Creating the Wow Factor: 3 Attention-Grabbing Tiled Splashback Ideas

Whether you’re going bold with mosaics or opting for simple yet effective style with plain metro tiles, your kitchen splashback should be a focal point of your kitchen design that instantly grabs attention. 

To help you master that wow factor feeling, in today’s post, we’re offering a guide to some eye-catching kitchen tile backsplash ideas for you to replicate in your home.

Kitchen workspace

Opt for less is more

For a chic look in modest-sized kitchens, opt for a simple white tile to open the space up and deliver a serene and sleek finish when combined with the right accessories. The light reflecting qualities of white tiles will brighten up the room and deliver a contemporary feel. One option is to plump for white metro tiles that beautifully blend vintage charm with minimalist style, especially with the addition of some coloured grout to truly master the subway aesthetic – a highly desirable trend at the moment. 

Other ides include pairing your white kitchen tiles with bright colours and accessories. The white tiled splashback will balance out any vibrant kitchen worktops or cabinets, while adding plenty of personality to the kitchen. 

For a rustic, natural feel, pair stone kitchen tiles alongside granite or marble counters or set them against pale coloured cabinets to deliver a high-end finish above your stove. 

Make it pop with patterns

If minimalist interiors aren’t your thing, consider a mosaic splashback instead. A powerful way to add visual interest to your kitchen or to hone in on a Moroccan or bohemian theme, this tiling aesthetic could be the key to taking your kitchen to the next level by adding energy and character to functional areas.  

The easiest way to transform your kitchen is to add a tiled splashback behind your worktop. So for a tile which is sure to add colour and personality to your kitchen, opt for nikea tiles which will stand out impactfully against a white kitchen. Alternatively, for a more traditional look, opt for grey or beige toned patterned tiles for an understated aesthetic which won’t overpower detailed kitchen cupboards or accessories. For more contemporary kitchens, use patterned black and white tiles, which will really make a statement, but won’t take away from a chic, minimalist tone. Patterned tiles are a great technique to open a room, and make it seem a little brighter and lighter while also adding texture. 

Play around with different layouts for tiles

Why not add something a little different to a classic splashback design by changing the pattern in which you lay the tiles? If you’re a big fan of metro tiles but want to grab the attention of your guests, consider a herringbone design or stagger the tiles to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen by averting the eye. 

For a chic look, choose high gloss or marble tiles which ooze sophistication and a high-end feel. You could even combine two different tiles using this pattern to add a touch of personality which won’t overwhelm the rest of your kitchen design. Great for an accent above the stove, or a splashback which spans most of the wall, a herringbone pattern made with kitchen tiles is a powerful choice when it comes to adding a little bit more intricacy to your kitchen, without choosing a patterned tile. 

All white kitchen workspace
Whether you’ve decided to be adventurous with bold patterns or opt for an understated yet chic and sophisticated finish, we hope you’ll be inspired to update your splashback and take your kitchen design to the next level. Get started today, by taking a look at our beautiful choice of kitchen splashback tiles.

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