A Match Made in Heaven: Using Tiles to Complement Home Interior Features

Arguably the greatest appeal of using tiles in your home interior is the flexibility they offer. From the living room to the bathroom, the kitchen to the hallway, tiles lend themselves to a wide range of interior styles and, with the right know-how, can be used decoratively to accentuate an array of home interior features. 

With that in mind, today we’re guiding you through the home, showing you how to creatively complement a range of common interior features using different styles of tiles. Regardless of the size of your living space or your stylistic approach, one thing’s for sure – there’s a way you can be better utilising tiles in your home!

Reinvent your fireplace 

Although the fireplace doesn’t necessarily take up too much space in your living room, that’s not to say it doesn’t demand a lot of attention. On the contrary, the fireplace often acts as a living room’s focal point, making your decorative approach to your fireplace an utmost priority.

But how do you make a big impact with what’s typically a small space? The answer – fireplace tiles (you should’ve seen that one coming)! No matter if it’s a wood, gas or electric fire, upgrading your fireplace through the introduction of tiles has the ability to completely reinvent the entire room – and best of all, it requires minimum effort. First, start by asking yourself where your fireplace tiles will work best. You typically have three options when it comes to successfully tiling a fireplace – decorating the hearth, mantle or setting. 

The hearth is the front base of your fireplace that extends out in front to protect the surrounding flooring and, as such, tiles for this area need to stylistically complement your flooring while remaining strong and durable to reinforce safety. Remember, this is usually where you’ll keep tools like pokers and tongs, as well as logs if you have a wood fire, meaning your tiles should be able to withstand a fair amount of general wear and tear. With this in mind, it’s best to opt for natural stone fireplace tiles like this Diamond Chequer Fireplace Quarry Hearth Tile Set – both durable and stylish, these monochrome tiles are the ideal way to ensure practicality and high-end aesthetics simultaneously – seamlessly complementing any fireplace. 

If you’re looking to introduce tiling to your fireplace mantle, you have a vast array of options to choose from. Whether you keep it simple with this neutral Square White Fireplace Set or you dare to be more boisterous with designs such as our RiverBank Fireplace Wall Tiles, tiling your fireplace mantel can go a long way in transforming your fireplace from a functional feature to an eye-catching statement piece.

Extend this further by tiling your fireplace setting, too – this gives you the opportunity to reinforce the interior approach of the rest of your room. Whether you opt for split face tiles for a contemporary urban feel or encaustic tiles for a more traditional interior style, look to decorate your fireplace setting in line with the room interior. This will mean it will be seamlessly incorporated into the wider aesthetic of the room, while simultaneously ensuring it stands out as the room’s focal point.

Spruce up your shower and bathtub

Tiles and bathrooms go hand-in-hand – they’re the Lennon to the McCartney, the Ant to the Dec. As such, there’s no better way to complement  typical bathroom features like showers and bathtubs than by introducing some decorative bathroom tiles. With the introduction of the right bath or shower tiles, you can instantly add a whole new dimension to bathrooms, both new and old. 

If you’re already using tiles in your bathroom, be that on the floors or walls, you’ll want to ensure you don’t overdo it with your bath or shower tiles – too many different styles of tile can quickly become overwhelming. As a rule of thumb, stick to mosaic tiles for your floor, XL tiles for your walls and then a coordinating design or texture for your shower tile. Whether that coordinating design is a unique pattern that drapes the entire back wall of your shower or a subtle splashback on the wall surrounding your bathtub, introducing a carefully considered tiling style can bring a fresh lease of life to your bathroom features. 

As a room of function, it’s also important to remember that practicality is just as important as style. With this in mind, be sure to pick tiles that are waterproof, durable and slip-resistant when tiling around a shower or bathtub, ensuring the safety of you and your family, as well as the longevity of your bathroom space as a result!

Work your lighting 

When it comes to interior features, lighting can far too often be underestimated. However, with some smart interior choices, you can easily turn your home’s lighting from a functional feature into a powerful design tool. 

To do this, consider using wall tiles to create a striking feature wall in a space that is, quite literally, under the spotlights. For example, incorporate our Becolor Star & Cross tiles on a wall that receives a high concentration of light from ceiling lighting or lamps. Not only will this serve as an effective standalone design feature, but it will also bless the entire space with more purpose – allowing a room’s light to highlight its most interesting features rather than merely illuminating the space.

Alternatively, if your home interior has feature lights such as stand-alone lamps or low-hanging exposed lighting, you can cleverly utilise border tiles to reinforce these as interior focal points in their own right. For example, our Crackle Skirting Border Tiles come in a range of visually attractive colours, meaning they’re sure to draw the eye in from the moment you step in a room. By using these border tiles for decorative emphasis on the walls around your feature light, you reinforce it as an interior statement piece deserving of your attention. Better yet, by opting for a colour that complements the strength and shade of the light projected, you can even use border tiles to bolster the ambience created by the feature light. 

When it comes to using light as a design tool, you really can enhance the beauty of any interior. For example, by cleverly capitalising on reflective light, you can trick the eye into thinking a space is brighter and larger, projecting a greater feeling of opulence as a result. To do this effectively, look to lay mirrored tiles on a wall close to, but not directly beneath, a lighting source. This will reflect the light around the room, brightening any larger space without it feeling cavernous or cold and turning your lighting feature into the ultimate interior enhancer as a result. 

With some smart consideration, tiles can unlock a whole host of new interior possibilities for previously disregarded or understated home features. For more advice on how you can start using tiles more effectively in your home, or to find out more about any of our products, get in touch with our friendly team of interior experts. 

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