New Year, New You (& New Tiles)

While your enthusiasm for some of your more personal new year’s resolutions might already have started to dwindle, with the new year now in full swing, there’s hope yet for your larger new year aspirations! After all, it’s easy to tell yourself to do more exercise, eat more fruit and start walking to work, however maintaining a routine where you put this into practice isn’t always attainable. In contrast, resolutions that allow you to see an immediate difference are often more appealing, therefore making them easier to carry out and put into effect – and what makes more of an impact than an interior refresh?

Revitalising your home will likely give you a fresh outlook on both your home and yourself – acting as a clean slate when it comes to putting into action those longer-term, personal goals you haven’t thought about since January 2nd. In this blog post, therefore, we’ll help you get a head start on your new year’s resolutions, providing you with plenty of tiling options sure to instill a positive mental attitude within you for the year ahead.

woman positioned on yoga mat
Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Encourage an active, outdoorsey attitude

A tale as old as time, getting fit, healthy and embracing the outdoors is likely to take prize position at the top of most people’s wish lists for the new year. While signing up to a gym membership is, for most of us, the obvious motivational method, you’re likely to get tied into an expensive 12-month contract that you can’t get out of and won’t end up using.

Instead, why not optimise your interior for yoga-friendly activity or, contrastingly, think ahead to the summer and plan in an aesthetic update that will allow you to utilise the outdoor space you already have. For example, consider laying down outdoor tiles suitable for physical activity, such as practical non-slip floor tiles that will ensure your activity won’t budge as you exercise in the sun.

Invite serenity and tranquility into your home

For those of you looking to invite a sense of calm and tranquil into your space this year, why not opt for the ultimate serene colour, also announced as Pantone’s colour of the year – Classic Blue. If the phrase ‘messy room, messy mind’ strikes a chord with you, it could be time to refresh your outdated, magnolia and laminate floors and swap them for calming blue tiles instead.

Whether you choose to re-tile your patio with ocean hues, or would rather welcome a sense of peacefulness into one of the busiest rooms of your home by updating your kitchen tiles, adding a splash of blue into your hectic home could leave you feeling a little more calm and a lot less manic this new year.

Minimise the appearance of clutter

Continuing the serene theme, we recognise the importance of reducing clutter to create the illusion of space in your home, as well as the impact this can have on your overall happiness and peace of mind. While adding an extension onto your home would allow you to better distribute your furnishings and home accessories, there are some simple changes you can make first to maximise the appearance of your space and minimise the presence of clutter as a result.

For smaller rooms in the home, this includes laying large floor tiles that will immediately open up space in your home by removing detail from the floor, forcing your guests’ eyes up instead of down and projecting the illusion of greater size as a result.

Express and be at one with yourself

Finally, a new year’s resolution easier said than done is to get more creative. While this means something different for every individual, generally speaking this goal will involve you stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself in a new direction.

The perfect interior pairing for such an idea? Patterned tiles of course! Whether you’re simply in need of some daily inspiration and choose a selection of tiles likely to inspire you every time you see them, or want to create your own mosaic in your home using a beautiful selection of patterned tiles, injecting an element of colour and creativity into your interior is sure to excite you both this year and beyond.

From getting creative to staying fit and active, an interior revamp could be just the boost you need to help you conquer your resolutions this year. So, what’re you waiting for? Get started and request a catalogue today!

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