Small Garden Design Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

When the warmer weather rolls around each year, many of us look forward to getting outside and enjoying getting busy in our gardens – but for those with smaller outdoor spaces, inspiration can be hard to come by.

Join us today as we explore some small garden design ideas, bringing you inventive and easy-to-action tips to help you fall in love with your outdoor space.

Foldable furniture

red garden table and chairs
Image by bfluder from Pixabay

In a smaller garden, finding furniture that fits can be a challenge – but if you want to create a space you’ll love spending time in, you’ll need some suitable seating. All is not lost, though – you might just need to widen the search and start looking for chairs and a table that can be easily tucked away.

Whether this involves slotting the chairs underneath a bistro table or folding the entire set away and storing them in the shed when they’re not in use, it is possible to find furniture that fits comfortably in smaller gardens.

Utilise shelves and hooks

Whether it’s for plant pots, garden equipment or decorative items like candles and jars, there’s no need to sacrifice the necessary items or added extras in your smaller garden – with a little planning, you can have them all.

Solid brick walls provide the perfect backdrop for installing some robust shelving, and you can paint the shelves in colours that complement the rest of your garden – providing you with a stylish storage solution. You can also use hooks to hang up watering cans, lanterns and gardening tools – helping your garden to stay organised and keeping everything you need to hand.

Vertical planting

hanging garden plant in pot
Image by moritz320 from Pixabay

As mentioned above, when space is limited, if there’s a way to raise something off the floor, do it. This is good news if you’re keen to enjoy lots of greenery and plantlife in your garden, as you can use a trellis on fences for vertical planting and hanging baskets secured to solid walls to display your flowers.

If you’re dealing with a really small area like a courtyard, avoid having too many plants at eye level, as this will overwhelm the already small space – so be sparing with flowers that overhang.

Half and half flooring

When it comes to your floor, the more space you’re able to work with, the better. If you’re looking for ideas for how you can enjoy different areas of your small garden for different activities, there is a way.

You could look at using garden and patio tiles in one half of the garden, and laying down turf on the other side. This will allow you to create clearly defined spaces so that the children can enjoy playing water games where your non-slip tiles are laid, while your precious lawn remains undamaged.

Hang lights

ambient hanging garden lights
Image by Philip Moore on Unsplash

We’ve mentioned candles and lanterns, but, to truly finish off your garden space, hanging lights around the tops of your fences will illuminate the garden without taking up any space.

This can be a great way to tie in your overall theme, as you can alter the colour of the bulbs to change up the vibe of the space for day and night. You can also use rope to hang the bulbs and then periodically drape different types of ribbons along the rope to add flair.

Hopefully we’ve left you with plenty of small garden design ideas to mull over. If you’re ready to embark on a garden update, why not order some sample outdoor tiles from us today? Alternatively, keep an eye on our blog for more garden inspiration.

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