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Marble Effect Tiles

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For a touch of pure class and sophistication, there’s nothing quite like the immaculate beauty of marble tiles. Real marble often comes with a high price tag, but that doesn’t have to be an issue when you shop at Tiles Direct. Our opulent range of marble effect tiles will help you find that key ingredient for achieving a luxurious look - and all at an affordable price.

No matter what your aesthetic and functional desires may be, you can rest assured that this extensive range of marble effect floor and wall tiles will provide a stylish and practical solution for an array of interior environments.

Let’s take a closer look at what our marble effect tiles collection has to offer.

Why choose marble effect tiles?

To truly capture a sense of luxury in your home’s design, you’ll need to invest in durable yet trendy materials. This is where marble effect floor and wall tiles come into their own. 

Made from ceramic and porcelain, our marble effect floor and wall tiles are built to last and able to withstand their fair share of wear and tear while maintaining the timeless style of marble for years to come. 

Each material boasts some practical properties that make them perfect for a range of interior environments: 

  • Unrivalled durability: among all the expected splashes and spills associated with daily use, it’s easy for your flooring to lose its shine. With our marble effect floor tiles, however, you can rest assured that your flooring will remain looking pristine for years. Manufactured from either ceramic or porcelain, all the tiles in this range are hard-wearing as can be, with a far more reliable resistance to scratches and stains than traditional marble tiles which are porous. This allows them to effortlessly withstand daily use without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal
  • Minimal maintenance: that’s not to say our marble effect tiles require much upkeep to maintain their glistening finish, though. On the contrary, unlike real marble tiles that need periodic sealing, a regular sweep and mop is all these tiles really need to keep shining day in, day out 
  • Water resistance: porcelain and ceramic marble effect floor and wall tiles also deliver exceptional water resistance. With a fully glazed top layer, water will simply run off the surface rather than soak into the tile, making them the ideal partner for wet areas of the home such as bathrooms and kitchens
  • Sustainability: for homeowners in search of a more sustainable building material that won’t need replacing every few years, marble effect tiles could be just the solution. Made from natural materials, tiles are designed to last for decades with the correct installation, meaning you can guarantee your home updates have built-in longevity to do your bit for Mother Nature

Marble effect tile vs real marble

In your quest to give your home the high-end makeover it deserves, you may have toyed with the idea of genuine marble floors - and who could blame you?

The stunning natural vein detailing in real marble tiles is hard to beat in the beauty stakes - effortlessly evoking ancient Greek architecture, Art Deco iconography and other sumptuous design eras. 

However, the justifiably higher price tag that comes with genuine marble can be a deal-breaker for homeowners looking to hack their way to the next best thing. This is where our marble effect tiles come in.

Boasting their own elegant marbled detailing, marble effect wall and floor tiles are similarly beautiful while offering a more accessible design solution thanks to their competitive price tag. Made from famously durable materials such as porcelain, which is resistant to wear, moisture and staining, our marble-look tiles are extremely hardwearing and are undoubtedly the next best option for lovers of authentic marble flooring.

There’s no out-and-out winner in the battle of real marble vs marble effect tiles - it all depends on your personal specifications. If price is the primary decision-making factor for you, marble effect tiles are a tasteful alternative to the real thing. If you’re just not willing to compromise when it comes to the prestige and luxury of genuine marble, we get it - and we can help you out there, too.

Our marble effect tile colours

Marble colours can range from almost pure white to dove grey and jet black, with colourful veins adding to their aesthetic beauty. It’s this wonderful colour spectrum that gives marble its uniqueness and versatility as a decorative material. 

Real marble naturally creates these one of a kind patterns and tones over thousands of years, but our marble effect tiles don’t do a bad job either. Using high-spec printing technology that expertly replicates these characteristics and colours, you’re left with an authentic-looking marble finish in the form of a modern tile, just like the detailing found in our stunning selection of Carrara marble tiles.

With ultra-realistic colouring, you can create cool, classic interiors or something far more dramatic with darker stone. 

Some of our most popular colour options include: 

  • White: create classic, timeless interiors with white marble effect wall and floor tiles, taking your pick from almost all-white tiles with ever so subtle light grey veins to more striking designs featuring larger detailing in darker hues. This includes white and light grey marble effect floor tiles that are guaranteed to bring a touch of style and opulence to busy areas of the home
  • Brown: marble-look tiles with brown honey-colour veins can lend a soft, warm touch to interiors, giving them a more traditional and comfortable feel. From beige to dark brown, our brown marble effect tiles are primed for creating grand feature walls in luxury bathrooms and kitchens
  • Grey: timeless and practical, you’ll find plenty of options for grey marble effect tiles. Featuring a slightly darker base colour, infused with pretty lines in varying shades of grey and black, our grey marble effect floor and wall tiles add depth and character to interiors, making them feel less stark than white marble. Whether you go for pale or dark grey marble effect tiles, they have the ability to bring a sense of modernity and sophistication to kitchens, bathrooms and more. Paired with crisp white and wooden or metallic accents, these tiles can bring a traditional look effortlessly into the 21st century
  • Black: at the far end of the colour spectrum, you can choose from a selection of dark and dramatic black marble effect tiles that demand to be noticed. Whether you opt for black marble effect floor tiles or you want to add some brooding hues to your walls, these tiles are guaranteed to bring a sense of glitz and glamour. For a classic finish, black marble effect tiles with white or pale grey veins are the ideal choice, while elegant gold veins can be just what’s needed to take your marble interiors to the next level of sophistication

Our marble effect tile shapes and sizes

When you shop our marble effect collection, you’ll have your pick of a diverse range of styles, shapes and sizes. 

  • Square marble effect tiles: the traditional choice for walls and floors, you’ll find options galore for square marble effect floor and wall tiles within this range. Available from 15cm x 15cm all the way up to 80cm x 80cm, we have sizes to suit any room,  whether you want a larger tile to make smaller areas appear bigger or smaller tiles to add interest to expansive spaces
  • Rectangular marble effect tiles: available in any size from 7.5cm x 15cm up to 60cm x 120cm,  rectangular tiles offer exceptional versatility for pattern layouts that can help you create different visual effects. Champion clean lines with horizontal and vertical grids, go for a staggered brick format or lay them diagonally - whatever you choose, you’ll have a sleek and stylish finish
  • Marble effect metro tiles: with the iconic look of a flat metro tile and the beauty and colouring of marble, designs such as our Carrara Matt Flat wood effect marble wall tiles are a wonderful retro blend. Suitable for use on walls, these tiles introduce welcome depth and texture to understated designs, like a modern kitchen splashback or walk-in shower
  • Marble effect mosaics: on top of all that, we’ve got square, hexagonal and cube-effect mosaic tiles with a classic marble look, helping you to create unique and high-end feature walls in your home
In short, you have a wealth of options to pick from when it comes to the shapes and sizes of our marble effect tiles. Look to incorporate these into your interior where you see fit, utilising larger tiles to give the impression of space in smaller rooms and incorporating different shapes and cuts to act as interior focal points. 
Whatever your style, there’s sure to be a marble effect tile that seamlessly complements your chosen design theme.

Marble effect tile finishes

Colour and size aren’t the only considerations when you’re buying marble effect tiles. Our collection also offers a number of different finishes. Whether you realised it or not, the tile finish can have a dramatic effect on your completed aesthetic, so choose wisely:

  • Polished marble effect tiles: with a shiny, glossy surface, polished marble effect floor tiles are perfect for pulling off a high-end feel in living rooms, hallways, kitchens and beyond. With a glass-like finish, they help to bounce light around the room, making them a solid choice for poorly lit areas. However, maintaining their sheeny look can take a little more upkeep than a matt tile. Polished floors tend to show specks of dirt, watermarks and smears more easily, meaning they need regular cleaning and drying
  • Matt marble effect tiles: matt tiles feature a slightly dull, tactile top layer that gives them more of an organic feel. This can improve grip underfoot to minimise trips and slips in wet areas of the home and hide watermarks and smears better than polished tiles, making them low maintenance. Their dull surface can mean less light reflection, but a matt marble effect floor or wall tile can inject more texture and subtle depth into spaces
  • Sugar-effect marble effect tiles: with a semi lappato or sugar effect finish, the surface of these tiles is more textured than matt. However, it still offers a slightly polished sheen. This combination can give better traction underfoot yet still delivers light-reflecting potential, all while working to soften a room’s interior with a textural edge that feels luxurious yet inviting

Marble effect tile options for floors and walls

There’s no better way to create a lasting luxury look throughout your home than to treat it to the gorgeous, opulent aesthetics of marble effect floor and wall tiles. 

Equally at home on walls and floors (or both, if you’re going all-out), marble effect tiles provide the perfect solution for balancing fashion and function. 

Featuring smart, monochromatic shades such as white, off-white, grey and black with stunning detailing, they’re ideal for mastering a variety of different looks. From modern minimalist and industrial chic to retro and traditional interior design themes, these versatile tiles can do it all.


Marble effect floor tiles won’t let you down when it comes to durability, practicality and style. Suitable for use in bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens, hallways and more, marble effect floor tiles are primed for making a lasting visual statement with your interior design. 

For all-out glamour, dark and dramatic black and gold marble-effect floor tiles could be the way to go, paired with brass or gold fixtures for a premium finish. Alternatively, keep things bright and airy using a light grey marble effect floor tile to provide a solid foundation for your aesthetic.


Marble effect wall tiles never seem to go out of fashion, making them a top choice for giving your home a luxurious yet understated backdrop in kitchens, bathrooms and beyond. This leaves you free to experiment with furniture options, accessories and accent colours to your heart’s content, knowing you have a timelessly stylish feature wall. 
With a diverse choice of marble effect wall tile options, you can experiment with unique shapes and colours to create distinctive focal points around your interior. From kitchen splashbacks and walk-in showers to an entire wall, marble effect wall tiles instantly demand attention and can be used as standalone features or to emphasise surrounding decor.
Whatever your interior design goals, these versatile tiling solutions seamlessly complement an array of interiors with one constant - guaranteed opulence every time. 

Marble effect tiles for every room

If you’re struggling for inspiration on where to use marble effect wall and floor tiles, here are a few ideas to get you started.

The bathroom: 

Marble effect bathroom tiles can be a welcome addition to a tired interior, transforming the space into a plush oasis that makes your daily routine feel more indulgent. For a truly luxurious look, why not go all-in with wall-to-wall marble? Marble effect wall tiles are the perfect choice for vanity splashbacks, walk-in showers, bath surrounds and any other surface, giving you a high-end feel throughout. 

If all-marble walls feel a little overwhelming, then marble effect floor tiles could offer a more subtle aesthetic. Acting as a solid foundation, marble effect tiles in the bathroom provide endless scope for different decor styles. For the ultimate luxury aesthetic, black or dark grey marble effect bathroom tiles are the way to go. Or keep things classic with white or brown marble effect tiles for an understated feel.

The kitchen: 

Using marble look tiles in practical spaces like kitchens can instantly add a sense of class, and this stylish material can work for both classic and contemporary design styles. 

For a traditional look, white marble effect tiles with a subtle grain could be just what’s needed for floors or walls. Paired with rustic or classically styled cabinets and furniture and you’ll have a kitchen that will never go out of style. 

When it comes to modern kitchen interiors, a soft grey marble effect wall tile in a matt finish set against sleek white glossy cabinets will ensure the overall feel is contemporary. For added edge, less conventional tile shapes like hexagons, metro brick style or elongated hexagons will accentuate the sense of texture throughout the space.

The living room:

If you’re craving a calm and serene space to relax in at the end of the day, marble effect floor tiles are an ideal option. For a clean and seamless look, large marble effect porcelain floor tiles will minimise busy grout lines and add refined opulence to any living space. 

Finish floors with a Persian rug or something a little softer underfoot and plenty of comfy seats and soft furnishings. This will ensure your marble effect floor tiles feel far from cold, creating a tactile and welcoming space for relaxation.

The hallway: 

Greet guests in style with durable marble effect floor tiles in your hallway. Instantly injecting a feeling of grandeur, a marble-tiled entrance is guaranteed to transform your hallway from functional to fabulous. 

Equipped to handle water, muddy footprints and everyday use, using marble effect porcelain floor tiles in hallways will ensure floors are easy to clean and made to last.

Marble effect wall and floor tile installation tips

To achieve that classic marble tile style with our marble effect wall and floor tiles, we’ve put together some simple steps for you to follow below:
  1. Measure the width and height of the wall to work out how many tiles you need (for ease, you can use our handy grout calculator found on each product page)
  2. If the surface has pre-existing tiles on it, you can tile directly onto them or remove them with a chisel and hammer
  3. Make sure the surface is structurally sound by filling in any cracks or holes. For floors, you may want to lay tile backer boards if you’re tiling onto floorboards or a self-levelling screed to get a completely level surface - allow time for any screed/filler to dry
  4. Sand down any bumps to get an even work surface
  5. Clean the area to remove any residual dirt and dust
  6. Apply a primer solution to walls and floors to provide better grip when applying your adhesive
  7. Dry-lay your desired pattern to see which tiles will need cutting
  8. Apply a layer of adhesive to the desired wall or floor, working approximately 1 square metre at a time to ensure adhesive doesn’t dry out too quickly
  9. Add grooves to the adhesive using a grooved-trowel before applying tiles to the surface
  10. Lay your tiles in even rows, adding spacers between each tile for even grout lines and checking they’re straight with a spirit level
  11. Once adhesive has set (usually 24 hours), remove spacers between the tiles to add grout
  12. Mix the grout and apply between the tile joints, using a grout float to press the grout solution all the way down into the gaps for a proper seal
  13. Once fully grouted, gently wipe down the tiles and joints using a wet sponge after 30 mins, being careful not to pull grout out of the joints
  14. Apply sealer to block out moisture (optional).
You’ll find even more tips in our comprehensive how to tile guide.
Of course, if you’d rather leave the technical stuff and heavy lifting to someone else, it’s always best to contact a professional to install your marble effect wall or floor tiles. 

Buying marble effect tiles online

At Tiles Direct, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all things tiles - making tile shopping quick, simple and affordable. With a broad range of marble effect tiles and all the tiling accessories you need to install them properly, we’re confident you won’t need to shop anywhere else. 

We know that price is always a major part of decision making when it comes to buying the ingredients for your interior design projects. So, we’ve made it our mission to provide the most cost-effective tiling solutions without compromising on style or practicality.
With our stunning range of marble effect tiles, you can get the luxury factor you’d expect from coveted marble tiles, but with a more pocket-friendly price tag. With prices starting from as little as £3.99, there’s never been a better time to bring a touch of luxury to your home. Premium design with an affordable price tag - it’s what we do. 
We even offer free delivery when you spend over £499 and a price match promise. So, if you do end up shopping around and find the same product cheaper elsewhere, simply send us your quote and we’ll beat it!
Order your marble effect wall and floor tiles from this diverse range today and you can achieve a luxury finish without breaking the bank. Found a tile you like but want to see it in situ before buying in bulk? No problem, order a small tile cut sample online from just 99p. 
For more information about our marble effect tiles, contact us today by calling 0113 253 0005 or emailing us at A friendly, knowledgeable member of the Tiles Direct team is always happy to help.