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Patterned Tiles

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If you’re a die-hard fan of vintage style and want to balance cool, contemporary design with a big, beautiful dollop of retro in your home, welcome to our range of patterned wall and floor tiles.

This collection is home to a diverse range of pattern tiles. So, you’ll find everything from exotic overseas influences to designs that are love letters to bygone eras. 

With a broad and brilliant spectrum of shades, as well as a diverse range of sizes (from 4x4cm all the way up to 60x60cm), you won’t need to shop anywhere else. Put simply, whatever pattern tile you’d like to introduce to your home’s interior, we’re sure you’ll find a tile to fit.

If you fancy injecting a little colour and playful pattern into your home, discover more about our weird and wonderful patterned tile collection right here.

Patterned tiles through the ages

Before we take a deep dive into pattern tiles, here’s a little background on the heritage of patterned tiles. 

Patterned tiles are having a renaissance in modern home design, taking influences from around the globe to embrace vibrant and colourful designs. And while this comeback seems relatively recent, our love affair with elegant and ornate patterns on tiles has clearly been a long-standing one.

From highly ornate cathedrals and palaces during mediaeval times to as far back as ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, patterned tile displays have been admired for centuries. 

However, the pinnacle of their popularity and accessibility (before today, of course) is during the Victorian era. The gothic revival movement during this time brought decorative pattern tiles and interiors to the fore with the infamous Minton tiles.

From checkerboard floors in black and white to delicate fleur-de-lis and quatrefoil patterns, the birth of mass-produced encaustic pattern tiles during the Industrial Revolution brought bigger scope for designs. It also gave them greater accessibility, with many homes adorning walls, floors and fireplaces with decorative tiles.

Today, you’ll find patterned tiles in an array of shapes, sizes and designs that make it even easier to embrace these characterful coverings throughout the modern home. 

From vintage-style kitchen splashbacks to contemporary living room floors, there’s a patterned tile to suit every room and every taste. The result is a versatile and ultra-stylish interior you’ll love for years. 

Why choose patterned tiles? 

As a decorating material, pattern tiles offer countless styling possibilities (not to mention practical perks), making them a sound choice for your next home update. 

For floors, they can bolster their functional role by combining up-to-date styles with practical flooring, whether that’s in a bustling kitchen or a peaceful bedroom. 

When it comes to decorating walls throughout your home, patterned wall tiles are right at home as part of an intricate, eye-catching feature wall. Whether you want a simple two-tone pattern or a daring clash of colours and patterns, patterned wall tiles will instantly add character to kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. 

Some of the positive benefits you’ll find with pattern tiles include:

  • Durability: the pattern tiles in this range are made from ceramic, porcelain and, in some cases, authentic natural stone, giving you peace of mind that you’re investing in a hard-wearing material in areas where durability is most important
  • Water and stain resistance: with a sealed top layer that’s a standard feature of patterned porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles, they deliver outstanding water, chemical and stain resistance. This makes them perfect for handling the inevitable spills and splashes in busy households
  • Hardness: the composition of these tile materials also means they’re incredibly strong, making them well-equipped to handle everyday wear, providing excellent scratch resistance and ensuring patterned designs don’t get damaged
  • Practicality: patterned floor and wall tiles can go some way towards camouflaging everyday use in heavy traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. This means some of the typical dirt and surface dust will be less visible and won’t demand constant cleaning
  • Low maintenance: with a glazed top layer, patterned wall and floor tiles are a breeze to clean. Splashes and stains can be easily wiped away with just water or a mild cleaning product for stubborn marks. This means your pattern tiles will be restored to their former beauty in no time
  • Versatility: with so much variety on offer for both walls and floors, pattern tiles will help you dial up the style throughout your home, combining function with fashion

With a vast selection of patterned wall tiles available that can be installed throughout your home, we’re sure you’ll find limitless styling possibilities. Whether you want an authentic Victorian bathroom style using vintage patterned tiles (like our dainty Peronda tiles) or a Spanish inspired dining area, allow your creativity to come to the fore to pull off eye-catching designs wherever you decide to embellish with patterns.

Your patterned tile colour options

With any interior design project, your choice of colour matters. That’s why at Tiles Direct, we’ve handpicked a range of pattern tiles that are bursting with colour variety. 

Most of our pattern tiles use signature colours like cornflower blue, red, beige, brown, black and white, but that’s not all we have on offer. Whether you want a mix of vibrant hues or a neutral vibe, we have you covered. 

Some of our most popular pattern tile colours include:

  • Black: from black and white checks to pretty florals and geometric designs, champion monochrome interiors with any one of our black pattern tiles
  • Blue: take your pick of soothing, blue patterned tiles that come in soft pale hues through to dark, moody blues
  • Brown: pattern tiles in earthy brown and beige tones can be the perfect match for rustic interior themes and period properties 
  • Green: give your home a natural feel with pattern tiles in green shades that range from deep bottle green to subtle olive
  • Grey: versatile and timeless, grey patterned tiles are right at home in modern and classic design styles throughout your home
  • Pink: add a touch of sophistication and elegance with pretty pink pattern tiles on floors or walls
  • Red: bring warmth and drama to your interiors with red pattern tiles that demand to be noticed 
  • White: used as a base colour for so many of our designs, you’ll find endless options for white pattern tiles 
  • Yellow: give your home a sunny, exotic feel with yellow patterned wall tiles

Your pattern options

To discover which tiles best suit your personal style and specifications, take a look at our complete range of designs today. 

Our online catalogue includes everything from iconic designs reminiscent of the Victorian era to dainty Moroccan and Spanish-style patterns and even bold, dramatic geometric tiles. This means you’re guaranteed to find a tile that reflects your personal style and complements the rest of your home’s aesthetic to a T.

To help you find just the right patterned tile design for your home, let’s drill down into the detail of the diverse variety we have on offer. 

  • Stripes: you can’t beat the classics, and nothing makes a simple style statement quite like a dramatic striped pattern. We stock a range of patterned tiles featuring stripes in complementary colours, from timeless black and white to other less conventional colour pairings. Bring cool lines and a sense of visual texture to walls or floors with our striped pattern tiles suitable for use anywhere in the house
  • Vintage: we have an array of traditional patterned tiles that allow you to bring vintage style into your home. Perfectly encapsulating the pretty, intricate designs of the Victorian era, you’ll find swirls, fleur-de-lis, quatrefoils, octagon and dot tiles and more. From striking black and white patterned floor tiles for the bathroom to colourful patterned wall tiles for kitchen splashbacks, feast your eyes on our extensive choice of traditional Victorian-era tiles and encaustic-style tiles like the ornate and colourful designs in our V&A Collection 
  • Geometric: If you prefer definitive shapes to fancy patterns on your tiles, experiment with geometric designs instead. We have a whole booty of funky geometric patterned floor and wall tiles that are begging to be explored. From groovy retro styles like our  Sixties range to classic marble-effect designs that celebrate uniform geometric patterns, you’ll find all the inspiration you need
  • Fabric: for a modern look, experiment with patterned wall tiles that mimic the look of fabric. Guaranteed to bring bags of texture and character, these tiles tend to use geometric shapes and designs to create a contemporary finish.
  • Terrazzo: bring texture and depth to floors and walls with speckled terrazzo-effect patterned tiles. Perfect for a modern industrial look set against pewter accents and wood.
  • Stars: whether you want to cleverly combine old and new interior styles or make sure your period property feels authentic, pretty star pattern tiles in a choice of vintage and clean, contemporary designs will help you create striking floors and walls
  • Patchwork: create a striking feature wall with a mismatched patchwork tile design featuring a variety of complementary patterned tiles. These multicoloured tile patterns make for an eye-catching focal point whether used on a living room feature wall, kitchen splashback or bathroom shower surround
  • Floral: dainty flora and fauna inspired patterns are perfect for feature walls and splashbacks, helping you to make a style statement that’s pretty and elegant while still making a dramatic impact. A floral patterned tile design is anything but a wallflower, bringing a taste of the natural world into your home to help you refresh walls and floors with ease
  • Mandala: the mandala is an ancient geometric symbol representing spiritual development in Hinduism and Buddhism, and has since come to be adopted by the wider world as a symbol of our inner consciousness thanks to its popularisation by psychologist Carl Jung. As a tile pattern, the mandala is incredible striking due to its intricate form and kaleidoscopic colour palette. Transform walls or floors anywhere in your home with the captivating beauty of mandala patterned tiles
  • Graffiti: bring urban art into your living space with a selection of dramatic graffiti patterned tiles. Inspired by the street art movement, these tile patterns incorporate a range of street art motifs in various vibrant designs - bringing a punchy pop of colour to walls wherever they’re used. Introduce our graffiti tiles to your home to achieve the ultimate in industrial chic
  • 3D effect: for an alluring textural finish, explore our embossed, 3D-effect patterned tiles. This alternative take on patterned tiles is positively perfect for an eye-catching feature wall, bringing an instant sense of depth and dynamism to any surface
  • Global influences: If you love interior styles from around the world, you’ll find oodles of ideas on how to bring charm and character into your home with our eclectic range of patterned tiles inspired from all corners of the world. From blue and white Dutch-style tiles to sumptuous Italian-inspired Sacchi tile designs and vivid colours inspired by North Africa and the Mediterranean in our Moroccan tile range, we have it all

Your patterned tile finish and material options

Choosing the right material and finish for your pattern tiles may not seem that important, but it can make a big difference when it comes to the finished result. 

To help you find the best option for your pattern tile project, here’s the lowdown on the various finishes available in this range:

  • Porcelain: incredibly hard and durable, porcelain patterned tiles are an ideal choice for high-traffic, wet areas of the home thanks to their strength and water-repelling properties whichever design you choose
  • Ceramic: slightly more porous than porcelain, ceramic tiles are still a solid choice for use on walls and floors and come in a variety of designs and finishes
  • Polished: with a shiny finish that reflects light around the room, polished pattern tiles are easy to clean and ideal for poorly lit spaces
  • Matt: featuring a duller finish, matt patterned wall and floor tiles deliver texture and depth to walls and floors, while providing good grip underfoot
  • Metallic: up the ante on texture with pattern tiles that come with a metallic sheen - ideal for industrial aesthetics
  • Wood: our patterned tiles expand into the natural world, allowing you to bring organic patterns like wood grain into your home with ease. From rustic-style wooden kitchen floors to wood panel walls, our elegant wood effect tile options are sure to help you achieve your desired look
  • Natural stone: patterned wall tiles in marble can be all you need to add interest to any room. With realistic natural stone veins and colouring, our marble-look tiles are guaranteed to be an eye-catching, timeless feature
  • Antique: some of our patterned tiles come with antique finishes, giving them an aged appearance for added authenticity. This all means that you’ll have all the right ingredients you need to pull off an authentic Victorian-inspired interior update

Your patterned tile shape options

Our retro patterned tiles come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no trouble compiling your shortlist of favourites. The only hard part will be deciding on a single design for your room - but if you’re struggling to choose, you can always mix and match!

  • Square: champion uniform patterns and designs with square pattern tiles in a huge range of sizes that start from 4cm x 4cm up to 60cm x 60cm
  • Shell: for Art Deco interior design lovers, get your fix of sumptuous and luxurious decor using curvy, chic shell tiles that come in various hues and finishes to inject texture and pattern
  • Rectangular: from dinky vintage border pattern tiles to 32cm x 90cm textured tiles, you’ll find ample options to find the perfect size for your project
  • Hexagon: create delicate honeycomb patterns with patterned hexagon tiles with a modern twist, allowing you to embrace mixed designs and colours that come together beautifully

Patterned tiles for every room of the house

Whether you’re going bold in one room of the house or using a cohesive collection of patterned tiles to tie your entire home together, the beauty of these designs is their ability to transform any room of the house, and even outdoor areas, into a patterned paradise.

To help you get the most from your pattern tiles, here are some handy styling ideas on how and where to use them.

The kitchen: patterned kitchen tiles, whether on walls or floors, can help you to emulate anything from the quintessential Victorian kitchen (with a classic monochrome patterned tile) to a room straight from a gorgeous Grecian villa (with a warm red terracotta-coloured tile).

The bathroom: make a statement with your bathroom design using pattern tiles. In rooms that are often ravaged by humidity, they can give interiors added longevity. From sink splashbacks, shower walls, bath surrounds and even bath panels, patterned wall tiles are a sure-fire way to grab the attention of everyone who enters the room. Equally, patterned bathroom floor tiles can provide a reliable flooring solution that’s also packed with high-end style, whatever colour and design you choose

The living room: you want your pattern prowess to extend beyond the kitchen and bathroom - why not apply patterned tiles in living spaces, too? For cutting-edge chic in living rooms, opt for contemporary Digital Art geometric designs that will beautifully frame the whole room.

The bedroom: give bedrooms a fresh new look with a classically styled tile that still looks at home in modern surroundings like our Urban tile collection. With ornate detailing and calming colours, it’s primed for achieving a restful ambience for a good night’s rest

The hallway: a must-have for period properties, pattern tiles can recreate that authentic Victorian style for a super stylish hallway. They’re not limited to older homes, though - using pattern tiles for hallway floors and walls can give your space added personality and help to hide muddy footprints, scuffs and more

The open-plan room: patterned floor tiles can also be put to use by marking out separate zones within your home. Divide open-plan living spaces with hexagonal tiles in the kitchen and wood-effect floor tiles in living areas that will instantly define the uses of each space. Or why not frame your dining table or coffee table with a patterned tile rug? With a backdrop against plain tiles, it’s a brilliant way to add an interesting feature to functional floors

Buying patterned tiles online

With an impressive selection of premium patterned tiles, Tiles Direct is your one-stop shop for quality tiles and tiling accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to make impactful updates in your home that will last for years.

Having worked in the tiles industry for over three decades, we’ve made it our mission to source the best products from leading suppliers across Europe to give you competitive prices on premium products.

In fact, we’re so confident in our prices that we even offer a price match promise. So, if you spot one of our tiles at a lower price elsewhere, just let us know and we’ll not only match the price, but beat it - making sure you get the best possible deal.

Browse our beautiful online range of patterned tiles today to treat your home to jaw-dropping designs that can effortlessly complement your existing theme or create a sumptuous centrepiece in any room of the house. And when you spend over £499 with us, you’ll get your tiles delivered free of charge, giving you even more value for money.

If you’re still not sure or want to experiment with a few different designs, you can order tile samples from just 99p each before you buy in bulk? And if you need any extra help in choosing your tiles or have a question for us, simply head to our Contact Us page to find the best way to reach us.

To find out more about buying patterned tiles for commercial design projects, visit our dedicated pages for architects, interior designers and project managers.