Designing a Gorgeous Garden: How Patio Tiles Can Create an Inviting Space

It only takes one sunny day for us to start dreaming of the summer months, and whether we’ll admit it or not, we never quite get round to the garden updates we mean to carry out in time for the next bout of warmer weather.

If you’re serious about making sure your garden is ready for summer, we’re here to help. We’re exploring a variety of creative ways you can use outdoor garden and patio tiles, helping you design a stunning space you’ll absolutely love spending time in. 

They help break up the space

cream and grey outdoor tiles

Photo by Tiles Direct

Outdoor tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so whatever space you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to find a tiling solution that works for your floor – and one of the main benefits of these types of tiles is that they can help to separate different areas of your garden from each other. 

This means that you can clearly differentiate between your patio area where you might want to have a barbecue and comfortable seating, and your grassy area which you might choose to keep completely clear. Alternatively, you can keep children’s play areas separate from your precious flowerbeds.

If you’re opting to tile your entire garden, another way to use floor tiles to separate the space is to choose different colours. For example, keep your patio area neutral with Barberino Crema tiles, while adding a splash of sophistication to the area around your summer house by choosing something like Bazalt Black tiles.

They add character

However much of your garden you decide to tile, you can use different styles and sizes to suit the look you’re trying to achieve. For a modern approach, something like Dakota Grey or Travertine Silver outdoor tiles are an ideal option that would perfectly complement a grey rattan garden furniture set.

If you prefer a more traditional look, creams or blacks could provide the canvas you need to build the rest of your garden’s design upon. You can use these to create a pathway from your home down to your lawn area or to provide a safe walkway around the perimeter of your property.

To bring that holiday feel to your home, you could opt for tiles within the Tuscany range. These gorgeous terracotta floor tiles are perfect for merging the indoors and outdoors together, so could be used in your kitchen and leading out to your garden area for a fluid aesthetic that perfectly blends both aspects of your home.

They provide practicality

As the weather turns warmer, many of us look to invest in paddling pools and hot tubs – and with these inevitably comes water. Whether there’s accidental overflow when you’re getting in and out or wet footprints as you dash indoors, your flooring can quickly become a danger zone. This is where your tiling options can make all the difference.

Non-slip floor tiles like those in the Rock R13 range are the perfect solution to this problem and could be just what you need to keep the whole family safe while enjoying the best of the British weather. By ensuring you lay slip-resistant tiles, you needn’t worry about accidents in the garden and can ensure the whole family stays safe outdoors.

As well as the safety aspects, garden tiles are easy to clean. Patios and paved areas can look good as new with a simple sweep to clear away loose dirt and debris. After this, use a bucket of warm water to rinse away any spills or stains. For particularly tough spots, you could add a squirt of washing up liquid to your warm water and use a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn marks.

With the rest of your garden already taken care of, now’s the time to turn your attention to your patio tiles. Looking for more inspiration or need a helping hand choosing the best size garden tiles for your space? We’d love to help! Get in touch with our experienced team today.

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