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Glass Mirror Wall Tiles

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If you’re looking to give your home a much-needed update, our selection of sleek mosaic and metro-style mirror tiles could be just what’s needed to create an elegant and contemporary look on your home’s walls. With a vibrant range of styles, colours and sizes available, you can find high-quality mirror tiles that are made for your home and able to add a distinct sense of luxury to your living space. 
Mirrored tiles will look right at home when applied subtly to domestic walls in either kitchens or bathrooms as part of a practical splashback. With our versatile collection of glass mirror wall tiles, however, the possibilities don’t end there. You can also use these tiles to create an attention-grabbing feature wall that delivers a light and clean finish in other areas like hallways, living rooms and even bedrooms. 
Whether you opt for our stunning mosaic mirror tiles or the larger metro design, all of our glass mirror tiles boast a signature shiny finish which sparkles but doesn’t distract. This allows them to add a sense of glamour to whatever room you choose to install these wall tiles. The end result is an eye-catching feature that allows the light to bounce around the room all day long.

Benefits of mirrored tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home, mirror wall tiles may not be your first thought. However, mirrored tiles come with a raft of benefits you may not have even considered, so let us enlighten you - showing you why these tiles are the ideal choice for your next home update. 

Added light

The use of mirrors in interior design is a tried and tested way to brighten up dimly lit spaces, as the reflective surface allows any light to bounce around the room. This all goes towards making the space feel lighter in the process. With this principle in mind, why not create a stylish feature using the power of mirror wall tiles instead of individually hung mirrors?
Whether it’s a windowless bathroom or a dimly lit kitchen, using mirror wall tiles could be the most cost-effective way to make even the darkest spaces feel light and airy - and more spacious as a result. Just remember that the larger the mirrored surface, the brighter it will be. This means you should think big with mirrored tiles to maximise the amount of light reflected around the room. 

More depth

This brings us nicely to the next benefit of using mirror tiles in your home. Mirror tiles have the unique ability to add depth and make an area look and feel larger than it actually is. Primed for use in modest kitchens, pokey bathrooms and small hallways, adorning at least one wall with mirror tiles like ours will help to reflect the depth of the room. This results in creating the illusion that the space is far grander than its dimensions would suggest. 
Mirrored tiles also come with the added bonus of more light being reflected around the room. This means harnessing the reflective properties of mirrored wall tiles could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Using mirrored tiles in the right setting can make your galley kitchen feel more spacious or bring added depth to your cosy ensuite or downstairs bathroom. This is especially true if you use metro brick mirror tiles, thanks to their bevelled edge, which creates greater depth by transforming a flat reflective surface into a three-dimensional one.

Practicality guaranteed

Like most ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass mirror tiles also boast excellent practical properties when it comes to covering your walls. 
Their smooth, shiny surface not only delivers a clean finish, but also makes upkeep a breeze. A simple wipe down with a cloth using a glass cleaner or a white vinegar solution on a regular basis is all that’s needed. This leaves your mirrored wall tiles glistening and streak-free and makes removing cooking splashes, watermarks and mucky fingerprints easy. 
Despite being made from glass, these mirror tiles are also a hardwearing and durable choice for walls in kitchens, showers and other areas of the home. With the right care, they can continue looking their very best for years to come. 

An eco-friendly option

Another benefit of using glass mirrored tiles in your home is that glass is an eco-friendly material. As well as being designed to last for years, at the end of their lifecycle, glass wall tiles like these can also be recycled. 
This all goes towards making them a viable alternative for homeowners who want to make eco-conscious updates to their property that deliver maximum style with minimal environmental impact.

Mirrored tile shapes, sizes, finishes and styles

Our mirrored tiles collection boasts an array of different shapes, sizes, finishes and styles, giving you all the variety you need to find the perfect solution for your home. 
When it comes to sizes and shapes, you’ll find plenty of options to catch your eye. Take our range of mirrored glass mosaics. Ideal for covering large areas, these sheets bring even more light reflective surfaces and typically come on 30cm x 30cm sheets with smaller format tiles within them. These smaller tiles vary in size and shape, ranging from 2.5cm x 2.5cm shiny square grids up to 5cm x 10cm rectangles in a bricklay pattern. 
If you’d prefer to use individual tiles, choose rectangular mirrored tiles that start at 7.5cm x 20cm and go up to 10cm x 30cm. These can be laid in a grid pattern to further elongate the room’s dimensions or in a classic brick lay design to create a striking finish. For a unique and contemporary look, you could even lay your mirrored tiles vertically, creating a waterfall effect.
Size and shape aren’t the only options you need to consider though. Our mirrored tiles come with a choice of finishes and different edges that can impact their light reflecting properties and the finished look. 
With edges, your options are flat or bevelled. Flat-edge mirrored tiles will naturally do a great job of bouncing light around, but it will project the light outwards. In contrast, bevelled edge tiles will catch the light at different angles, further illuminating areas and often creating pretty prisms of coloured light. 
For finishes, don’t be fooled into thinking all mirrored tiles are the same. At Tile Direct we have glass tiles with a variety of finishes that can be used to create different effects. 
One option is to take your pick from our choice of standard clear glass mirrored tiles. Other options include our super shiny Titanium Glass mosaics that have a more crystal-like look for added sparkle, as well as coloured glass tiles in white, mixed black and dark grey mirrored tiles that come with textured or glazed finishes. 
Alternatively, you can mix and match different materials with mirrored tiles and marble-effect tiles mosaic sheets that are guaranteed to add texture and character. 

Tiles for every style

Mirror tiles are surprisingly versatile, offering a whole host of design options for various rooms around the house - from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and bedrooms. However, within our collection of glass mosaic and metro tiles, you’ll find a variety of diverse designs, and choosing the right type of mirror tile is key to pulling off your desired finish.
To help you on your way, we’ve put together some ideas on how to use mirrored tiles in your home, providing you with plenty of interior design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. The end result will be a space that beautifully combines practicality with style to deliver a sparkling aesthetic you can enjoy for years.

Sparkling showers 

Using small, straight-edged square mosaic mirror tiles on the walls of your shower is a brilliant way to add a touch of glamour to what is typically a function-first feature in your bathroom. The smooth surface will make light work of cleaning off soap, grime and water marks, while the dainty squares will reflect light in every direction - making your shower a bright and glitzy place to scrub up every day. 

Contemporary kitchen splashbacks

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a 21st-century makeover, the addition of mirrored splashback tiles is sure to bring it bang up to date. Best paired with some ultra-modern cabinets with a high-gloss finish, using Mirror Square Bevel tiles alongside other reflective surfaces is a highly effective way of achieving a contemporary kitchen design that feels light, airy and ready to shine.

Retro design with distinction

For those of you who love the look of metro tiles in your kitchen but want a more distinctive edge in your splashback, classic metro brick mirror tiles are definitely the way to go. The bevelled edges will push light out to every corner of the room, while still lending a quirky retro vibe that’s bursting with character. Whether you choose to team your tiles with all-white units or add some vintage-inspired colours like bright yellow or minty green, the finished look is sure to create a lasting impression with a hint of luxury. 

Brilliant bedroom feature walls

Far from being limited to bathrooms and kitchens, mirror tiles can also be subtly incorporated into bedroom interiors to create a striking feature on your walls. This could be small touches of luxury with a splash of mirror tiles above your bedside table, or a floor-to-ceiling mirror wall for checking your reflection before heading out the door. Whatever you choose, the addition of mirrored tiles is highly effective in adding depth, character and oodles of light to bedrooms of all sizes and styles. 

Cool blue living rooms

Known for its calming properties, blue hues are perfect for living spaces centred around relaxation - so why not add some cool blue style with our blue glass mirror mosaic tiles? Perfect for glamming up a tired mantlepiece or adding depth to built-in shelves, the combination of smooth glass and blue tones will beautifully reflect the light to provide a stand-out feature to bring your living room up to date in no time.

Illuminated hallways

In many UK homes, hallways are narrow and dimly lit corridors that lead to other more exciting areas of the home. This means the overall design can often be overlooked. However, as we mentioned above, mirrored tiles are adept at bringing more light into these types of spaces. 
Ideally positioned opposite or adjacent to a light source, the addition of some shiny Metro Brick Mirror tiles will work wonders in making those dark hallway spaces not only feel lighter, but also bigger. For an art-deco feel, why not add some interest with our Glass Black Mix Mosaics mirror tiles

Accentuated alcoves

While alcoves may be considered a more traditional interior design choice and, as such, are often found in older properties, you can easily give them an on-trend look using mirrored tiles that will work to open up the space. 
For an ultra-modern look, why not experiment with some Glass Grey Mirror mosaic tiles? Styled to look like mini metro tiles in a brick-wall design, their reflective properties will accentuate the alcove while lending a chic and modern finish that will give this feature a whole new lease of life.

Tops tips for mirrored tile installation

If you’re ready to embrace the beauty of mirrored tiles in your home, then before you start fixing them in place, we have a few handy installation tips to make sure you end up with a professional finish.

Take the time to measure 

Measuring is an important step for any tile installation job. Even if you’re only using mirrored tiles in a small area like an alcove or a splashback, don’t guess how many tiles you think you’ll need. For the sake of a couple of minutes and some fairly straightforward maths (multiplying the width by the length to get the square metre measurement), you could save yourself a whole lot of hassle with buying too little or too many materials. 
If you need help calculating exactly how many tiles you’ll need for the job, each of our product listings feature a handy online tile calculator. Simply input your measurements and let us do the rest, including working out how much extra you’ll need to account for cuts and wastage. 

Prep the area

When applying glass tiles, it’s important to prepare the surface before you start, ensuring you have a completely flat and clean surface to attach them to. 
This may add a little time to your DIY project, but it’s actually one of the most important steps, so not one to be missed. Smooth down bumps, fill in cracks and give the surface a good dust and wipe before you get cracking to make sure your adhesive fully takes. You may also want to apply a primer to give your glass tiles stronger adhesion, making sure they stay in place for years. 

Get the levels right

Using mirror tiles on a wall can be a great way to elongate a space, but in order for this to be most effective you need to lay your tiles straight. To do this, use a spirit level (the ruler with bubbles) to find the true level of your walls both vertically and horizontally. You can then use this as your guideline for laying your mirrored tiles in straight, even rows. 

Plan your pattern beforehand

Many of our mirrored tiles come on sheets, which may lure you into a false sense of security that you don’t need to plan your pattern first. This is a rookie mistake -  whether you’re using pre-cut glass tile sheets or individual mirrored tiles, you should always do a dry run of your pattern before you begin. This will help you work out how many cuts and sheets you’ll need, as well as ensuring you aren’t left with odd-looking cuts at the edges of your walls.  

Use a white tile adhesive

This may sound obvious, but with translucent glass tiles and mirrored tiles, there’s a chance you’ll see the adhesive through the surface once they’re installed - this can take away from the beauty of mirrored tiles. To minimise the potential discolouration and visibility of the adhesive, we’d recommend using a white tile adhesive as opposed to grey. Not only will it be less visible beneath the surface, but it will also serve to better reflect light back into the room - a win-win situation. 

To grout or not to grout

With a lot of mirror tiles, grouting can be seen as optional. However, if you prefer a smooth and finished look, or you’re installing them in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, grouting between your mirrored tiles is a must. 
To minimise the visibility of grout lines, we’d suggest choosing a colour that closely matches your glass tiles like white or pale grey. Also, take care when you’re applying it to ensure the grout mixture doesn’t scratch the glass surface. 

Why buy mirror tiles from Tiles Direct? 

At Tiles Direct, we pride ourselves on sourcing premium products from reputable suppliers, to bring you the best value and quality with every purchase. Of course, if you find the same tiles elsewhere at a lower price, we also offer a price match promise and we’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £499.
Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxe to your kitchen splashback or create the illusion of additional space in a small bathroom, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need right here. Browse our complete range of mirrored tiles online today, then head to the checkout to place your order and take the first step towards bringing your design vision to life. 
You can even try out our stylish mirror tiles before you buy them with our sample service! Each product features a ‘request a sample’ option, with all samples costing just £1.99 each.
So, what are you waiting for? Shop our complete range of mirror tiles today and, if you have any questions about any one of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.