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Quartz Tiles for Walls & Floors

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From dazzling black to glacial white, our quartz tiles are guaranteed to add some sparkle to your home. 

With options galore on colours, sizes and finishes all at affordable prices, you’re sure to find your perfect match available to buy online today, including free shipping on orders over £499. 

Discover more about these gorgeous tiles below and browse the complete range to find your dream quartz floor and wall tiles.

Why choose quartz tiles?

If you want to give your home a touch of glamour yet still prioritise functionality, quartz tiles offer the perfect solution. 


Beyond their beauty, quartz tiles possess a unique set of qualities that make them a solid choice for walls and floors throughout your home. 

  • Durability: made up of a composition of quartz, resin, sand and crushed glass particles, quartz tiles are ideal for flooring as they’re exceptionally hardwearing, scratch and stain resistant. This will keep your quartz floor tiles looking pristine for longer periods of time
  • Light reflection: the crushed reflective materials in quartz tiles gives them a unique silver sparkle that bounces light around the room. Depending on the background colour, this can create the illusion of a shimmering night sky or glittering white frost that’s mesmerising
  • Water resistant: ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, quartz tiles have a very low porosity that makes them excellent at repelling water rather than absorbing it. From wetroom floors to sink splashbacks, quartz floor and wall tiles provide a reliable waterproof buffer in moisture-prone environments
  • Luxurious: whether you’ve seen them in a swanky hotel lobby or on a glittering kitchen countertop, there’s no denying that quartz tiles have a luxurious feel. This means that, like our range of shimmering glass tiles, quartz is an ideal tile material for homeowners with a love of shiny things
  • Practical: aside from their attractive finish, quartz tiles are equally renowned for their practical perks wherever you use them. Easy to clean, unlike porous stone or wood surfaces, quartz tiles don’t require special cleaning products or chemicals - a wipe or mop will easily restore their sparkling finish in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond

Our quartz tile colour options

Our quartz tiles are available in a wide range of colours so you’re guaranteed to find a shade that perfectly suits your colour scheme.

While monochrome white and black colour schemes offer timeless style, our quartz tiles also come in a broad spectrum of other hues.

  • Beige: providing a warmer, softer finish than crisp white quartz, beige tiles are right at home in opulent living rooms. Paired with gold accents and neutral-coloured soft furnishings, this quartz tile colour is primed for creating a homely space for pure relaxation
  • Black: you can’t go wrong with classic black quartz tiles. Black sparkly quartz tiles create the illusion of a twinkling starry sky, adding a sleek and glamorous touch to any home. Ideal for kitchens, black quartz floor tiles will evoke a modern and luxurious look in the heart of your home
  • Blue: blue quartz makes the perfect bathroom tile. Evoking a connection to water, their sparkly properties will make you feel like you’re bathing in an ocean-inspired space
  • Silver grey: our silver grey shiny quartz floor tiles offer the perfect middle ground between black and white. Cool and contemporary, grey sparkle floor tiles add a touch of Scandinavian style to any home, blending in seamlessly with neutral colour schemes
  • Red: if you love contemporary design that packs a punch, red quartz tiles are a must-have material. For a full-on style statement, use them as a single colour or pair them with black. Alternatively, sit them alongside pale white, beige or grey tones for a more understated finish
  • White: keep things light with white quartz tiles that add an elegant touch to minimalist design. Their unique white sparkle, make them perfect for kitchen splashbacks, reflecting light onto your worktop. Alternatively, use white sparkly quartz floor tiles to brighten up dark hallways for glamorous living spaces

Your quartz tile size options

When you shop for quartz flooring or wall tiles, you’ll also find options galore for sizes. 

So, whichever space you’re looking to bathe in quartz tiles (wall or floor, kitchen or bathroom), you’ll have your pick of various dimensions:

  • 30cm x 30cm
  • 30cm x 60cm
  • 40cm x 40cm
  • 60cm x 60cm

For a modestly-sized feature wall or intricate pattern, 30cm square quartz tiles deliver a sleek and stylish finish. 

However, if you’re looking to create the illusion of additional space in a small room, large sparkly quartz tiles are always the way to go. 

Whatever size you choose, all our quartz tiles deliver lavish, minimalist design schemes using premium materials for a cool, contemporary look.

Quartz tile styles for every room

Quartz tiles are exceptionally versatile, so you’ll find countless ways to use them throughout your home. 
But, if you need a little styling inspiration, here are a handful of ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and beyond.
Luxury kitchens:
As a practical space in any home that’s often overlooked when it comes to design potential, the kitchen can be transformed into an on-trend design paradise with the help of some indulgent quartz tiles. Using smaller tiles, you can create a stylish splashback to protect your beautiful kitchen walls from unwanted spills and stains.
Similarly, if you’d like to keep your kitchen floors looking spotless for years to come, tiled floors mean minimum maintenance in the room that needs it most. By choosing quartz floor tiles as your material, you can go beyond squeaky clean to give your kitchen an enduring shine.
Blissful bathrooms
Looking for quartz bathroom tiles? Our range of blue quartz tiles is deliciously dark, balancing relaxation with pure luxury - ideal for pairing with paler, muted tones when it comes to fixtures, fittings and accessories. Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate warmer shades into your bathroom’s design, why not check out our spicy and vibrant red quartz tiles?
Whether you’re looking to inject some opulence into a tired or cramped bathroom or you want to embrace a sophisticated new design scheme, quartz bathroom tiles could be the luxurious material your walls or floors need for a new lease of life.
Heavenly hallways
Give the entrance of your home a glitzy makeover with some quartz flooring.
Durable, practical and stylish, quartz floor tiles are a solid choice for this busy area of the home. Able to withstand muddy footprints, water and heavy footfall, quartz flooring can give your hallway a sense of grandeur without compromising on functionality. 
Opulent living rooms
Create a stunning living space that celebrates the finer things in life with sparkly quartz floor tiles. 
Delivering a chic and premium feel, with the right colour scheme and textural contrasts, quartz flooring can help create a welcoming, comfortable living space for everyday use. 
Keep things classic with gold accents or introduce dark woods and natural touches for a more contemporary finish. However you choose to style your quartz tiles, they’re sure to give your living room a high-end feel. 

Buying quartz tiles online

At Tiles Direct, we guarantee you won’t find our quartz tiles elsewhere in the UK for less. If you do, we promise to beat the price!
With a quick, secure online checkout, free delivery on orders over £499 and samples from just 99p, we’re here to make buying quartz tiles simple and affordable. 
Browse our complete quartz tile collection online today and start bringing luxury interior design into your home. If you have a question about our quartz tiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch