Designed For Impact: Picking Patterned Floor Tiles For Every Room

The days of a neutral interior design are long gone, and whether it’s a vibrant mosaic feature wall or an intricately tiled floor, patterned tiling is an interior trend set to continue to rise. An imprint of your personality is a feature sure to transform your house into a home, and with no shortage of options when it comes to patterned floor tiles it couldn’t be easier to get creative with your interior design this new year. From modern geometric-shaped tiles in your living room to vibrant ceramic floor tiles... Read More

Budget Tile Hacks for a Thrifty 2019

The start of a new year is the perfect time to embrace a fresh look in your home, but more often than not, post-Christmas bank balances are still recovering from all the festivities – and this is something that can often still be felt well into the new year. However, ,making impactful updates to your home doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. In today’s post, we’re sharing some impressive budget tiling hacks – helping you to refresh your home interiors without putting a strain on your finances. Design your... Read More

Designing Your Kitchen: Flooring, Tiling and Dining

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From cooking up a storm to chatting away the evening over group dinners, it’s often where families touch base and discuss their days. Whether you have a kitchen with space for a dining area or you’re working with a galley rather than an open plan area, you can design your kitchen flooring, walls and accessories to suit you. If you’ve moved into a new property and can’t wait to decorate or you’re renovating your existing home and need some... Read More

Porcelain Floor Tiles: The Luxury Flooring Solution

  With so much choice available and numerous practical considerations to take into account when choosing the perfect floor tiles, it can seem like a daunting task – especially if you’re hoping to pull off a luxury finish. But there’s no need to fret – in today’s post, we’ll be sharing our insights on why porcelain floor tiles are the ultimate luxury flooring solution. From their outstanding durability and versatility to their timeless elegance and style, you’ll find endless reasons to choose porcelain tiles for your next interior update. The... Read More

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2019 Style Upgrade: Your Room-By-Room Guide to Mastering Mosaic Tiles

  If interior design is a fine art, every room is a blank canvas with boundless potential. Combining function with fashion in your home allows you to create a liveable artform that truly reflects your personality and, ultimately, design a living space that you love. Today, we’re taking a look at the powerful visual impact you can create with mosaic tiles, as we bring you a room-by-room guide to mastering the art of mosaics. From crafting an eye-catching kitchen splashback to incorporating your identity into an iconic feature wall for... Read More

Can Wall Tiles Work in the Bedroom?

As a rule, when we think of wall tiles we tend to associate them with bathrooms and kitchens. This is understandable, given that their practical and durable properties are perfectly suited to these areas, but tiles can be used anywhere in your home – from your living room to your bedroom. So today, we’re pushing the boundaries of interior design to find out if wall tiles can revolutionise your bedroom for the new year. From luxurious feature wall tiles in master bedrooms to rustic wood-effect for a vintage feel in... Read More

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4 Ways Your Kitchen Can Be Low-Maintenance This Christmas

  The festive period is a high intensity time of year for your kitchen, which can lead to disaster, given the potential for spillages and scuffs that could ruin your home and mean Christmas is spent tidying up after guests. With this in mind, a low-maintenance kitchen is definitely the way forward. From an elegant tiled splashback to no-fuss fittings, follow our handy tips on how to maintain your kitchen’s showroom shine throughout Yuletide and beyond! Smart storage solutions Magnets are your best friend when it comes to keeping the... Read More

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Floor Tiles For The Festive Season

  Whether you’re redecorating in preparation for the festive period or putting your personal stamp on a new property, interior design choices should always reflect your creative flair. From choosing colour schemes that suit your personality to opting for a distinctive floor that commands attention, it couldn’t be easier to be bold in a home of your own. In today’s post, we’re celebrating the latest style secrets in interior design, as we highlight some of the most unique and creative flooring options out there. From adding a vibrant twist on... Read More

Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles: Finding Your Colour Combo

Choosing one colour is difficult enough, but choosing a combination of what works best can be even trickier. Luckily for you, this post is set to go through the best combos for both your kitchen and your bathroom, meaning you won’t be short of sharp aesthetic ideas this winter. Making it monochrome From contemporary chic to timeless elegance, the contrast of black and white makes it a colour combination that will never go out of style. The aesthetically pleasing polarity that comes with a monochrome design makes it the... Read More

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles: What You Need to Know

With our current deal on outdoor porcelain tiles starting from as little as £24.99 per SQM, today we will be offering our expert knowledge on the ins and outs of porcelain floor tiles, giving you a complete guide filled with everything you need to know. What exactly are porcelain tiles? Put simply, porcelain tiles are a ceramic tile made from a finer and denser clay that’s fired at higher temperatures. Pressure is increased by up to an additional 200kg/cm2, reducing voids and cavities in the bisque and making the tile... Read More