Timeless Interior Styles: Part 3 – Transitional

Transitional design embodies the happy medium when it comes to design, so it’s no surprise that it’s grown in popularity over the recent years. That’s why, in the third part of our Timeless Interior Styles series, we’ll be sharing some essential design considerations, so that you can create a traditional design with a timeless appeal.  Typically, transitional spaces offer a neutral colour palette, with a modern aesthetic which doesn’t overpower the traditional details. A transitional design is a powerful way to combine classic and contemporary pieces, yet still achieve a... Read More

Creating a Transterior Space That All the Family Can Enjoy

A transterior space can offer endless benefits, from improving the functionality of your home to offering a greater flow of the space within it. However, combining indoor and outdoor design can be a challenging prospect, especially when maintaining the mood and design elements of both spaces.  To help you on your way, this post will arm you with the right know-how for seamlessly integrating the beauty of two distinct and very different areas of the home – blurring the lines between inside and out to deliver a space for the... Read More

Timeless Interior Styles: Part 2 – Industrial

When it comes to interior design, some looks never seem to lose their appeal. In the second part of our Timeless Interior Styles series, we’ll be discussing how you can achieve an evergreen aesthetic in your home harnessing the classic look of industrial design.  If an interior design which takes inspiration from industrial spaces that blend quirky character with functional features is the look you’d like to create in your home, read on as we discuss our top tips on how you can reproduce chic industrial style throughout your home. ... Read More

Make a Statement: How to Style Geometric Tiles in Your Bathroom

Geometric tiles have become a staple for statement interiors throughout 2019 and this is set to continue in the years to come, too. Perfect for amplifying feature walls, they’re a go-to choice when you want to create an eye-catching design or add personality to your bathroom space.  Featuring intricate patterns and colours with simple, clean lines that give off an edgy vibe, there are a vast selection of designs widely available on the market at the moment. With such variety, geometric tiles are a versatile design choice for those looking... Read More

Timeless Interior Styles: Part 1 – Minimalist

When it comes to giving your home a much-needed update, there are some trends that never seem to lose their appeal. In this series, we’ll be highlighting some of the most timeless styles – starting with minimalist interior design. So, if you have grand dreams of a stripped back, clean and clutter-free interior, read on as we share actionable tips on how you can recreate this ultra-chic style throughout your home. What is minimalist interior design? The idea of minimalist interior design is to simplify spaces, creating uncluttered, organised and... Read More

4 Ways to Ensure Your Garden Is Party Ready This Spring

It’s that time of year once more! With the days getting lighter and the nights getting brighter, it’s time to dust off the garden furniture, come out of winter hibernation and ensure you have a garden prepped to party. Whether having a few friends over for drinks or getting the whole family together for a BBQ, today, we’re exploring the different ways you can guarantee your garden is ready for all the fun this upcoming season has in store.     Be practical with your flooring When it comes to... Read More

Curating The Perfect Poolside Area

  Spring is in the process of springing, and after Storm Gareth blew himself out, we’re now seeing some slightly warmer temperatures appear across the country. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool in your garden, or have the requisite budget for this kind of aspirational garden upgrade, we’d like to suggest ways in which your pool can look great with the addition of some bespoke outdoor tiles. From shady areas to non-slip safety features, in this post, we’ll give you a one-stop guide to curating the perfect... Read More

Springtime Crafts: Painting Your Outdoor Tiles

If you’re itching to get outside and tackle some garden updates, we have some smashing crafty ideas for sprucing up outdoor garden tiles that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing without costing you a fortune. From patios to plant pots, this post will look at a number of ways you can breathe new life into tired outdoor tiles or use up leftovers with just a lick of paint and a touch of your imagination – leaving you with a stylish space primed for summer relaxation.    ... Read More

Let There Be Light: 4 Tips for Illuminating Your Garden

As spring creeps ever closer, now is the perfect time to start reassessing your garden design, ensuring your outdoor areas are primed and ready for the warmer months ahead. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some of our top tips on garden design to give it a new lease of life with illuminating tricks that will leave you with a bright and stylish space for making the most of the sunshine.     Let light in with pruning While most plants tend to hibernate over the winter months, a little... Read More

5 Key Principles of Japanese Garden Design – And How to Replicate Them

Japanese gardens offer a wonderfully serene, natural and simple ambience that instantly makes you feel relaxed and calm. And while the landscape design and layout may look effortless and minimal, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye – as we’ll be showing you in this post. From minimalist plants to water features and more, we’ll be delving into the nuances of Japanese garden design, giving you plenty of tips along the way to replicate this look in your own home, whatever size garden you have.    ... Read More