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At Tiles Direct, you’ll find a wealth of options for creating stunning tiled interiors, including our huge collection of border tiles. If you’re looking for the ultimate finishing touch for any home tiling project, border tiles could be the pièce de résistance your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room needs.

Specifically designed and shaped to add an elegant, high-quality trim to any tiled wall or floor, these thin tiles are equally capable of sectioning off an area of the room or invigorating an otherwise stripped-back theme.

The beauty of border tiles is that they create a distinctive feature in any setting. Whether you use them to frame the edges of floors and walls or to add a thin line to separate two contrasting designs, using long strips of border tiles will create a decisive split that adds emphasis to your interiors.

Now that you know the basics, let’s dig deeper into our range of border tiles to help you find the right tile for your next home design project.

Border tile materials

The beauty of border wall tiles is that material options are varied, with tiling solutions available to shoppers on a variety of budgets.

The tiles in our collection which are long and thin (and therefore perfect for use in a statement border) come in materials ranging from affordable ceramic to opulent porcelain and even mirrored glass. So whether you’re looking for rustic charm, exotic influences or glitz and glamour, we’ve got you covered.

Different finishes throughout our selection make it a breeze to build your border tiles into an existing design scheme, too. We’ve got glossy metallic, grey wood-effect, cool matt travertine, glass mosaics, imitation marble and more. All this means that whatever textures and colour schemes are already in place in your home, there’s guaranteed to be a border wall tile that will effortlessly complement the look.

If you want to brighten up a small space, why not opt for a metallic border tile trim or some glass mosaics? With reflective properties and a modern vibe, they’ll bounce light around the room effortlessly, instantly making it feel lighter. If you’re updating a classic small space, then crackle glazed border tiles will offer the same light reflecting benefits with a more antique finish.

Of course, glossy finishes aren’t your only option. We stock a range of natural stone border tiles with matt finishes that are perfect for injecting texture and character into any room. You’ll also find plenty of choices for other matt border tile options, including rustic matt wood-effect trims and sleek bullnose border tiles.

With such a varied selection of materials and finishes, you can create striking contrasts between different sections in a room. To frame the edge of a room, any tile you like can become part of a stylish, eye-catching design.

Border wall tile colours

Whether you’re designing a room from scratch or adding stylish flourishes to an already stylish area in your home, finding interior elements in the perfect shade can be a tricky business. Thankfully, at Tiles Direct, we stock border tiles in a broad spectrum of colours so that homeowners of all tastes can find a product that blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

Classic shades include rich reds (ideal for luxurious living areas or bedrooms), cool blues and greens (which are always right at home in bathrooms), and monochrome options like white, black and grey. Each shade in our vibrant collection comes with its own connotations and uses - and understanding these is a crucial first step to making border wall tiles work in your home.

Warm shades such as red, orange and brown are cosy and welcoming, as well as conjuring images of exotic faraway destinations like Greece, Italy and Morocco. For this reason, they’re best used in vintage or rustic settings, like a Victorian-inspired living room or bedroom. That’s not to say they can’t have their place in kitchens and bathrooms, too. Adorning a spice-infused coloured border tile, such as a red or terracotta tile, can transform a bland bathroom into a portal to a gorgeous Mediterranean villa.

Cooler colours including blue, teal, turquoise and green are refreshing and relaxing - helping homeowners to clear their minds and kick back in their own personal oasis. Paired with a pale base colour like white, cream or beige, you can use border tiles on walls to create striking colour contrasts. You can even choose a different finish or material like a retro metro tile with a crackle glaze, textured finishes or glass mosaic border tiles to enhance the visual contrasts even further.

Border tile dimensions

Depending on the nature of your interior design project, you could be looking for small, dainty border tiles or much larger statement tiles to serve as the focal point of your design. Thankfully, at Tiles Direct, we’ve got a selection of different dimensions available - making it easy to find the ideal size and shape for your unique needs.

When it comes to the specifics, you can take your pick of border tile widths and lengths, ranging from long and thin strips to glass mosaic sheets and chunky skirting border tiles. With so many different size options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Take some of our smallest border tiles for instance, which come in at just 1.5cm x 30cm. Introducing a thin, decisive line to any room, they’re perfect if you’re looking for something smart, subtle and stripped-back.

If this doesn’t fit in with your vision, you can also take your pick of 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm long border tiles in varying widths. These include everything from 7.5cm x 30cm to 15cm x 15cm skirting board tiles and 30cm x 30cm mosaic sheet border tiles.

In a nutshell, whatever size you need, we’re sure that our expansive collection of border wall tiles will have it. This will guarantee you find the perfect border tile to provide that sophisticated and classic style for walls and floors throughout your home.

Border tile styles

Choosing border tiles for your home doesn’t come without its challenges. But with a broad range of styles offered within our border tiles collection, we hope you’ll find the perfect tile right here.

With such a diverse selection, we understand that each and every one of our tiles is different and comes with its own unique applications for different design projects. Whether you’re a traditionalist when it comes to interior decorating or you like to stay firmly in the 21st century, you’ve come to the right place.

Our range spans a variety of eras and creative movements to keep homeowners of all tastes satisfied. From rustic block-colour border tiles with a bevelled finish to glazed ceramic tiles inspired by the Victorian aesthetic, we have something for every style:

  • Classic: if your core decor style sits in the classic camp, our decorative border tiles could be just the ticket. Traditional designs that use embossed patterns, floral prints, landscapes and fruits are perfect for giving your interiors inspiration for added colour and character while staying firmly in the classical era. Other options also include using elegant marble tiles for a more luxurious look
  • Rustic: if you want to enhance the look of your rustic-style interiors, why not opt for travertine border tiles? With soft neutral hues and a natural stone finish, any one of our travertine border tiles will help to conjure up the charm of the countryside in rustic-inspired bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. Alternatively, border tiles with a crackled glaze finish can give a sleek, yet homely feel
  • Vintage: if you take your decor inspiration from traditional styles and designs, you won’t be disappointed. Our Victorian rope style, classic dado rails and swirl design border tiles are made for the job. Beautifully complementing any one of our classic metro wall tiles, they’ll work to elevate this already super-stylish tile trend even further. Other ideas include using colourful skirting board tiles to channel your inner vintage vibe, replicating a truly classic look with practicality built in. Or get bona fide Victorian interiors with authentic V&A Collection border tiles that beautifully replicate traditional designs and colours from this bygone era
  • Cutting edge: for a cool and contemporary look in bathrooms and kitchens, a shiny metallic trim could be all that’s needed to give your space an extra edge. Or why not up the ante on your monochrome interiors with a white wall tile and shiny black glass border mosaic strips that’s the epitome of modern decor?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the many border tile types you’ll find in our extensive online collection:

  • Dado rail borders
  • Rope-style borders
  • Pencil borders
  • Bullnose borders
  • Skirting tile borders
  • Decorative borders
  • Marble borders
  • Stone borders
  • External corner tiles


Budget is a key consideration for anyone embarking on updates to their home, as the various materials and equipment needed can amount to a pretty hefty total price tag all told. The good news is that thanks to the variety of sizes and materials we have on offer, our border tiles also come at a range of different price points.

With tiles, prices are ultimately dictated by material and size. This means some of our cheapest tiles in this range cost just £1.99 per tile, like the Original Rail Electric Blue tile. Made from affordable ceramic and just 5cm x 15cm in size, this is a highly cost-effective option for any border tiling project.

At the top of the range are our luxurious glass metro brick mosaic tiles. These come in a choice of colours on 30cm x 30cm sheets and cost £19.99 per sheet. While this is, of course, a greater upfront cost for your tiles, being made from authentic glass means these will last you a lifetime and continue looking their best for years to come. These sheets can also be cut into smaller trims, giving you the option to go big or small with your borders and make each sheet go further.

Buy your border tiles online now At Tiles Direct, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality tiling solutions at competitive prices - and our border tiles range is no different. Here, you’ll find luxurious materials, professional finishes, practical properties, jaw-dropping styles and versatile colour options - all with the added bonus of being wallet-friendly.

Is your home design project crying out for a beautiful tiled border? The search is over. Simply buy online with us today to enjoy speedy delivery anywhere in the UK - or if you want to try before you buy in bulk, why not order a small border tile sample for just £1.99? That way, you can check out your chosen tile in situ before committing to a full order.

To find out more about buying border tiles for commercial design projects, visit our dedicated pages for architects, interior designers and project managers.