – especially when paired with boho accents and a rich colour schemes. 

Moroccan decor often strives to bring the outdoors in, so thinking how this principle can be applied to your kitchen design is key. Think wicker baskets, terracotta pottery filled with exotic plants, metal lanterns and wooden accents to create a relaxing and warm heart of the home. Take this further by embracing patterned floor cushions or bean bags in jewel tones to accentuate the homely feel. Paired with neutral coloured stone mosaic tiles, these contrasting palettes will bring a true sense of transterior style with a Moroccan twist. 

The living area

In the living room, you have more freedom than any other room in the home to combine design elements and textures from different cultures. Add some ethic charm to modern furniture by mixing up different colours and materials materials – team burnt oranges with antique metals and red woven fabrics for a classic Moroccan vibe. 

To create a pop of Moroccan style, mix and match detailed geometric patterns in bold colours – you could also opt for different textures such as soft velvet or neutral fabrics if you’re feeling bold. However, to ensure the room doesn’t feel overwhelmed by a mixture of textures and fabrics, stick to neutral hues on the walls and floors like stone mosaic tilesthe soft background palette will allow the fabrics to really stand out, and make an impact.

Colourful Tajine Pottery 
Whether you’re planning a complete home update or looking for some inspiration to add just a touch of Moroccan vibe to a specific room, we hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration for introducing mosaics to your home. Why not get started today? Take a look at our beautiful selection of mosaic wall and floor tiles today to start bringing your design ideas to life.

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