5 Simple Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Ceilings

When we think of decorating our rooms, our minds often go straight to walls, floors and furniture – but what about a part of every room that’s more often than not overlooked? We’re talking about your ceilings! Despite being something every room has in common, the ceiling is not something that’s usually on our list when we’re looking to update our interiors.

Let’s change that! Whether you’re a self-confessed interior design buff or you see decorating as more of a chore than something to enjoy, read on for some simple ideas to spruce up your ceiling design. 

Experiment with tiles

While you might have considered tiles for other areas of your home, you might not have thought that they could be just the thing you need to overhaul your ceiling’s design. Slightly trickier than other tiling projects, the ceiling isn’t as accessible as your walls or floors, so if you’re doing this, you’ll want to do it right – even if that means bringing in a professional.

Large format tiles can help a room appear larger than it is, and natural tiles like those in the Cosmopolitan range will provide enough of a blank canvas that the rest of the room’s decor is up to you. If you want to give your ceiling texture, panel tiles can help you do just that, breaking up the space. This is especially useful if you’re tiling the ceiling of a huge room, giving it more character than a blanket style would.

Pay attention to your lighting choices

glass lamp shade
Photo by Chris Leggat on Unsplash

Lighting plays a big part in any room, and when it comes to your ceiling, the choices you make here really can make all the difference in terms of the room’s overall aesthetic. So, start with the types of bulbs you opt for. Whether you’re using spotlights, one single ceiling light or a candelabra-style chandelier with several lights, the type of colour temperature you opt for with your bulbs will affect the way your ceiling is illuminated.

With this taken care of, it’s time to consider the shape of the bulbs themselves. While previously you might have settled on lightbulbs based on practicality or what fit the shades you already had, there’s no reason why the shape of the bulbs can’t be part of your ceiling design. From globe and straight-sided to crystalline pear and tubular, there’s a variety of options that can add the finishing touches to your room.

Accessorise with fixtures and fittings

Next you’ll want to think about the shades or light hangings themselves. Of course, these should work to complement your lightbulbs, as you don’t want to choose a bulb that ends up being longer than the shade. There’s plenty of options here, too. Flush lamps, pendants and chandeliers are just some of the types of lighting you can choose for your ceiling – although you’ll probably want to make this decision based on the height of a room. Smaller rooms, for example, can appear cramped if the ceilings are low and you choose a dangling chandelier.

There’s colour and material to consider here, too. You’re unlikely to opt for a fluffy, pink shade for a room that otherwise exudes country chic. Spend time exploring your options. If you’re looking for a way for your ceiling to stand out, this is where you can really make all the difference – so give this the same attention you would for your wall murals and table accessories.

Buff up exposed beams

If personality is something you’re keen to reflect in your interior design choices, you can’t go far wrong with exposed wooden beams. To update them, simply settle on a colour and get to work. Off-whites work well if you’ll be adding loud colours to the room, while browns are perfect for creating that rustic chic look. 

You could even consider hanging linens from your beams to really draw attention to this area of the room. These will be most effective in rooms with high ceilings, as they won’t take up any valuable space. The added benefit here is that you can quite easily switch up the colour of the hangings when you redecorate, whereas a painted ceiling is more of a longer term investment.

Be bold with your colour palette

If you’re willing to go all in and commit to a big design change, then being bold with your colour choices could be the right move for you. Much like a feature wall can completely change a room, so too can a block coloured ceiling. You might want to avoid dark colours here though, as even with strategic lighting, you’ll struggle to brighten up the room.

For all white rooms, a plum or coral coloured ceiling could be the perfect way to add excitement to the space without overwhelming it. This is quite an investment though, so if you’re someone who enjoys regularly switching up your interior design, choose a shade that can be suited to a variety of other colours, should you decide to change your cushions, throws and rugs.

Are you ready to bring the fifth wall to life and experiment with ceiling tiles? Explore our range today and request a sample of your favourite tiles to get you started!

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