Kitchen Layouts: Our Complete Guide to Every Type of Kitchen

Kitchen layouts come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from galleys to U-shaped and every layout in between – giving homeowners plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’ve recently bought your property or are considering a complete kitchen redesign, your floor plan will be the thing that helps you to create the kitchen work triangle. This a principle often used by architects and designers, and is the path that is created between your sink, fridge and the oven area – so when choosing the best layout for you, you... Read More

Small Garden Design Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

When the warmer weather rolls around each year, many of us look forward to getting outside and enjoying getting busy in our gardens – but for those with smaller outdoor spaces, inspiration can be hard to come by. Join us today as we explore some small garden design ideas, bringing you inventive and easy-to-action tips to help you fall in love with your outdoor space. Foldable furniture In a smaller garden, finding furniture that fits can be a challenge – but if you want to create a space you’ll love... Read More

How to Harness Mirrors in Modern Home Design (From Tiles to Feature Walls)

Whether you’re decorating your kitchen, living room, bedroom or downstairs bathroom, understanding how to harness the power of mirrors in interior design will ensure you can transform any size, shape or style of room into a beautiful space. As the secret weapon of many interior designers, knowing how to use mirrors as more than just a practical feature for checking your reflection in bathrooms and bedrooms will guarantee your home’s interior design is packed full of character and charm. We’re not just talking about hanging one above your fireplace, though.... Read More

5 Simple Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Ceilings

When we think of decorating our rooms, our minds often go straight to walls, floors and furniture – but what about a part of every room that’s more often than not overlooked? We’re talking about your ceilings! Despite being something every room has in common, the ceiling is not something that’s usually on our list when we’re looking to update our interiors. Let’s change that! Whether you’re a self-confessed interior design buff or you see decorating as more of a chore than something to enjoy, read on for some simple... Read More

Focal Point Fireplaces: How to Design an Eye-Catching Feature

Home to lazy afternoons spent reading and cosy movie nights, the living room has a big part to play in any home – so it’s only right that attention should be paid when it comes to designing a space you simply love spending time in. When it comes to interior design, all too often we overlook the more practical features, but these can hold plenty of aesthetic appeal, too. That’s why today, we’re turning our attention to the fireplace, and looking at how this staple living room feature can become... Read More

Shower Room Ideas: Plan, Design & Transform Your Small Shower Room

When it comes to designing a stunning shower room, it doesn’t always have to come down to size. Yes, a palatial bathroom with oodles of room is what we all dream of, but small spaces can be equally as stylish with the right approach. That’s why, in today’s post, we’ll be looking in-depth at the essential steps and considerations you need to take for remodelling a modestly sized shower room. From planning small shower room layouts to choosing tiles, colour schemes, furniture, accessories and more, we’ll be walking you through... Read More

Designing a Gorgeous Garden: How Patio Tiles Can Create an Inviting Space

It only takes one sunny day for us to start dreaming of the summer months, and whether we’ll admit it or not, we never quite get round to the garden updates we mean to carry out in time for the next bout of warmer weather. If you’re serious about making sure your garden is ready for summer, we’re here to help. We’re exploring a variety of creative ways you can use outdoor garden and patio tiles, helping you design a stunning space you’ll absolutely love spending time in.  They help... Read More

7 DIY Home Improvements You Can Carry Out With Limited Materials

As the weeks draw on and you find yourself spending more time than ever in your home and garden, it’s hardly surprising that you’re getting tired of looking at the same interior day in and day out. But with many retailers closing their physical stores and online demand so high that it can take weeks to get your hands on any tools and materials, how can you treat your home to a touch of TLC during lockdown? Here, we’re bringing you 7 DIY home improvement ideas, exploring ways you can... Read More

4 Bright and Airy Kitchen Updates

Arguably, the most important component of a warm and well-decorated home is the light available in the space – ultimately, the more of this there is, the more comfortable and enjoyable your home becomes as a result. As the room in your home you’re likely to spend long periods of time in – either preparing food for your family or making warm, consoling drinks for friends – when it comes to creating a bright atmosphere in your home, your kitchen shouldn’t be neglected.  Regardless of whether you’re looking to inject... Read More

How to: Welcome Spring With a Garden Update

As the daffodils begin to bloom and the sun begins to sneak out, one of the first places you should look to offer a welcome design update to is your garden. The place you’re most likely to visit in the coming months as the weather gets warmer, your outdoor space can often be one of two things; a beautiful paradise of calm, or a living nightmare of unfinished jobs and clutter. To help you enjoy your garden by treating it to a well-deserved makeover this spring, we’ve brought together a... Read More