Timeless Interior Styles: Part 4 – Maximalism

Some design trends never go out of fashion. In this series, we’re looking at those iconic interior decor movements that hang around year on year, leaving the fads in their wake.

In the fourth instalment, we’re taking a look at maximalist design, the lesser-known and strikingly different sibling of minimalism. Maximalism is for bold adventurers who want to live surrounded by colour and not be tied to strict rules.

Keep reading to find out how you can achieve the perfect maximalist home, filled to the brim with life and personality.

What is maximalism design?

Maximalism, also referred to as maximalist design, is essentially the opposite of the commonly known minimalism. It embraces the use of heavy colours and patterns, a blend of styles and an overall sense of freedom with your decor. Rather than stripping back to the bare essentials, it’s based around adding anything that brings you joy and allows you to express a more eccentric and extroverted personality.

But where did it come from? Maximalism arose in the 1970s as a response to the minimalist trend of the 1960s – ironically, minimalism was itself a response to the excessive styles of the consumer society seen around the middle of the 20th century. From here, like the other timeless interior trends, it has come and gone over the years through the changing times. In the last couple of years, it’s more popular than it’s ever been before.

Embrace colour & patterns

When it comes to maximalist design, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the bright, interjecting colours and patterns. Think of colour as the foundation of the design and use a strong primary colour to start off. Then, bring in colours and patterns that don’t match but do compliment and accentuate each other.

Add colour to your walls, ceiling, floors, furniture and accessories. Combine the colour with vivid and eye-catching patterns to help you avoid having blocks of one solid colour.

Try to stay away from grey hues, as it’s fair to say they can be overused in a lot of other decor trends. Save grey for minimalists and go crazy with colour.

Be daring with art

A fun way to personalise your maximalist home is by displaying art. Paintings, posters, photos and more can be added to your walls in all different shapes and sizes. Try to vary the frame size and colour and avoid using the same styles.

A great way to add a focal piece to a full wall or large section is by adding a wall mural. If you’d like to keep in slightly more traditional, wallpaper with an unusual design may work better for your space.

Alternatively, you could add in a gallery wall on your main wall. You could even take feature walls to an all-new level by tiling a single wall with a bright and eye-catching design.

Don’t limit your art to what’s on the wall. Sculptures, vases, plates etc. can be used all around your home on shelves and open surfaces.

Texture, texture & texture!

Maximalist decor has plenty of scopes to let you experiment with texture to create a comfortable yet exciting home. Try to bring in a wide range of texture with your furniture, cushions, throws, flooring and accessories.

For your furniture, try to keep it varied and avoid adding pieces made of the same kinds of material. If you have a wooden bookcase, maybe a glass or marble coffee table would work well.

You can even add texture to your walls or ceiling with some crown moldings or panelling – it will break up the space and make for a more interesting aesthetic.

Combine different styles

As rules don’t apply to maximalism, you have a great deal of flexibility with your decor. When it comes to choosing a style for your art and furniture, try to bring in aspects from other interior design trends.

Art deco and retro furniture can look incredible, especially in bright and interesting colours. Boho and Morrocan colours, art and accessories can be great to add-in fun and interesting pieces. As we said, add what you love and bring in whatever you like to make you maximalist home unique to you.

Flowers & houseplants

As well as art and accessories, nature can be an exciting way to decorate your home and help to brighten up your space whilst adding in some texture. Stick to extravagant and interesting house plants rather than common and boring varieties. Large palms or cacti can add-in in a new texture and really complete your look.

For the flowers, avoid the traditional species in boring vases. Choose something wild and free and put them in colourful and bold vases.

Maximalism doesn’t mean pointless clutter

Maximalism has more elements than the majority of other design trends but that doesn’t mean your home should be in anarchy. Try to keep everything in order to some degree rather than randomly plonking things, opting for more of an ‘organised chaos’ look.

You don’t want your home to end up looking like an episode of hoarders. Only add things that bring you joy to your home and avoid things that you add just for the sake of it. It’s cheesy, but it will help you create the perfect look!

So now you know how to achieve a maximalist style, get planning what you’re going to do in your own home. Why not start by browsing our wide selection of tiles for the perfect style? After that, get creative and have fun!

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